As the sun began to raise over Shooga Forest the sweet, peaceful sound of an erhu echoed up over the trees and morning dew, emanating from the forest's lone house. Garu sat on his front porch next to a plate of donut holes and a cup of hot green tea. With closed eyes he moved his fingers skillfully over his instrument, calmly playing the notes of his relaxation. A cool breeze blew over the island making the trees sway in a tranquil way, as the smell of ocean salt water drifted around the still warming up island. The serenity remained unbroken when the sliding door behind Garu opened and closed, and the sound of little footsteps kept time in his melody. A boy that resembled Garu in almost every way walked towards him. While Garu was dressed fully however, he was still in his sleeping close; a light blue pajama top with shurikens scattered around it and briefs to match. He sat down next to Garu as he finished his song, occasionally stealing a few of Garu's donuts. When Garu was done playing the two sat in silence. "Wow," The younger Garu look a like said. "That's so beautiful. I wish that I could play like you big brother." Garu smiled, his eyes still shut. He took in a deep breath and held it in for a moment, before letting his body relax and opening his eyes. "I came out here hoping that you'd tie my hair up for me. I just came out of a bath." Garu sighed and stood up and walked back into the house. And his little brother fallowed. Garu stopped at a door painted blue with the name Gura on the door, hand painted with two swords painted under it. As Garu recalled as he opened the door and stepped in, Ching had painted that on the door for Gura's last birthday; the big six. Once inside Garu grabbed two blue ribbons from the top of sticker-covered obviously little kid's dresser and tied Gura's pig tails like his own. "Thanks Garu." Gura walked over to his dresser, pulling off his pajama shirt and putting on an outfit that looked just like his older brother's, only the gloves and heart where blue. Garu exited his brother's bedroom and walked back down the hallway and into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, Garu pulled out the eggs, ham, and cheese, setting them on the counter and whistling his erhu song. Back in Gura's room the boy sat alone on his bed clutching a teddy bear in his arms. "Stupid vow of silence." He mumbled, squeezing the stuffed toy tightly as if it was it's fault. "Why did Garu have to go and take some stupid vow of silence? If he didn't want to talk to anyone anymore he could have just said so. How honorable is never telling your girl friend or your little brother that you love them?" His small body shook a little. "It's not honorable at all." He lifted the plushie to his face and buried it in it, crying softly. Outside the bedroom window his cry did not go unnoticed. Garu's arch enemy Tobe crouched down underneath the open window, listening. "So if Garu's little brother wants Garu to speak to him so badly, then maybe I can help." Tobe laughed and Gura sat up. "W-who's there?!" He looked around the room and when he saw no one his young naive eyes focused on the teddy bear still locked tightly in his arms. "Mr. Snuggie?" Gura asked wide-eyed. "Yes, that's right, I'm your teddy bear." Tobe lied, trying his hardest not to laugh. "What's so funny?" Gura asked the toy. "Oh, nothing," Tobe grinned. "I just remembered something I heard on South Park last night. Heh, donkey boner." Tobe chuckled stupidly. "What's a 'donkey boner?" Gura asked innocently. "I'll explain later. It's wasn't that funny anyway." Tobe smirked deviously, getting comfortable in his hiding place under the window. "So you want Garu to tell you how much he loves you, right?" Gura's eyes lit up brightly. "Uh huh! You can do that for me?!" Gura asked excitedly. "Sure thing kid. After all, I'm mister saggie." Tobe propped his head up on his arm. "Mr. Snuggie." Gura corrected. "Whatever." Tobe said. "So, you give me some time to think about this, and I'll have Garu talking in no time." Tobe laughed. "Oh thank you Mr. Snuggie!" Gura said, hugging the bear tightly. "Are you sure that it wont hurt Garu's honor?" Gura asked the toy as he pulled it away from his chest. "Sure, sure." Tobe said getting up and dusting himself off. "Not talking to people isn't honorable. You said so yourself." Tobe pointed out. "See you later kid." Tobe started to walk off until Gura spoke up. "But Mr. Snuggie, where are you going?" He asked. "Put me on the bookshelf!" Tobe called back in a high-pitched voice. Gura giggled and sat the stuffed animal down on the bookshelf. One almost silent bell rang out from the kitchen. "Gotta go Mr. Snuggie, that bell means food." Gura ran into the kitchen and took his set across from Garu's. "Thank you!" Gura exclaimed before digging into his ham and cheese omelet. "This is my best plan ever." Tobe laughed wickedly, heading back towards his house. "Ninjas!" He called, and then appeared. "Bring me, the book!" Tobe said ominously. From inside a chest that two ninjas had to carry came an all black book, leather bound with the word "Sandman" stitched in red thread across the cover. "With this book Garu, you will speak, and I will have my vengeance!" He laughed louder still, and his confused ninjas laughed along with him.