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"Be safe Ahiru..Fakir..." Edel said as she looked in a lake where she saw Fakir and Ahiru sleeping "For my sister requested it before that happened." she continued as she looked at another image on the lake where a young woman who looked extremely like her walk throughout the town with eyes that were filled with nothing.

It was a cloudy afternoon saying that a storm was close. Ahiru woke up to hear birds chirping, see the sun covered up in the sky then she stood up and opened her dorr to see Fakir leaning on her door and...what! Ahiru looked at Fakir with surprised then was suddenly overcome by different emotions. Ahiru looked at Fakirs eyes as he walked towards her not loosing eye contact

"Fa...Fakir..." Ahiru said her voice shaking as she backed away scared of the serious face on Fakir's face. Fakir looked at Ahiru as rain poured outside. The storm has begun.

"Explain! Why did you erase my memories? How did you become a girl again? Why didn't you tell me? What's going on? What did Edel say? What did she warn you about?" Fakir asked with anger in his voice. Ahiru looked at Fakir. "If I tell Fakir he might be in danger. What should I do?" Ahiru thought as Fakir grew impatient. Thunder and lightning clapped in the sky making Ahiru flinch.

"Answer me. Ahiru!" Fakir screamed when Ahiru fell on the bed. Ahiru flinched at Fakir's tone but sat up and quickly tried to run away but Fakir grabbed her arm before she could go more than a few steps then pinned her on the bed.

"Ahiru tell me!" Fakir said as he held her on both of her arms. Ahiru looked down unable to hold back the tears any longer.

"Let me go.." Ahiru whispered and when Fakir didn't let go she struggled in his hold. "Let me go! Let me go!" Ahiru screamed as she cried in Fakir's chest. Fakir was surprised but still held her. Ahiru shook as she grew weak from crying. Fakir's anger disappeared when he realized that Ahiru wouldn't keep a secret from him unless it meant hurting others. Fakir's hold got loose as his arms wrapped around Ahiru's waist letting his elbows and knees support his weight then buried his face beside Ahiru's face.

"Ahiru...I'm sorry… but why? Why did you make me break my promise…" Fakir whispered in her ear. Ahiru cried more and hugged back. Fakir sat on the bed while Ahiru was on his lap her side facing him. Ahiru calmed down but her tears still didn't stop. Fakir felt his shirt being damp and tightened his arms around her.

"I'm...I'm...sorry...I'm so...sorry..." Ahiru whispered as she looked at Fakir. Fakir's eyes softened.

"Ahiru, tell me what's going on? I'll protect you...no matter it takes" Fakir as he looked in Ahiru's eyes. Ahiru hesitantly nodded.

"I...I was...I...Erased your...Memories because...the people who gave me my...human form back told me that...Anyone near me will..Be in...Danger. I didn't tell you...because I don't...want you to be...in danger. And because...of me...two...people...Died...trying to...protect...Me."Ahiru said tears falling.

Fakir's anger suddenly resurfaced as he realized Ahiru was blaming herself again and his stare became intense as he looked at Ahiru who winced. At the sight of Ahiru's frightened expression his anger subsided. "Why can't I stay mad at you?" Fakir whispered at her and neared Ahiru then hugged her then silently whispered in her ear "It's not your fault Ahiru. That I know. And from what you said they gave their life to protect you...Don't let it be wasted by living in sadness and guilt." his breath on her face.

"But..I..." Ahiru started but was cut off when Fakir spoke.

"I made a promise Ahiru and I don't intend on breaking it. I will protect you." Fakir said as he hugged Ahiru tighter.

"Fakir...I'm scared...of Edel-san's...Warning..."Ahiru said as she hugged Fakir back. Fakir was suddenly overcome with protectiveness when he heard that she was scared and judging from her shaking and shivering voice it was very serious and tightened his hold pressing her to his chest.

"Why? What did she say?" Fakir said his hand running over her waist long hair to comfort her showing that he's beside her…always.

"Fakir...he...he's back..." Ahiru said fear in her voice. Fakir couldn't understand so he lowered Ahiru so he can see her face.

"Who is?" Fakir asked looking at Ahiru.

"Drosselmeyer.."Ahiru said. Lightning clapped outside the window then she saw Fakirs eyes that were immediately filled with hatred. Fakir was filled with rage, protectiveness, holding Ahiru tighter if it was possible.

"Don't worry Ahiru…I'll be here…here with you…always…" he whispered as Ahiru fell asleep feeling comfortable in his arms as he stroked her hair. Fakir looked at Ahiru and smiled. He placed her on the bed. It was already dark and there was a storm outside. Fakir was going back to the guest room when Ahiru's hand grabbed his. Fakir turned and saw Ahiru looking at him with terrified eyes. Waking up from the lack of warm arms around her and fear devouring her.

"Can you…stay…please? I don't want…to be alone...Ahhh!" Ahiru screamed when lightning struck. Fakir smiled and sat on the chair he held Ahiru's hand and was about to rest his head on the study table when Ahiru tugged on his hand. Fakir looked and saw her move to the side. Fakir stood then finally sat on bed leaning on the head board. Ahiru slowly moved towards Fakir and hugged him on the waist while her head rested on his chest. Fakir smiled and hugged her back. "I will protect you from that monster, I promise. I won't leave you no matter what…I wont let that monster use us…I won't allow him to break us apart again!" Fakir Thought before drifting off to sleep.

"What is happening? I can't see anything!" A man screamed angrily looking at a image with nothing but a thick fog while the other showed a girl walking back towards the castle. "It's them and…and that Edel girl is helping them I will see the most tragic story ever. I won't allow it...I won't allow it to become a happy ending! Hahahaha...hahaha hahahaha" Drosselmeyer said as he's laugh rang throughout the castle.

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