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"Come now!" Vlad roared with laughter as he floated over to hover near Danny, an amused look in his blood red eyes. "Surely you can do better than that, boy!" He cackled, pleased as Danny struggled to pull himself from a pile of debris; perhaps the boy had more fight in him yet.

Danny's eyes darkened as he stood, forcing himself from the wall Vlad had blasted him into. "Don't call me that," he growled, spitting out blood. "I AM NOT A BOY ANYMORE!" The half-ghost screamed and let loose the largest ecto-blast he had ever summoned in his life. The blast slammed dead into a stunned Vlad's chest, sending the older man into a wall of the crumbling building with a sickening crack.

Vlad laid there slumped, even as Danny approached, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth and down his blue-grey skin from a large gash on his brow. He coughed, more blood flowing from his mouth, down his jaw, and did the last thing Danny expected him to. He locked eyes with the teen, and began to chuckle, then laugh, so hysterically that Danny could practically hear the man's broken ribs cracking and popping under the strain.

Once the laughter subsided, Vlad slowly made his way to his feet, rolling his shoulder, popping it back into place with a sickening crack. An evil look took over those blood red eyes and a smirk graced his lips, flashing pearly white fangs. "My turn."

Flashing another smirk, he whirled around, his cape swirling around him, and shot off three ecto-blasts twice the size of the one that struck him.

Danny yelped in surprise and barely managed to dodge the first two, the third slamming into his side, crushing several of his ribs and sending him spiraling to the ground. His vision blurred as he struggled to remain conscious, blood seeping from his head and pooling on the rough concrete, dust streaked across his face. With wild eyes, he watched as Vlad approached, unable to move or speak.

Vlad transformed back into his human form, elegantly keeping in step even as he dropped a foot to the ground, like a predatory cat slinky towards a free meal; pausing only momentarily to smooth back his perfect silver hair and brush some stray dust from his immaculate black suit. The older man looked at Danny, who struggled to stay in ghost form, streaks of black appearing in that snow-white hair, green eyes flashing to blue and back. "You may be almost 18 now, but you're still a boy, Daniel, remember that," he said coolly, gaze unwavering even as he struck the boy in the side of the head with his boot, the last straw sending the teen spiraling into darkness. "Remember that."


Danny woke with a groan and winced as a sharp pain made itself known in his head. "Where am I?" He slurred, forcing himself to ignore the pain and sat up, cracking open a blurry eye: his own room. "How did I get here?" Looking around with squinted eyes, he spied a folded piece of paper on his bedside table along with a bottle of water and two small pills, swiping the note up, he immediately groaned at the elegant script that lay inside, Vlad.


I took the liberty of returning you to your home and informing your parents that you had gotten into a bit of an accident, but will recover in due time with rest and peace and quite. I look forward to our next encounter; perhaps you will be able to keep up next time.


"That bastard," Danny growled under his breath and looked suspiciously at the pills, they were not from his medicine cabinet nor his parents. Though it was against his better judgment, his instincts told him that the pills were safe, having learned through nearly four years of bitter battles not to doubt them; he tossed back the pills with some water, almost immediately feeling better. Time to tackle the day.

The pain was only slight but his muscles were stiff and sore, leaving him to wonder just how long he had been out. Struggling out of bed, he stripped off his nightshirt and pants, throwing on a pair of jeans, about to forgo a shirt until he caught sight of his bruised and beaten torso in the mirror. "May 3rd…I've been out for three days," he sighed as he looked at his cellphone before shoving it in his pocket.

Now fully dressed, he headed out of his room, intent on raiding the kitchen, only to stop dead at the top of the stairs when a familiar laugh sent shivers down his spine. 'No, not him, isn't it bad enough that he knocked me out for who knows how long? Now he has to be here right when I wake up?' Danny mentally sighed, hoping nobody had seen him as he turned on heel to go back to his room.

"Ah! Daniel! Feeling better I hope?" Vlad greeted from his position on the couch, pausing his conversation with Jack and Maddie. "I made crepes for your parents this morning, there should still be some left, help yourself," he smirked, his eyes holding an amused look.

Knowing that there was no way out of this, Danny turned back around and headed down the stairs, sending the smirking man the most loathing look he could muster. He stalked into the kitchen and threw open the fridge, purposely ignoring the fruit filled crepes that lay just within reach. Grabbing out a piece of leftover pizza, he slammed the fridge closed, jumping as it revealed Vlad, leaning causally against the doorjamb.

"How are you feeling, Daniel?" Vlad asked, the corner of his mouth twisting up in a smirk. "Not too terrible I hope."

"What do you want, Plasmius," Danny spat, taking an angry bite out of his pizza, eyes never leaving the older man as he sauntered over closer.

Vlad tsked, shaking his finger at the young man. "Is that anyway to talk to the man who saved your life?"

"You tried to kill me!" The younger of the two snapped back, anger flaring in his eyes. He let out a small yelp as Vlad grabbed him around the neck and slammed him up against the fridge.

"If I wanted you dead, boy, I would have killed you long ago. Don't think that just because I've gone easy on you, doesn't mean I don't have the power to tear you apart without even lifting a finger. What you saw was mere child's play," Vlad growled, lifting Danny off his feet by his neck, holding the boy there as he struggled. With a small laugh, he dropped the teen and headed back out into the living room.

Danny sat on the floor for sometime, his mind reeling. Vlad was definitely stronger than he thought, but why was the man only toying with him if he had all that power? Why didn't Vlad just kill him and his father so the man could marry Danny's mother? With a sigh, he stood; perhaps the best way to get answers would be to ask the man himself.

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