Amethyst Soul

Synopsis: He couldn't remember who he was. The world shunned him, called him "Demon Emperor" for no reason he could recall and his captors glared at him with hatred in their eyes…except for two pairs: one of shining lavender…and another behind a mask. Eventual suzalulu.

Warning: References to other CLAMP's works.


He opened his eyes to find that the lid of his coffin had been removed.

He stared at the velvety dark sky ahead, sprinkled by stars that winked at him before he blinked back. Once. Twice. The smell of fresh earth and grasses began to assault his senses. He disentangled his fingers from the position of prayer above his chest and only when he gripped on the sides of what he thought was a rather-hard-bed (strange, considering the sheets below his spine seemed silky) to get up, it dawned on him that he had been lying in a casket. He had been buried. Alive.

He told himself not to panic as he got to his feet and scrambled to climb out of the grave. Someone had dug out all the soil. 'Who might be willing to go through such a trouble?' His brain supplied as he struggled. His footing slipped off the slippery wall of earth repeatedly before he could haul himself out of the hole.

A figure was sitting on a flat platform – the lid of his coffin, the young man realised – set atop mounds of excavated soil, gazing at the sky above. Moonlight spilled on the curvaceous form and revealed more of her features. She was clad in a loosely-tied green kimono, golden phoenixes printed on the fabric, her long, long straight hair resting on one shoulder. When he was scrutinizing her silently, she turned to him, and the first thing he noticed was that she had stunning mismatched eyes. One dulled green and one catlike amber. Both of which seemed familiar to him.

"Finally, you're awake," she huffed, her tranquility shattered. "If you're expecting C.C., she'd been banished. The Guardian had been so angry about her and V.V.'s betrayal. Code owners are supposed to protect God, not conspire to eliminate God. There's a reason why we're keys to C's world, you know," she rose to her feet and dusted off her clothes nonchalantly. "The Guardian was so pleased that you protected God and decided to grant you forgiveness…or a curse depends on how you view it…"

A strong gust of wind blew against them, sending dark brown locks to disarray. The owner seemed unfazed. It disclosed the side of her neck, however, and his eyes couldn't help but revert to the strange mark at the base of the column of flesh. An 'M' like insignia…or more like a deep 'V' with flaps at each side. It looked a crude, simplified version of a crane…

"Who?" The question fell unbidden from his lips.

She raked her hand through that hip-length mess of hair to get it in a semblance of order. "You can call me S.S.. I will be helping you get used to your new role, so I'll stick with you for a while," she spoke calmly, her expression unchanging.

"Who?" He asked again, the epiphany unsettling to himself. "Who am I?"

Those dual-coloured eyes widened slightly as her lips parted in shock. They stared at each other, his gaze radiating with helplessness and hers turning to one of exasperation. "C.C., you…" S.S. sighed under her breath. "You're Lelo-" she paused midway and glanced at him. He tilted his head, his brows knitting, and urged her on.

"Sakurazuka," S.S. shook her head and smiled for the first time. It was a sight to behold, like an antiquated, brittle grayscale photograph that could crumple at a touch. "Your name is Sakurazuka Kamui."


A/N: No, I didn't post this story at the wrong fandom. 'Kamui' is Lelouch. No, there is no crossover, though there will be more references to X/1999.