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Chapter 1-Heroic Thief?

It had been a normal morning for Tails. He had gone throug his normal morning routine of checking on his plane, his inventions in the works, and the rest of his house before he had made himself a bowl of cereal. He was eating while watching the news, waiting for the weather report.

I hope it's a good day to do some test flights, he thought as he munched on a spoonful of cereal. Suddenly, what he saw on the television made him spit out his breakfast. In a bold headline on the television, he saw "Sonic Turns to Crime?" displayed at the bottom.

Tails grabbed the remote and turned the volume up just in time to hear the news anchor say, "Another grocery store was stolen from last night. The intruder is seen here on this security video."

The screen cut to gray footage of a hedgehog, too small to be seen, running around the store grabbing food off the shelves. However, the first thing that Tails noticed was that the hedgehog was running no where near as fast as Sonic. At the most, he was running about as fast as Knuckles.

The footage faded back to the news anchor. "This has been the latest in a string of robberies that have included grocery and clothing stores. Police are currently looking for the famed hedgehog Sonic and have asked anyone who has information as to his whereabouts, to please call their local police station. And now to the weather," the anchor said, turning to the meteorologist.

Tails simply shut off the television as he shook his head. "That couldn't be Sonic," he told himself. Why would Sonic steal from those places anyway?


Sonic himself was enjoying a nice run down the streets of Station Square. For at least a few months, there had been no word from Eggman and things had been quiet. So it was usually around this time that the evil genius would try to take over the world once again.

As Sonic was passing some shops, he heard a police siren behind him. He turned around, trying to find if there was some source of trouble, but the sire was following him. He slowed to a stop and waited for the police to catch up to him.

"Hey officers. What's up?" Sonic waved at them as they stepped out of their car.

Both of the officers pulled out their pistols and aimed at Sonic. "Alright hedgehog, on the ground now! Keep your hands where we can see them!" one of the cops ordered.

"Woah, what's goin' on?" Sonic asked as he held his hands up.

"On the ground!"

Sonic started to kneel to the ground, but then took off down the road as fast as he could.

"Dammit!" he heard one of the officers shout.

What's goin' on here? Sonic wondered. He decided he should head over to Tails' workshop and see if he knew anything.


"We better hurry home Cheese," Cream said to her flying companion as she carried a large bag of groceries down the sidewalk. "Mother will be worried if we're late."

She passed by a newspaper stand that had several papers that caught her eye. On each of them were printed "Sonic Caught in the Act" and below the headline was a gray picture of a hedgehog running around a store and stealing things off the shelves.

"Mr. Sonic?" Cream said confused.

Suddenly two large gray robots landed in front of her. They were round, almost egg-shaped, with shoulder mounted guns and two long arms and legs for each of them. On their chests was the face of a round man's head with a bushy mustache.

"Well, well. A doe caught in the headlights," a sinister voice said, coming from one of the robots.

"Eggman!" Cream cried. She dropped the bag and tried to run in the opposite direction, but one of the robots grabbed her and held her to it's face.

"Since I can't seem to find Amy, you'll do," Eggman's voice said.

"Chao, chao!" The other robot stumbled as Cheese had flown into it's head and thrown off it's balance. The robot straightened itself and swatted the chao back.

"Pesky thing," Eggman said.

Cream began to cry for her friend, when another voice spoke up. "That's not very nice."

Both robots and Cream turned to see a gray hedgehog, who was cradling Cheese in his arms.

"Sonic? Wait, no you're not him," Eggman said through the robot. "Well, destroy him anyway!" The robot holding Cream started to climb up the wall of a nearby building while the other robot rushed at the hedgehog.

The hedgehog dodged to the right. "Woah!" he said, as he nearly dropped Cheese. He turned toward the street and saw a bus coming. Then he turned back to the robot and taunted him. "C'mon. You're so slow."

The robot again tried to tackle the hedgehog, but again the hedgehog dodged. The robot landed in the street and was struck by the bus with a loud crash.

The robot climbing the wall turned it's head to see his companion smashed by the bus. It's eyes narrowed at the gray hedgehog, but it continued to climb anyway.

The hedgehog ran up to the building and muttered, "Great. How am I supposed to get up there?"

Cheese flew out of his arms and held out his hands to the hedgehog. The hedgehog looked quizzically at him before realizing what Cheese was trying to do. "Okay, little guy. If you say so."

"Chao chao!" Cheese replied as the hedgehog grabbed Cheese's hands. Cheese slowly, but surely flew the hedgehog up to the roof where the other robot and Cream were.

"You going to let her go now or do I have to get physical?" the hedgehog threatened the robot.

The robot readied his guns and fired at the hedgehog. "Crap," he mumbled as he hid behind a few boxes on the roof. However, the bullets were easily ripping through them.

The hedgehog desperately looked for some sort of weapon and found a discarded lead pipe. "Well it's better than nothing." He grabbed it and ran out from behind the boxes to the robot.

A loud clang! resounded as the lead pipe connected with the robot's legs, causing the robot itself to buckle. It dropped Cream, who was caught by Cheese and set safely down. The hedgehog swung again and let the pipe connect with the robot's head, denting it and making it fall down and silently shut down.

The hedgehog breathed a sigh of relief. He turned back to Cream, as if checking to see if she was okay, before he nodded and jumped off the building. Cream and Cheese raced over to the edge and saw him jump from window ledge to window ledge all the way to the ground and then run off.

"Who was that?" Cream asked Cheese.

Cheese's little ball formed a question mark to signal that he knew about as much as Cream did.

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