Genre: Drama?
Word Count: 100 exactly!
Setting: The garden outside the House of Blue Leaves

An Absence of Colour


It was all she saw. The snow, the robe of the cottonmouth… even O-ren's skin was achromic…

She was not. She was a silly Caucasian girl. Whether her formidable opponent had realised the irony of that statement or not was unknown.

O-ren was white… But she was far from pure or innocent. She was the colour of snow and ice as she was cold and hard. She was a blanket of lies. She had surrendered. She was the colour of the West, the colour of tradition, and now – now O-ren was the colour of mortality…

She was dead.


A/N: This may not entirely make sense – the whole thing is obviously dealing with the symbolism of the 'colour' white. I'm sure the ice and snow parts are pretty obvious, along with the surrender thing, but I don't know if everyone will get the blanket of lies and the death things because it's kind of obscure? 'Blanket of lies' refers to the phrase 'whitewash' – like when you 'whitewash' something you cover it up with lies, or just the 'little white lie.' The colour of death is used because in China and some other parts of the East, white is worn to funerals and represents the colour of death. In China white can also represent metal or 'The West'. And O-ren was Chinese/Japanese –American so… yeah that's where the imagery came from. I hope that isn't too weird? Eh.

P.S. I just found this on my computer! I have no idea when I wrote it though. Haha who knows! Anyway. Comments are love. : )