"Alright, alright- keep your pants on damn it, it's 2AM-" Alex froze as the door swung open.
"Fiona." She looked a mess. Tears streaming down her face, make up running with them, her hair was a mess, she was babbling incoherently. He scooped her up in his arms, just in time as she collapsed into him. He carried her inside, sitting her on the couch.

"J- Joe. H- He. H-Heard. U-Us."
"Okay, Fi. You need to calm down, you sound like a crazy person." He smirked, trying hard to lighten the mood. She just cried more.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to cry onto his bare shoulder. "He was so angry. I don't even know why." Shelley took a deep breath. He knew exactly why, and he couldn't blame him.

He ran his hands through her hair, pushing loose strands off her face. "Baby. Calm down okay, it's all gonna be fine." "No. No it isn't Alex. I left, I left him. I didn't even try and stay." His eyes widened. She left him? Like. Left?

After another ten minutes or so the crying subsided, He got Fi into a hot shower, but didn't go too far from fear of her collapsing from exhaustion of having another freak crying fit. He sat on the closed toilet lid, facing away from the closed shower curtain, trying to keep conversation going, and trying to stop his mind wandering.

The shower shut off. "Alex. Towel please."
He smiled, grabbing a towel and placing it in the hand that was sticking out from behind the curtain.

She came out a moment later, hair pushed off her face and a towel around her. He stood, looking at the door to leave.

He cleared his throat, "Uh. I'll get your bag. To. Change. Into." He stuttered out. She smiled, grabbing his arm she pulled him closer.

She wrapped her arms around him, the towel securely staying around her body on it's own. "Thank you Alex. Thank you so much." She whispered. He shivered.

He pulled away smiling, not even thinking they both leaned in and kissed. Not long, not deep, just a kiss. Who am I kidding, it was so much more than a kiss.

Neither felt bad, or wrong, it was just. Nice. Like it should be.

"Hm. That was odd."

It felt too right. Normal.
Ten seconds later, when they were rolling around in the sheets, tangled up in each other- that's when Fiona realized it wasn't so normal...