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Chapter 4: P.E. and Parties

After the class had settled somewhat, the lesson continued on normally, though Mana spent the entire time trying to set Naruto aflame with her heated glare. It was when the class had ended, and the girls had moved on to the next one, that he was approached by both Negi and Shizuna. Shizuna was the first to speak.

"Naruto-kun, if you don't mind me asking, what was all that about? I trust there is nothing… inappropriate going on between you and Tatsumiya-san?"

Naruto chuckled at this, he knew someone would ask. "No, no, nothing like that. I simply paid a visit to the local shrine over the weekend, and ran into her. It seemed like I was getting on her nerves, so I decided to see how far I could go before she snapped."

"Why would you want to do that?" Negi spoke up, confused. "That hardly seems like something a teacher should do!"

Naruto gave him a bewildered look. "Why? You mean to tell me you've never intentionally tried to annoy someone for fun?"

"What?! Of course not!"

"You poor, poor, repressed child…" Naruto patted Negi on the head, while shaking his own. "Well, regardless, there is nothing to be concerned about, Shizuna-chan, you have my word."

Shizuna looked into his eyes for a moment, before nodding. "Very well, then."

Class 2-A chattered excitedly as they lounged about in the sunny field, which was usually used for track meets. They were currently awaiting their new P.E. instructor. But, not everyone was having a good time. Mana, standing slightly off to the side, as she usually did, had been bombarded by questions about their new Teacher's Assistant since the end of homeroom. She had just finished fending off Yuuna and the Cheerleading Trio, when she was beset by the likes of Nagase Kaede, Ku Fei, and Sakurazaki Setsuna.

"Ohayo, Mana-san. I was wondering if you could answer some questions?" Kaede called to her. Kaede, though not really in 'the know' about magic, was a fairly talented ninja, and Mana had a good deal of respect for her. Mana sighed and decided to get it over with.

"Alright, what do you want to know?"

"You seemed to know Naruto-sensei from somewhere, aru. When did you meet him?" Ku Fei asked. Ku Fei was a martial artist with no knowledge of the Magical World. Even so, she was incredibly strong, for a mundane, and Mana respected her as well.

"He came to visit the shrine on Friday. He set off some of the… alarm systems, so I went to check on them." Mana cast a meaningful look at Setsuna at the end of her sentence. Having worked together in the past, Setsuna caught the look, and knew which alarms she was referring to.

"And what is your evaluation of his skill level?" Setsuna queried. But, Mana knew she was really asking, 'How big of a threat is he?'. She thought back to her encounter with him, and what little she had seen of his skills.

"At least on Takahata-sensei's level. Possibly… no, probably higher."

At this, all three stiffened, eyes wide in surprise. Takahata T. Takamichi was acknowledged as one of, if not the, strongest teacher, in terms of both the mundane and magical, on campus. For Naruto to be so strong… it was startling.

"Well, the dean was the one who hired him, de gozaru. I doubt he'll cause any trouble." At this, both Mana and Setsuna frowned. Why would the dean knowingly hire a demon to teach? He couldn't have missed it, it was obvious! Their thoughts were interrupted when they heard one of the other students saying that the instructor had arrived.

Naruto approached the class, dressed for the coming workout. This meant that he had discarded his suit jacket and tie, undone the top button of his shirt, and rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. He was carrying the folder containing his copy of the class roll, and had a silver whistle hanging from his neck. They could also see a necklace there, with some sort of green crystal hanging from it. Once he got close enough, he called out to his students with a huge smile on his face.

"Hello again, 2-A! It is I, your wonderful and loving Naruto-sensei! Rejoice, for I will be instructing your Physical Education class for the next year!"

The class didn't know quite what to make of that. Not even Negi was this enthusiastic about teaching! But, he certainly seemed at home in 2-A.

"We shall begin with a light workout to see where this class stands in terms of physical ability. Please, make your way to the track." Naruto instructed. He watched as all of the students followed his instructions… well, almost all.

A young-looking blonde, with hair reaching almost to the ground, and a tall, green-haired girl (who appeared to be robot) had made no moves to follow their classmates. Wondering what was going on, he approached them, checking his class roll as he did.

"Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Karakuri Chachamaru, why aren't you joining your classmates?"

Evangeline, the short blonde, merely glared at him for a moment, before answering in a disinterested voice, "I'm excused from this class."

"Hmm, how about, no?" Naruto replied.

"What?! You obviously have no idea who you are talking to, fool!"

Naruto smirked at that. He knew exactly who, and what, she was. And that meant he knew just how to motivate her. "Well, you have a choice, Dark Evangel-chan. You can either participate in class, or…" Naruto produced a crystal vial from his pocket. "Or, I can dump this mixture of garlic, cloves, and vinegar all over your precious hair."

Evangeline's expression went from bored to comically terrified in two seconds flat. "You- you wouldn't dare!"

Naruto' smirk morphed into a full-blown Cheshire grin, and he uncorked the bottle. "Wanna bet?"

2-A had never seen the little vampire move so fast.

By the end of the lesson, the vast majority of the class was lying on the ground, gasping and panting for air. Even the martial artists in the class were somewhat winded.

Naruto, on the other hand, was still smiling his megawatt smile. "Ah, good we finished the warm-up before the period ended! I was worried we wouldn't!"

Simultaneously, then entire class looked at him with bewilderment evident in their eyes, and thought, 'Warm-up?! That was just a warm-up!?'

"I suppose we're done for the day, so I'll see you all tomorrow!" Naruto waved cheerfully as he left, causing several of his students to curse at him (under their breath, of course).

"Hmm, if that was his idea of a warm-up, perhaps I should ask to train with him, de gozaru." Kaede wondered aloud.

"Mm, mm, sounds good, aru!" Ku Fei agreed.

Saotome Haruna, who was nearby with the other half-dead members of the Library Trio, Ayase Yue and Miyazaki Nodoka, gaped at them. "You actually want to spend time working out with him, outside of class?! You two are insane!"

"You should reconsider." Mana interjected. "He isn't the kind of man you want to be around too much."

Asakura Kazumi, the class reporter, decided to take the opportunity to wheedle Mana about what happened earlier some more. "Oh? And how would you know what kind of man he is? Unless, of course, you two are…"

"NO! Absolutely not!" Mana shouted, blushing wildly at the insinuation.

Kakizaki Misa, of the Cheerleader Trio, added, "You make it sound like a bad thing. I mean, come on, the guy's a total hunk!" Her compatriots, Kugimiya Madoka and Shiina Sakurako, nodded in agreement.

"He seems to be fairly intelligent, as well." Chao Lingshen said from where she was examining Chachamaru along with her partner, Hakase Satomi. Yotsuba Satsuki, sitting nearby, nodded her silent approval. The girls spent the rest of the time before their next class talking about their new teacher.

It was after school, and Naruto was wandering the halls, looking for his young associate. He was hoping to get to know a little bit more about Negi. 'I could swear I've heard that name before, but where?'

Naruto entered the courtyard, and spotted his target sitting by the fountain. Just as he was making his approach, he spotted Nodoka, the girl who reminded him a bit of Hinata when she was young, trying to walk down the stairs while carrying way too many books… and failing. He was about to interfere, but saw Negi leaping into action.

He watched as Negi, after slowing her fall with magic, ran and caught her. But, he was once again stopped from approaching when he saw Asuna run up, grab Negi and his staff, and dash away. 'Oh, this will be good!'

He followed after them discreetly, and arrived in a nearby treetop just in time to see Negi trying to erase Asuna's memories.

This time, she lost her panties too.

Kaede was currently trying to find the elusive Naruto-sensei, so that she could bring him to the welcoming party. The key word was 'trying'.

Whenever she caught a glimpse of him, he seemed to disappear immediately after. It was becoming slightly frustrating. How could a school teacher outwit a ninja?

She had just lost him for what had to be the fifteenth time, when she turned around to find herself face-to-face with the very man she had been looking for. Though she was surprised, she controlled her reaction very well. 'How did he sneak up on me?! Maybe… I should ask him for training tips…'

"What can I do for you, Nagase-chan?"

"Ah, I was sent to get you, de gozaru. We are having a party to welcome you and Negi-sensei to Mahora."

Naruto was impressed. He had never thrown Iruka any parties. It made him feel kind of… inconsiderate. "Oh, all right then. Lead the way!"

As they walked, Kaede kept shooting him covert glances out of the corner of her eye, which Naruto didn't fail to notice. "Is there something else you wanted to ask me, Nagase-chan?"

Kaede started slightly, before blushing. She had thought she was being discreet. "Um, I was wondering, sensei… are you a martial artist?"

"Among other things, yes. Why do you ask?"

Kaede started fidgeting slightly. Why was she so nervous?! "I was wondering if you could help me train…" she started. "I'll understand if you don't want to…"

"I don't mind. What particular field would you like help in? Hand-to-hand? Weapons? Or, perhaps, ninjutsu?" Kaede stopped walking, shocked.

"H-how?" she asked weakly.

"I'm a ninja, too." Naruto replied. "Or, at least, I was. I'm retired now. But, anyway, I could see it from the way you move. I'd rank you around Chunin."

"Yes, that is my rank." Kaede replied. While she looked calm on the outside, inside she was jumping for joy. Another ninja! And he was quite good, too, to be able to pin her skills down like that. "If you don't mind me asking, sensei, what was your rank?"

Naruto chuckled, before turning to continue walking. "I was considered a Kage-level shinobi."

This time, Kaede's legs almost buckled. Kage-level?! She'd never even dreamed of meeting one, much less studying under one! At that thought, she couldn't help the huge smile that broke out on her face. The smile stayed there 'till she went to sleep that night.

After the party, and a rather amusing scene involving Negi and Asuna in the stairwell, Naruto decided to head back to his apartment. He was stopped short, though, by yet another one of his students.

"Hmm, Sakurazaki-chan, wasn't it? What can I do for you?"

The girl scowled, tightening her grip on her Odachi. "You can explain what such a powerful demon is doing in Mahora!"

Naruto took a good look at her then. Something about her, seemed… familiar. 'Ah, I see, she's a hanyou of the Bird Clan. That explains it.'

"I'll answer you, if you answer me this. Why are you hiding your heritage?"

Setsuna visibly flinched at that, which caused Naruto to frown. Sure, things could be kinda tough for some half-bloods, but places like Mahora tended to be pretty open about things like that.

"Th-that's none of your business!" Setsuna retorted. Naruto stepped toward her, and she flinched again. He stepped forward again, but this time she stood her ground. Soon he was right in front of her. He rested his hand on her head and smiled softly.

"I know what it's like, being… different, being ostracized because of the circumstances of your birth. But, you shouldn't ever be ashamed of who you are. Not everyone has wings to fly as high as you do, you know?" And with that, he wrapped her in a hug.

Setsuna was shocked. This was completely different from what she was expecting. 'Though it does feel kind of nice…' Suddenly, she became aware of the tears streaming down her face. Naruto must have noticed too, because he suddenly used his thumbs to wipe them away.

"It's late. You should get to your dorm, and get some sleep. Can't have you missing class, now can we?" Naruto asked, still smiling softly. He stepped back, looked her in the eyes for a moment, then started to walk away. "Remember, Setsuna-chan, you have nothing to be ashamed of."

When she reached her dorm, she changed and laid down to bed. And, that night, she dreamed wonderful dreams.

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