Chapter one- the end and being

It's been 4 months since he left me. I still find it hard to look at the place he used to sit in class and have stop reading, listening to music and watching TV it's to pain full.

To add to that now even Jacob won't see me. He said we can't be friends any more. I think it is because I am dead, like a Zombie 24/7. I still wake up screaming from drams about both of them.

It was as I was wounding around the woods by me house where I meet her for the second time. Victoria. She walked up to me slowly as if she had all day. There was a smile playing on her lips.

"Why are you walking around on your own child it not safe" Victoria said in a voice that made me want to run away but I couldn't. There were two reasons I didn't just run one there would be no point she would catch me the second I stared and two where would I go. "Where is your family off proctors? The house smelled empty so I thought you had gone to but here you are."

"They all left me about 4 mounts back saying it was not safe. I have no one and no friends so just KILL ME" I said the last part as a scream as if she could not hear me fine. That right there was my third reason she had come to kill me little did she know it would end all my pain I would finally be at peace.

"You want to die so I won't kill you" Victoria said each word as slowly and clearly as she could. What did she mean thought she won't kill me. Is he just going to walk away from me? "I will change you. You can suffer as I do each day thanks to your old boy friend. This will also hurt him when he hears I am sure" That was when she stepped forward and bent her head to my neck and bit me. At first it did not hurt I felt nothing but then her venom took over my system and I felt the fire start to spread.

Three days later I felt the fire fade and I opened my eyes. Every thing was so clear I could see all the cracks in the ground and the trees. I felt warm even thought there was snow on the ground it should be cold very cold.

I got up the second I thought about getting up. I ran to my home to find my dad out and a poster on the door saying 'have you seen this girl', my photo was under it. My dad was looking for me all ready. I opened the door and went straight to my room. It smelt like the best every thing to drink it was a weak smell but still there. It must have been my smell. It made my trout burn. I new I could not stay here. I might kill Charlie and if I didn't he would notice the change. So I picked you one of my black bags of the floor put my favourite books in and then my money. I went over to my cupboard and got out some clean cloths and put on my dark blue joggers and green top. I ran down stairs and wrote my dad a note.


Dad / Charlie

I am fine.

Stop looking for me I am going away and don't want to hear from you again.

I am so sorry but I need to get away from this place. I am going some near Italy but don't come

Love you always

bella .

By the end I was crying dry sobs I would miss my dad loads but I had to go and with that I put on my back pack and set of to hunt and then Italy.

Chapter 2- why am I back here.

It has been 400 years and I am back where I started. Froks. Me and Polly had been sent here by Aro to keep and eye on the real vampire world as he put it. Polly is a copy cat. I mean that you know she can cope anything she wants and does. Every time we went to a new school she would copy what I look like. So now we are know as the Volturi twins. Today was the first day of school in Froks we will be starting about two years from graduation.

As I enter the main office, I noticed it had not changed one bit. I walked up to the front desk with Polly at my side.

"Hello were the Volturi twins" me and Polly said together like I said Polly coped what I looked like and we always spoke together, we even moved together.

"I am Isabella but please call me bell" I said and then Polly spoke "I am Polly call me Polly and don't worry about names it is nearly impossible to tell us apart."

"Ok girls here are you time tables. Have a good day and if you have any problem don't forget to ask" said the red headed lady behind the desk. I thought she smelled gross but that was because human blood still made me feel sick and could not drink it so I drank animal blood.

"Kk bye" Me and Polly said and both turned and walked out. As I looked at my time table a pecked at Polly they were not the same but some lessons were.

Isabella Volturi

Lesson 1 = history

Lesson 2= English


Lesson 3= maths

Lesson 4 = biology

Lesson 5= music

Lesson 6 = P.E

Me and Polly had lesson's 1, 5 and 6. that was bad we get very competitive sports. As we walked of to Lesson 1 I notice a sliver volo in the parking lot.

"Polly there here at this school. Did you know and can we go?" I asked Polly in a whisper we were already getting looks off all the boy's and a few were trying to hear are conversation.

"NO we can't now come on were going to be late" she drag me to history. As we walked in I smelled vampire. I look at Polly she had smelt it to, so she looked around the room to find the sauce and there sitting at the back was Alice Cullen.

"That's Alice Cullen." I told Polly before we turned to the teacher. "Hello were the volturi twins. I am Bella and this is Polly" the teacher looked at us in shock.

"Ok but I won't remember your name's even if I could tell you apart. Ok both you go sit next to Alice at the back" the teacher turned back to the board and contained to write up the work for the day.

We both walked together to the back when I got there I made Polly sit next to a very uneasy Alice. We took are books out and sighed together.

"Hi my name is Alice Cullen and you are?" she asked in a voice that made me think she was just a little scared.

"We are Polly and Bella Volturi. Don't panky we are just hear to cheek up on the world and then we are off but we might be hear till next year" Polly said to low for human ears to hear.

"Cool will sit with me and my family at lunch time. I think they would all love to meet you" now that was the Alice Cullen I remembered.

"Sure" we said together this made Alice eyes grow bigger.

"How do you do that" Alice said. At that point we both moved to tuck a length of hair behind our ears. "OK stop it. It freaky." We both laughter witch earned us one detention each after school. Then the teacher asked me a question witch we both answered earring us another one. So by the end of lesson 1 I had 2 detentions's and had already met one of the five Cullen's.

The next three lesson flashed by and all I had to do was get thought one more and then I would be seeing all Five Cullen's I could wait all year I thought to myself. As I walked in to biology there he was.

Chapter 3- Remember me

Sitting on the only table with a spare seat, brilliant. I walk up to the teacher and nearly fell over some one's bag but I stopped myself.

"Hello I am one of the Volturi twins. My name is Bella." It was the way we always introduced ourselves when the other wasn't with us.

"Bella would be short for Isabella right" the teacher said. Why did the only teacher in the day that say's my full name have to do it around him? Ok I thought to myself I got to stop calling him, him , his name is Edward Cullen.

"Yep that it." I said popping the p on yep.

"Ok then going and sit by Cullen" the teacher add "they might just get on" under his breath hoping I didn't hear. So mumbled back "don't count on it" but he hared me and detention number 3 was on my to do list. As I walked to the table I noticed the whole class staring at me with eye's that said good luck. I sat down took out my books and turned to the front.

"Bella Swan is that real you?" Edward asked in a very low voice any humans near by would not have even noticed his lips move.

"Oh I haven't been Bella Swan for 400 years and yes it me remember" I said just as low with out even turning my head in his direction. I could feel his stare on the back of my head so add " and Me and Polly are going to be sitting with you at lunch Alice asked us but she don't know who I am." I said in a acid tone making it very clear I was only doing it for Alice.

"Ok then I can talk to you then Bella" he said in a voice that made it very clear he would and I could not get out of it.

"Oh we will see" the teacher called on me for a answers at that point I got the right one but got a detention for adding don't you know before answering.