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Mahou Sensei Kitsune


In the wee morning hours, just as the sun was beginning to peek above the horizon, the figure of a young man could be seen walking across the bridge connecting the island where the academy was located to the mainland.

He was fairly tall, about 6'1", and appeared to be about 20 years old. His spiky golden hair practically glowed in the pre-dawn gloom, and his deep, sapphire eyes seemed to be lit with a mischievous light. His body appeared well muscled, having a sleek and athletic look, his skin sported a healthy tan, and his face was handsome. Three whisker-like marks adorned each cheek, giving him an exotic, semi-feral look. He was clothed almost entirely in black, from his cargo pants and sleeveless turtle-neck to his trench coat, leather boots and the pack slung over his right shoulder. The only exception was the red sash about his waist, and the green, crystalline gem that hung around his neck.

Uzumaki Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, was heading for his destination at a leisurely pace. He was taking the chance to relax and delve into his thoughts.

'Man, I seriously need a vacation! Especially after my latest misadventure in the seedy underbelly of Singapore. Did he really expect me to stand there and let him rob me blind? Sure, he was the most powerful crime boss in the city, but still…' Naruto shrugged, readjusting the position of his pack. 'But, at least this time I had a valid reason to kill the bastard, and completely destroy his criminal empire!' He let loose a small chuckle at this thought.

Reaching the end of the bridge, he took a moment to study the surroundings before setting off once more. 'Ah, well, I guess I could consider this new job a vacation of sorts. Least it's legit.'

By now the sun had risen completely, and people had started to fill the streets of the city surrounding the school. Finding his way to the train station, he boarded the one headed for his destination.

'A teaching job, huh…' Naruto observed the few passengers milling about. Apparently, term had not yet started. 'It's been at least 800 years since I last taught. Hope I can still keep up.' He chuckled once more. 'It shouldn't be too much trouble. After all…'

He looked up at the building where the dean was waiting for him. 'How much trouble could I get into at a place like Mahora Academy?' At that precise moment, somewhere in the vast universe, a kami died laughing.

Post Note: Since I know these questions will be asked, Naruto is around 1000 years old (he stopped counting at some point), his past (since the end of the manga) will be told in the form of flashbacks here and there, and unless I specifically mention something, assume it happened as in canon.

As for Naruto's age, over the course of his life (20 years or so), constant exposure to the Kyuubi's youki (demonic energy) caused his body to adapt and begin producing its own youki, effectively halting his aging and transforming him into a demon. The Kyuubi is still sealed inside of him; they have not fused, combined, or merged in any way. Naruto is a demon in his own right, he is not the 'new Kyuubi', and he is not a demon fox. The only change to his body is a slight increase to his 'base parameters' (denser muscles and bones, more efficient bodily systems), and the ability to rapidly regenerate, rather than merely healing from injuries.

As for his other abilities, well, you'll just have to wait and see. I will say this, though: he has picked up a plenty of new tricks in his millennia of life.