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It was an unusually peaceful day at Youkai Academy, at least to Aono Tsukune it was. Yet, some how, he knew the day was going to turn uncomfortable. What he didn't know was that he was going to be the cause.

"Ne, Moka-san, Kokoa-chan," he spoke up suddenly from the lunch table, watching the silver-haired and red-haired vampires turn towards him, "You said you two had two other sisters. We've met one, what about the other?"


Moka and Kokoa shared a quick look before sighing.

"Moka-onee-sama remembers this better than I do," Kokoa said.

Moka glared over at her sister who shrugged and went back to her food. Moka looked back towards Tsukune, her red eyes piercing his brown ones, "Why would you suddenly ask that?"

Tsukune smiled, nervously, "I was just curious. I-If it's not something you want to talk about, you don't have to."

Moka closed her eyes, contemplating her choices. She remained like that for several moments. Tsukune, thinking she wasn't going to speak, looked down at his food.

"Her name is Rei," Moka took a deep breath before continuing, "She is several years older than myself. Just before this self was sealed by the rosary was the last time I ever saw her."

Kokoa nodded, "Same here."

Moka titled her head up at the cafeteria ceiling as if remembering, "Rei was very kind, she was the ideal daughter for my father: strong, confident, beautiful, and more. However it was not meant to last. There was an accident. A man who hated my father broke into the castle and attempted to assassinate him. My father was very sick at the time at the passing of Rei's mother. Rei was with him when the attack happened, and took the full force of the attack for him.

"She nearly died instantly and my father had to inject his vampire blood into her to save her. He… used just enough to stabilize her so he could kill his attacker, but Rei had been poisoned in the attack. Desperate not to loose anyone else my father injected more blood into her body. She made a full recovery, and was perfectly fine.

"For a year we made due as a family, nothing seemed wrong, until one night Rei wasn' Rei anymore…"

Moka stopped talking.

"The poison had still been in her body the entire year, dormant after it's initial injection. It came back and the blood Dad had used to heal her attacked the virus. Rei woke all of us up screaming at the top of her lungs. The pain drove her insane and as the virus was finally destroyed she snapped," Kokoa murmured.

"Snapped?" Kurumu asked.

"She became something like a ghoul with the blood of our father continuing it's war path and it took over her body. She attacked and nearly killed our father who eventually stopped her and snapped a rosary onto her, just like mine. Rei… shattered it just before it could take effect and she disappeared in a flash of light. There's no telling where she went or what happened to her," Moka finished.

"Dad has lived with this regret ever since."

Tsukune sighed, "I am sorry about what happened to your sister and I'm sorry I asked you about it. It must be a painful memory."

"It is," Moka whispered.

Yukari spoke up, "Where do you think she is now?"

"Hopefully in a place where she can find peace."


In another world a cloaked figure slowly made her way up the crowded streets of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Underneath her cloak two blood red eyes looked out at the people around her. Quickly she felt a familiar charka signature above her. She smiled evilly as the signature became six and they split up. Screams began around the village.

Looks like Pein is here, I wonder if he wants to play?


Uzumaki Naruto quickly began to make his way towards the large mountain, following Nagato's charka path to the source. He had no doubt he would make it just in time to find the ninja leaving or just finishing preparations for a final battle. What he found wasn't what he expected. The body of a blue haired Akatuski member was laying outside of the cave entrance inside he found Nagato, dead inside his machine, a cloaked figure standing next to it.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked. This person has a foul charka, almost demonic. Yet, there's another energy…

"Your eyes are boring."

"Excuse me?"

"I liked them better when they were red and consumed by fury! Now, blue, so boring. "

The unknown energy exploded around the figure and Naruto instantly knew what it was. Youkai! This person is a demon!

Suddenly the figure moved and Naruto's vision went black.


Uchiha Sasuke sat a top a rock outcropping, watching Suigetsu and Kisame spar.

"Sasuke," The younger Uchiha turned to find Madara staring down at him, his one sharingan eyes spinning, "I must speak with everyone. Gather them up. Now."

Sasuke merely nodded.

A few minutes later all of the remaining Akatsuki members, new and old, stood before Madara, "Pein and Konan are dead."

Kisame chuckled, "So the Kyuubi brat is stronger than we though, eh?"

"No. While Uzumaki Naruto was responsible for destroying Pein's body, the real Pein and Konan were killed by someone else."

Zetsu spoke up from where he was standing, "It was the demon girl that we encountered a few years back. Her name is Rei."

"The one who claimed to be a vampire?" Kisame started laughing.

"What do you find so funny about this?"

"She's weak."

"No, she is not," Madara spoke loudly, "Rei is strong. I am now putting finding Rei and the Kyuubi brat as top priorities. We go in teams of three. Sasuke, Kisame, and Juugo. Karin, Suigetsu and my self. Zetsu, find her."

"Hai, Madara-sama."


In yet another world a lone man stood overlooking his castle. Wordlessly he was fingering his silver hair. So, it is time already. I must correct the mistake I made all those years ago. The man disappeared in a flash of blue light.