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Chapter 27


"Something is wrong with your cousin." The angel sat beside Dean who was staring up at the stars.

"He hurt?"

"No. he saved my life." Castiel stated and that got Dean's attention.


"Uriel…he was killing other Angels. I confronted him and we fought, he was winning when Harry appeared and used my sword to kill Uriel. But he is…. different to how he was before, dulled. He appears to have not slept in a long time and has lost weight." He explained but he didn't know how to fully explain what he had seen.

"He's dying." A female voice called and they turned to see Andromeda walking towards them. "Not physically, not yet but eventually his health will fail. I saw this begin during the war but I thought he was safe once we came here and he had you. He was back to being the old Harry but now…if it wouldn't hurt him more I'd kill you myself for doing this to him."

"What the hell are you talking about." Dean snarled.

"Harry needs to be needed, I blame his 'relatives' for that. You let him in, treated him like real family and he thrived but then you slammed that door in his face and now he's paying the price for that. Congratulations on doing what a Dark Lord and his army couldn't." She spat at Dean who recoiled slightly even as Castiel watched them. "Sam is too scared of losing you to really stand by him either. When was the last time you even spoke to him?"

Dean stared at her, angry she was poking her nose into his business…. but it was hers too, wasn't it? She was related to Harry, even if distantly. But he had to push harry away, he had to make him leave. He wasn't safe with them. Who knew what Lucifer or Michael would do with access to Harry?

"Dean." Castiel called and he looked at the angel.

"She is right, he is fading away." He did not know if the Master of Death could die from such a thing but he did not want to find out, he liked the wizard. Instead of answering them Dean walked off and Andromeda shook her head.

"I've half a mind to hex that idiot." She muttered before nodding to Castiel and apparating home.


Dean watched from the kitchen as Harry helped Bobby with research, scanning the younger man for any sign of the damage Andy and Cas had mentioned and when he forced himself to really look he could see it. Harry had always been slender but now he was skinny. His hair fell lank and there were bags under his eyes. All up he looked terrible. But there was no way it was because of him. The kid was probably skipping meals with how busy they'd been. Bit of extra food and some sleep and he'd be fine.


Sam sighed as he saw Dean turn away, he had hoped from the way Dean was staring at Harry that he would finally approach him but instead he left as was usual lately. He didn't know what to do, how to fix this. He could see how Harry was deteriorating and it hurt. He'd tried to talk to Dean but had been brushed off much to his annoyance. He was losing his patience with Dean, he never wanted to talk about feelings but this was a hundred times worse than normal.


Harry ducked under a flailing arm before yanking its owner close and bringing his knee up into the face of the…he wasn't sure what they were fighting this time. He drew his sword and took its head off, ending his fight. He looked over and saw Castiel easily dealing with three of the creatures and Sam taking down another. He looked for Dean and saw him backed into a corner with a clawed hand rushing towards his unprotected chest and he didn't think, he just vanished.

Dean flinched but then blinked in shock at the lack of pain. Instead Harry stood in front of him, sword through the creatures chest. It collapsed but so did Harry. "No." Dean choked, dropping to his knees to find Harry had been impaled on a clawed arm. "CAS!" he screamed, searching wildly for a pulse.

The angel was soon beside him, face drawn in concern as he knelt, hand skimming over Harry's chest. "He's gone Dean."

"No." Dean shook his head in denial, reaching to pull the smaller male into his arms even as Castiel removed the arm from his chest. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful, like he was simply sleeping. Sam was suddenly with them, reaching for Harry's hand before looking to Cas.

"Can't you bring him back?"

Castiel shook his head, he had brought Dean back from Hell and yet he could not heal Harry. "I tried."

"He's healed from bad wounds before." Sam whispered weakly.

"I am sorry." Castiel whispered and then blinked in shock as Sam snarled at Dean and pushed him away.

"This is your fault! He's been dying inside because of you and now he's dead saving you!" Sam yelled and Dean just stared in shock as his brother yelled and then punched him. He should have done more for Harry and now it was too late and all he had was his anger.

Castiel pulled Harry's body away from them and gently laid him out, repairing his jacket to hide the wound. He really did look like he was simply sleeping but Castiel knew better. This fight had been building for a while with Dean's attitude and it was better they get it out of the way now then let it build further. So he stayed with the body and waited, he would step in if it looked like someone was going to be permanently damaged or killed.

None of them saw as Harry's body convulsed.

Harry blinked up at a familiar ceiling and sighed, pushing himself up to sit and look around at the train station. Kings Cross hadn't changed a bit since his last visit. It was still bright white and empty with the distant sound of trains so he stood and moved to sit on the bench, waiting to see what happened. He tilted his head back and settled in to wait, thankful time flowed differently here.

"Hey Pup, having fun?"

Harry swallowed as he heard the familiar, loved and missed, voice before opening his eyes and staring at Sirius. This wasn't the Sirius he had known so briefly, this was a healthy young man in his prime and Harry threw himself at him. "Sirius." He whispered even as his Godfather's arms wrapped around him.

"I'm here kiddo." Sirius hugged Harry tight, glad he'd managed to get this visit. "We're all so proud of you. Remus and Nymphadora are thrilled over what you did for Teddy. Only one person can come and I managed to beat them all to the tunnel." He pulled back and grinned making Harry smile slightly.

"I suppose you're better than Dumbledore." He mock sighed in disappointment and Sirius laughed before sitting on the bench and Harry joined him. "Was kind of hoping to never see this place again." He admitted.

"Then don't jump in front of claws." Sirius offered. "Then again you'll be fine, your cousin would have been joining us permanently."

"So what, if I die I come here and then…."

"Death can't claim you unless you want to die kiddo. So you come here, heal up and go back. And we all take turns saying 'hi'. Just don't use that as a reason to die often."

"Why should I even go back Padfoot? What have I really got to go back to but another war?" Harry asked and Sirius pulled him in against his side.

"Teddy and Andy for starters. Bobby and your cousins. Even that Angel likes you." He offered and Harry snorted.

"My cousins? They don't care."

"They love you, kiddo. But they aren't protected like you are." He gently tapped Harry's temple and green eyes went wide.

"Who?" he growled and Sirius shrugged.

"Can't say, sorry but there are rules on this side. But now you know…."

"Don't suppose you can tell me if I can kill an Angel?"

"Sorry." Sirius looked around and then sighed. "Time's up Pup."

"I love you." Harry whispered, clinging on and Sirius hugged him tightly.

"I love you too Pup."

Green eyes snapped open as Harry sucked in a deep breath before sitting up and looking around to see his cousins fighting and Cas watching them, looking lost. "What the hell are you two doing?" he snarled and they all froze before looking over to see him getting to his feet.

"Christo." Dean snapped and Harry glared.

"Master of Death." He growled and then stormed over to Dean and knocked him out.

"Harry?" Sam asked before he was out too.

"So which of your superiors likes playing with people's head?" He glanced at Castiel who's eyes went wide, that actually explained a lot.