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Bella doesn't just get run over by any ordinary truck, she gets run over by an ICE CREAM TRUCK……

(Bella and Edward are staring at each other. In the background, you hear the ice cream truck anthem)

5 seconds pass by…….

(The ice cream truck crashes into Bella)

Bella- (On the floor) OW!

Edward- Are you okay?

Bella- Do I look like I'm okay?

Edward- (starts to pick up Bella and then drops her) OMG! I just got a craving for ice cream!

(Edward goes into the truck and sees the ice cream man who is on the floor)

Edward- Can I have a triple scoop sundae?

Ice cream man- (struggling to speak) It's in the truck!

Edward- (runs to get the ice cream and then comes back) Are you okay man?

Ice cream man- NO

EVENTUALLY, Edward gets Bella and the ice cream man to the hospital ……….

Edward- Carlisle, Can you make sure Bella is okay?

Carlisle- Of course, I can! Do you know why? Because I know…. (Sings How to say a life by The Fray)………………………………………….

Unlike you Edward! Why didn't you save her?

Edward- Um, hello, I was finishing my ice cream sundae!

Carlisle- (looks from Edward to Bella. Then, he covers Bella's ears.) Why were you eating ice cream? You can't eat food. You're a vampire!

Edward- That explains why I was feeling queasy! Oh man! (Throws up ice cream)

(Charlie finds out about the accident and rushes to the hospital)……

Charlie- Bella, what happened to you?

Bella- The ice cream man ran me over.

Charlie- (really mad) YOU DID THIS!

Ice cream man- I'm sorry! I could explain.

Charlie- I'm listening.

Ice cream man- Okay, so I was stocking my truck with strawberry melon ice cream and-

Charlie- STRAWBERRY MELON! That's my favorite!

Ice cream man- I have so much in my truck and-

Charlie- (before he can finish, Charlie runs out the door)


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