A yawn parted Johns lips as he rolled over in bed, opening his eyes slowly he strained to see the clock that was beside his bed. Nine thirty he sighed , of course he'd slept late. He couldn't help that he enjoyed the lie in, after all it was one of his weeks off. A tiny smile appeared on his features as he thought of running, he forced himself to sit up and wake up. He blinked lazily, as he headed for the shower. A few minutes later he looked at his clothes all hung in the closet, he took a pair of old jeans and threw on an old t-shirt, jogging on his day off was something he had enjoyed. It gave him a sense of peace and he could run off all the stress from the space station. His blue eyes swept over the four pairs of shoes he had. He picked out the trainers and slipped them on. He grabbed a small bag with a bottle of water, two sandwiches and an apple in it, and left his apartment. He bounded down the stairs and in less than a few minute he was out into the sun. He started to jog his way to the nature trail, it wasn't that long until he hit the dirt tracks. He had his favourite trail, it lead him through the woodland and eventually to the waterfall. The sun beat down on him as he ran, he always tried to push himself to do the track faster or a longer one. He thought about it today as he ran. He figured the way he felt he could knock a couple of seconds, hopefully more off his time. He had been running for a good half hour now, he followed the track around the corner, as he saw water running slowly across the path. He ran through the shallow part, then suddenly he slipped. His feet shot sideways, as he heard a snap, his head hit a tree. He lay on the floor for a couple of moment before he realised what had happened. He reached up to his head which felt like it was going to explode, he took his hand away and saw some blood on it. His best bet was to go back the way he came, as it was almost double the distance to carry on. He was annoyed by what had happened, but it had and there was nothing he could do. He struggled to his feet before letting out a shriek of pain and collapsing on the ground again. He figured the snap was her ankle, with out help he wasn't going to get anywhere. He propped himself up against a tree, and took a drink from his water, that was now squished half flat. He could feel the pain from his ankle, as he hoped someone would come by and help.

Christine Luca, a five foot eight, brown curly haired woman. Brown eyes and at the age of twenty five, she was a pretty looking girl. Her tank top and jeans were both blue, though faded. Chris had to train for her physical in two weeks, hence why she had chosen a difficult route. Being a federal agent her fitness was something she couldn't afford to let slip. Her route was the same, and it had been for the past few years. It never changed, as her feet beat down on the path. The music player was blaring in her ears, as she happily hummed along with the various tunes. She scanned the scenery in front of her as her eyes came to rest upon a young handsome blonde haired man. If the fact he seemed to be sitting down, was no cause for concern the fact his head was bleeding seemed to say that he needed some kind of help. She walked up to the man as she smiled softly.

"Hey boss.. ya need a hand?"

Her soft voice asked as John's thoughts were broken. As he saw her heart shaped face, he smiled as he nodded not quite able to string a sentence together.

"Yes.. not that I cant.. but I"

Chris knelt down by his side, as her fingers traced over the shallow cut on his forehead. It was not too bad, but like all head wounds they bled a lot, and mostly looked a lot worse than they were. She took a tissue from her pocket as she wiped away some of the blood, and smiled at him again. She held her hand up as waved two fingers in front of his face.

"How many fingers boss?"

She asked as John seemed to be very woozy as he began to lean over to one side. Great a concussion she mused, as she heard some form of speech from him.


Chris grinned as she shook her head, well for one it seemed like his head came off worse than the tree did, as she could see some blood on the offending culprit.

"Wrong answer boss. So anywhere else hurt?"

Came her next question as she followed his finger to his ankle. Again after she straightened him up, so he wouldn't topple over, her fingers felt around his ankle. A cry was elicited from John, as she tried to move it.

"Sprained, not broken. I shall be right back"

Chris said, as she ran a few paces into the tree line, as John sighed. Great she has run off, now im seriously stuck. He thought as she appeared back at his side, with two pieces of wood. Another scream came from him, as his trainer was removed and the wood placed at either side of his ankle. He watched as she tore his shoe lace from his trainer, and tied the wood to his ankle. Her eyes met his for a moment as again she smiled at him. John wasnt too sure where to look, being helped by her was one thing, but the other thoughts he was having, just were not good ones. Especially when he had not known the girl for five minutes.

"I'm gonna help you up.. do you think if I support you.. you can make it to my truck?"

She asked him as he nodded. John slid his good foot underneath him, as Chris slipped an arm around his waist, and his arm over her shoulders. Before he had his footing, Chris had dragged him to his feet. They swayed for a moment, as John gained his balance. He leaned over to her, but then he tried to keep his weight from her as he hopped and managed to stumble forward. He was saved from the ground, but Chris who had a good grip on him, as he began to hop and lean on her for support.

"What happened then? That tree jump out at ya?"

She asked him chuckling, as John grinned and nodded. They chatted about anything and nothing for a while, until a small car park came into view. I didn't take too long for him to be sitting in the front seat of Chris' truck, as she clambered into the drivers side.


Was all he said, as he saw her pull a gun from under her seat. John's breath caught in his throat, as he watched her check the bullets, and then fasten it to her waist. She then took a badge from the glove box, as that was fastened to the strap of her top. The pasty looking John looked straight out at the road. Way to go, who managed to find the only crazy person about today. He thought as the truck began to move. Chris took a glance at John, as she could see he was paler than he had been. Gun she thought as she smiled.

"Im FBI. So the gun is protection, and since you need to get to the hospital, you get special treatment."

John raised his brow at the mention of FBI, as the piercing sound of sirens wailed in his ears. The truck sped up, as it weaved in and around traffic. John could only concentrate on not being ill, as she pulled up outside of the hospital. With in seconds he was being carefully pulled from the truck, and placed on a gurney. The white lights flashed above his head, as he heard doors open, and people buzzing around him.

Chris watched the hospital staff work, as they threw his bag, wallet and phone. Chris flipped the phone open, as she searched though some numbers. One stood out as dad, as she immediately called. No answer, though Chris left the message as to where his son was and what had happened. She then checked the bag, and wallet. John Tracy. The ID said, as she passed it along to the medical staff.

Around an hour later, she was sat next to the bed where John was sleeping. Unfortunately she had been tasked with the job of waking him ever half hour. At one time she had thought the criminals she dealt with were grouchy, but waking John up was a whole other ball game. She stood up as she leant against the bed, her hands went to his shoulders, as she gently shook him.

"I need sleep.. leave me alone"

Came a groggy voice, as Chris laughed. He was still alive, she could hear that. His phone hadn't rang, or even received any messages. Which surprised her more than anything, as the door flew open, and a distinguished gentleman walked in. Followed closely by another young man.

"John... John are you ok? What happened to you?"

The older male said, as Chris looked at them both. The two males were fussing over a groggy John, as she heard a few swear words leave his mouth.

"He fell while running as far as I can tell. Doc said he would be fine, he has a slight concussion, and a sprained ankle. Nothing that wont be fixed in a week or so."

Chris said, as both the men nodded and smiled at her.

"Can I ask your relation to him?"

She asked as they both gave her their names, and the part that they were family. Chris nodded as she gathered her things from his bed side.

"I shall go now.. give my regards to him when he is more.... coherent."

She said as the two men laughed, and nodded.

"we didnt catch your name.. may I asked what it is?"

Jeff said, as Chris nodded. Hell why not just say, after all she hadn't told them, or John. And she did have a gun strapped to her hip.

"Christina Luca. Or Chris"

She said, as both Jeff and Scott nodded. They took up seats next the bed as Chris turned to walk out. The voice that she had heard for most of that day, spoke as her hand just reached the door.


Chris turned and smiled before John was trying to sit up. He failed dramatically, as he flopped back down which in turn caused a low groan to be heard. Jeff, and Scott scrambled to make him more confortable, as Chris walked back over to him.

"Thanks... I dont think I said that.. but if I did thanks again."

Chris nodded, as her own cell phone began to chime. She answered quickly, as her face seemed to show anger, upset and fear all at the same time. Jeff and Scott looked between them, as their own phones began to ring.

"I... I have to go."

She said, her voice shaky and uneven as she ran from the room.