A/N: HAHA! Two am 300 word drabble. I apologise, it's not meant to be anything serious, still I hope you like it. Toshiko and Owen find a new way to think....

Pairings: Tosh/Owen, sort of and hinted Jack/Ianto

Disclaimer: I do not unfortunately own these brilliant characters *sobs* they are the creation of one Mr Russel T Davies.

Owen Harper entered the hub holding the pizza in his hands, it was his turn today and he had been sent out at exactly 12.30 and was given specific orders to return by one. Quite impressed with himself he entered the hub five minutes early, he ran up the stairs and pushed open the doors of the board room and looked around. It was empty, on closer inspection of the room he found legs. Two middle sized legs with skin colour tights and high heeled black shoes. He put down the pizza and and walked around the desk to see one Ms Toshiko Sato with her back on the chair and her hands holding her loose black and white skirt around her lower legs.

'Hello Owen' She smiled happily

'Hey Tosh' he frowned 'where is everyone?'

'Oh they had to get a weevil.'

'Watcha doing?' he looked down at her

'I'm thinking.' She answered simply

'Of course, you always think like this?' he asked



5 minutes later-

Jack, Gwen and Ianto entered the hub and ran to follow the scent of the well deserved pizza. They ran up the stairs and saw Toshiko and Owen's legs stuck in the air.

'Hey guys, do we want to know?' Jack was the first to question

'Should we just back out now?' Gwen asked

'You all have very dirty minds.' Owen said

'Then what are you doing?' Ianto frowned grabbing the pizza and passing the box to Jack who dug in.

'We're thinking' Tosh replied

'About what?' Gwen laughed at the two sitting like kids.

'Well we were considering the meaning of life but now we're wondering-'

'-Why Ianto is wearing Jack's pants.' Tosh finished giggling then whispering into Owen's ear who giggle to.