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After all the things that has happened in Kinkan town Princess Tutu turned back into a duck and was being taken cared of Fakir. While Fakir continued to write the story of Kinkan town. After graduating from elementary class going up into being a High school student Fakir decided to build a house near a lake beside the school.

"Hey Ahiru, Do you think Mytho's having a happy life right now?" fakir asked as he stopped writing and looked at a yellow colored duck with clear blue eyes.

"quak! quak quak quak quak!" said the duck while nodding (you worry to much about Mytho And I assure you his very happy and safe right now)

"You really think his happy and safe with Kreahe don't you. I really don't know why but I can understand you." he said while smiling

. After a few more hours of writing Fakir stood up lifted a sleeping Ahiru from his lap and headed towards his room. Fakir brought Ahiru to a small blue colored basket with matching blue blanket and pillows.

"Sleep well Ahiru" he said before placing Ahiru in the basket on a table beside his bed before going to bed. It was already midnight when Ahiru woke up from a voice which was calling her she got out of the room leaving the door opened.

Following the voice she headed towards the lake where she and Fakir spent time together. When suddenly a figure rose from the lake clad in a black coat with matching black mask that covered his face entirely from being exposed. Ahiru stepped away from the lake obviously scared of what she witnessed

"Ahiru I bring you no harm so don't be afraid. I came here to give you gift from the people whom you have helped during the time of great sadness caused by Drosselmeyer." said a voice which seemed to be coming from all directions.

"Quak quak quak quak quak?" she replied (But the only person I helped were Mytho and Kreahe. How can that be?)

"Yes that is true. Remember the people whom you danced and talked with whom was holding the Prince's heart. They had their own stories to fulfill that ends with a sad ending but you helped them not realizing it you helped them by removing all the sorrow and hurt from their hearts causing their stories to have a happy ending."

"quak quak" Ahiru said looking down ( I did that)

"Yes you did and now they want to repay you by giving you a happy ending as well" he said while taking out a pendant that looks exactly like her pendant before although inside the crimson stone it held a bright white stone that shined through the night. Placing it around her neck she began to glow her wings turned to arms her feathers turned to skin. In just a moment she was a human again although she was taller and her hair is no longer tied instead she let it down and reached her waist.

"I...I...I'm human again!" she screamed as she saw her reflection in the water wearing a simple white gown that reached her knees.

"Yes But I must warn you Ahiru that pendant is much more powerful than your past pendant that can turn you into Princess Tutu. But beware that stone inside is easily concurred by any emotion and if it filled with hatred it will bring misfortune and misery to others, Ahiru I know this will hurt you but we think its better if no one remembers you not even Fakir. If you ever have connection with other peoples hearts the stone will be awaken and a new story shall begin. Fate shall repeat itself and the ring of time shall once again awaken the sorrows others causing Drosselmeyer to be reborn again in the world of despair." he said while looking at Ahiru whom fell on her knees

"So I can't be together with anyone whom witnessed Princess Tutu?" she said as she looked at the man floating above the lake

"I'm sorry but fate can't be stopped." he said while shaking his head. "I must take my leave now farewell we shall see each other again" he said while disappearing

"WAIT!" she screamed but it was too late he was gone.

Fakir woke up hearing Ahiru scream at first he thought he was imagining things but then he realized that Ahiru was no longer in bed he stood up and ran around the house looking for her.

"Where is she?" he thought "Ahiru!" he screamed running out the house. He reached the lake panting looking around for Ahiru. Only to find a girl facing of him

"Ahiru...Ahiru your...your back!" he said with shocked and delight he walked near her and unexpectedly hugged her. "But how?" he said breaking the hug.

"Fakir gomenasai but its no use telling you besides you wont even remember you don't need to know Fakir you don't need to know...anything nor everything" she said as tears streamed down her face while she glowed bright yellow.

"Ahiru!...wait!" Fakir said but was engulfed by the bright light

"Goodbye Fakir have a normal life together with everyone" she said as the light soon grew bigger and larger until it enveloped the whole town.

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