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Chapter 11-Waiting For Love

Monday morning had come bright and fresh to the city of Townsville. It was the complete opposite of how Blossom felt. She had to apologize to Brick for the way she had acted on Friday night. It was just so… uncharacteristic of him that she just froze, then ran, but it was unfair to him to leave it like that. He might not know it, but he had had his revenge on her, in spades, it seemed only fitting that for the whole weekend sleep had evaded her. She could not focus on anything. All she could do was remember his face on Friday as she pushed away from him. And she realized, in retrospect, how she had led him on. She had never meant to toy with his feelings like that, so she would apologize and hope that it was enough.

The door at the back of the class opened and Blossom felt herself stiffen where she sat in a reaction she had come to know meant that Brick had arrived. Wait, it's early. He's never early. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to relax and turned in her seat to-

"Who needs an A in this class? And I mean worst case scenario being you'll flunk the course." Brick announced from the back of the room, not even looking in Blossom's direction which worked out just fine because Blossom had tripped over his chair, or the chair formerly known as his, and was currently sprawling in the pathway with her mouth agape.

Four hands went up and as the bell tolled Brick took his place next to a pretty blond girl with green eyes. Harmony, if Blossom remembered correctly, twenty-two years old with a laugh as fake as her oversized breasts, she probably wasn't even a real blond Blossom contemplated darkly. Her now former partner moved to take the seat next to Blossom's own and she found, to her surprise, that she was gritting her teeth. That's Brick's seat! For once her mind was not in synch with her surroundings. Mr. Morgan however, did not merit the situation more than a cursory glance before commencing his lecture for the day.

As always, Blossom dutifully took the necessary notes in class. She even made a valiant effort not to be keenly tuned in to the goings on where Brick was currently seated, but every time Harmony giggled she could feel her hackles rising. Were they even paying attention? The one time she went against her resolve and looked back there, she felt inexplicable tears spring to her eyes as she could see Harmony rubbing her cleavage against Brick's arm as he pointed out something from the text and smiled at her. She recognized that smile, it was the smile he had used with her during their project and all the times he had teased her, the smiled he had tossed over his shoulder at her every time he got kick out of cheerleading practice. It was her smile! Harmony had no right to it! I had no right to it. Normally she would have ignored the nagging voice in the back of her head; she could not at the moment.

That was the longest period Blossom had experienced in her life, which made her more determined to clear the air with Brick as soon as it was over. She had not accounted for her new partner, David, to delay her departure with questions about the lecture. A few weeks before she might have found him attractive. Now, he was not Brick. She rushed to her next class to find that Brick had changed seats there too, and it was so that he managed to be just a step ahead of her for the rest of the day, avoiding her perfectly on every turn and what hurt her most was… she could not really blame him. At cheer practice it was not better, Blossom was on edge and the girls were skittish, they kept looking at the gym doors; as if expecting Brick to saunter in at any moment and every time they looked Blossom snapped at them.

She begged off practice the next day, opting instead to spend some quality time with her guitar. She strummed listlessly for hours before a melody popped into her head and before she realized what she was doing, she was singing.

"Tag you're it

You've done this run around

So many times

It's hard

When you're playing all alone

He just quit

You never really expected him to go

But now you're on your own

It all ended


A little bit faster


You wanted it to

Now he's moving on

With someone who's not you

He's out there smiling




The smile you used to call yours

You don't own it anymore

Cause he's out there smiling




And though it hurts so bad

You're gonna just have to endure

Cause you don't know if they even make a cure

For the way you feel

When he's out there smiling

And he's smiling without you."

"Who's smiling without you?" the voice from the doorway startled Blossom so that she dropped the guitar as Bubbles entered.

"What? Nobody, I was just fooling around."

There was real concern in her sister's features as she stared off with her.

"Why are you crying then?" Bubbles said at last.

It was only at that point that the wetness of her face registered to Blossom and she hastily wiped it dry.

"I didn't even realize I was crying. I must have got sucked further in than I thought." She knew her justification was faulty but it was the only one she had.

"But you were just fooling around?" Bubbles asked with open skepticism.

"Stranger things have happened." Blossom snapped at her, immediately leaving the room thereafter.

That she was irritable had nothing to do with the situation with Brick, and she'd be damned if she let Bubbles convince her otherwise

The next afternoon after practice Bubbles tracked down Brick Rowdyruff. It was hardly difficult, especially with the fact that she had given Boomer strict orders not to let his brother out of his sight, orders he would be justly rewarded for following. She caught up with them at the city library under the pretense of meeting Boomer. However as soon as she was within sight of them the old bleach blonde, saline cleavaged bitch who was hanging all over Brick caused her blood pressure to skyrocket. No wonder Blossom was upset!

As nonchalantly as she could manage, she joined the group. Kissing her boyfriend and taking a seat she pretended to not notice Brick's new skin.

"Haven't seen you at cheer practice all week," she said to him blandly, "get tired of getting thrown out, by the pretty young girls?" She added pointedly.

Brick ignored her but his fake skin seemed to bristle at that comment and Bubbles pretended to just notice her.

"Who's your new friend?" she asked innocently.

No answer was forthcoming from Brick, she might never have spoken for all he reacted and that made Bubbles angrier. The girl however did respond, offering a hand across the table, which Bubbles ignored.

"I'm Harmony, Brick's lab partner."

"I thought my sister was your lab partner, when did Mr. Morgan change that?" she asked, still directing her queries to Brick and ignoring Harmony. Even her name sounds fake.

Again the hussy answered.

"Mr. Morgan didn't, Brick did. He decided-"

"You did WHAT?" Bubbles shrieked.

Once more, Brick was the picture of non-response. So when the librarian came by to warn them about the noise level. Bubbles promptly left. There was nothing else she needed to learn there anyway.

By Friday Bubbles had given Blossom and ultimatum "show up for practice or resign from the team" and as much as Blossom would have liked to chuck all of her responsibilities under the "who cares?" banner, the squad deserved more than her less than halfhearted loyalty of that week so she put on the uniform and prepared to cheer till either she forgot Brick, or she broke something. She went into the gym early and worked her stunts with all the pinpoint accuracy she had always had, working her cheerfessional smile like the world was right. She had just completed a hand spring back layout step up and moved into a double back.

"I don't feel it."

The voice from the stands might have made an athlete with less technical proficiency slip up. Blossom just completed her trick. Grabbing her towel, she made her way to the silhouette of a woman on the stands. She had not taken more than a dozen steps when she stopped dead in her tracks for in front of her was the infamous 'Demon Cheerleader' herself. Dee Dee. At the age of twenty-six, her ponytails and constant pink tutu and ballet slippers were a relic of the past now she sported her hair straight down her back, at the moment with her sunglasses pushed into them that perfectly complimented her designer handbag. She sported six inch heels like no body's business and glided in them as easily as if they were flats, the maroon mini-dress she wore underneath her long black coat all combined to form a picture of confidence, sexiness and on Dee Dee, professionalism. There was something else that added to that aura as well. Her eyes were serious with none of the usual devil-may-care hilarity that usually could be found in them. She wasn't called 'Demon Cheerleader' for nothing.

When it became obvious that Blossom had no intention of coming any closer, Dee Dee rose from her seat and closed the distance between them herself in a matter of graceful strides.

"What are you doing here?" Blossom asked evenly, accusingly.

"Why, hello Blossom. It's nice to see you too after all this time." Was the reply she received instead.

"I'm serious." Blossom shot at her.

"So am I," was her calm rejoinder, "that was horrible cheering."

"Don't avoid the question Dee Dee!"

"I'm here for work." She answered calmly.

"I'm not paying you" Blossom all but snarled.

"Well you should be…" they both burst out laughing at this old joke between them. "Seriously though, I'm here to dance. I've got two shows next week at the amphitheatre so I decided to pop in and see how you're doing, also give you some tickets."

"I can't Dee Dee. You know how things are with-"

"Dexter's not coming. Besides, I want you there. My little brother might be married to his work, but you're the best thing he was stupid enough to let get away."

Despite herself, Blossom was grinning.

"Even a genius can be an idiot."

"Then what stupid thing did you do," Dee Dee snapped at her suddenly, "that combination I saw you do a few minutes ago was a travesty to cheerleading."

Blossom bristled, "There was nothing wrong with it!" she defended.

"Really?" Dee Dee said with an icy calm that gave Blossom the same chill it did back in Cheer Camp when her ex-boyfriend's sister had been a guest coach. With no more preambles, Dee Dee removed her coat and sunglasses, still wearing her six inch heels she performed a hand spring back layout step up followed by a double back. The same trick Blossom had done earlier.

"What was different between my performance and yours?" she asked Blossom afterward.

"I didn't do it in heels?" her attempt at joking failed miserably.

"Why do you cheer Blossom?" was the question she was finally asked.

"Because being able to move people, to give them hope, fulfills me." It was as true as any answer could ever be.

"Then who did you take hope from?" Dee Dee asked perceptively. "Who took your hope away? This guy who's smiling without you-"

"You spoke to Bubbles."

"We're not each other's favorite people but yes, we did speak. And now I'm talking to you. If you're just going through the motions, you aren't going to move anyone. So be the smart girl I know you are and fix this," she gestured to Blossom's whole body, "or walk away from cheerleading for good."

With that, the Prima Dona collected her things and left.

For the second time in a row, Blossom spent a weekend without sleep and by Monday morning she knew exactly what she needed to do. She was late for her first class for the first time in her life without the merit of having had to fight a monster or some other emergency. She had intended to be calm about it but when she entered the class to find Harmony once more pawing Brick like some kind of desperate cat in heat, all bets were off. She stormed over there and slammed her books down on the desk between them meeting Harmony's startled glance with a cold stare.

"I want my partner back." She announced with harsh finality. In reaction Harmony gasped and tightened her grip on Brick's arm.

"You don't need him," she squeaked, "you're already guaranteed an A in this course."

"No," Blossom felt sorry for her, "I'm guaranteed an A+. I don't mean lab partner," she paused and the silence was loaded, "if you don't take your hands off of him this instant I'm going to punch you in the face, and with the mood I'm in, you don't even want me to pat you."

Harmony released him, but opened her mouth to make some token protest.

"Shut up." Blossom cut her off before she could even begin then turned her full attention on Brick, "I don't mean my lab partner," she reiterated, "I mean the guy who teases me and follows me around, is a hopeless flirt yet kisses me and smiles at me like I'm the most amazing girl in the world. I want the guy who told me he loved me because he's the reason cheer and I wanna keep cheering for him-"

She was still going when Brick got out of his chair and kissed her.

"Shut up." He muttered against her lips and she thought those were the most beautiful words she had ever heard.

"I love you Cherokee."

"Keep going." He grunted.

"I want to cheer for you, in every aspect, I want a chance to make this work because you ever do this again," she gestured between him and Harmony, "I can promise that it's not going to end well."

Brick chuckled and kissed her again. "Deal. Now you should get to your desk before Desmond has a conniption."

"One more thing though," Blossom said, kissing him again, "I think I was always waiting for you."

With that she took her seat next to David and gave her attention to a very red-faced Mr. Morgan. Forget conniption, he looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. For some reason, Blossom could not bring herself to care.

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