We (luvdacullens and Margaritaville01) wrote a musical that spoofs Twilight scenes. The scenes are in random order, from all four books in the saga.

The first scene is the scene where Bella goes to the beach and finds out Edward's secret, with a slight twist.

(Bella's at her locker. It is really, really far away from Jessica's.)

Jessica- (Calls out to Bella) Yo, Bella we're going to the beach today. Wanna come?

Bella- What? We're going to see the Beach Boys. Are you kidding man? I love them!

Mike- (Hears Bella calling out to Jess) What? Change of plans, we're going to the Beach Boys concert. That is soooo awesome man! (Puts his arm around Bella)

(Jess runs up and slaps Mike across the face and walks away)

Mike- Dude, what the heck?

Bella- So anyways, the Beach Boys concert is going to be so much fun! (They leave school and go outside)

Mike- I know! I love their song Surfin USA! (Bella and Mike both sing Surfin USA. They dance around and hold hands)

Edward- (He witnessed Bella and Mike holding hands and dancing. He witnesses it from behind a tree.) Note to Self – MUST DESTROY NEWTON

At Concert

Bella- Like OMG! We're actually here at the Beach Boys concert, Jess! (Jessica found out that they were going to the concert instead of the beach because Lauren overheard and told her)

Jessica- I know! I know! (Turns to Mike) Mikey, I can't believe we're at the Beach Boys concert.

Mike- Yeah. Sure.

Bella- I want to introduce everybody to my friend. (Turns to Jacob) This is Jacob. Jacob say hello.

Jacob- Hello. (In a dull way)

All- Hello.

Lauren- Bella, why don't you get a ticket for Edward Cullen!

Bella- Yeah! Totally! I mean he's my soon to be boyfriend, even though he hates me!

Lauren- Totally

Bella- (Turns to ticket dude) One ticket for Edward Cullen please!

Ticket guy- (Presses button to talk through) No

Bella- Why not?

Ticket guy- (Presses button) The Cullens don't come here.

Bella – (Pretty much screams) Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob- What?

Bella- Why don't the Cullen's come here?

Jacob-(Really loud) Well first of all, their vampires. And second (Points his finger to Bella signaling for her to come closer so, he can tell her a secret) (Sings the beginning part of Closer by Ne-Yo.)

Bella- Yeah

Jacob- (whispering) Edward's brother Emmett was supposed to be the lead singer of the Beach Boys, but then they found the other guy and they hired him.

Bella- (gasps) Seriously, OMG! (Goes to take her seat at the concert)

Jacob- Oh Yeah and Bella don't spread that second thing I told you around.

Bella- Okey-dokey!

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~luvdacullens and Margaritaville01