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It had been days since Danny had yelled at Vlad in the clouds, and there was still no sign of the man anywhere. The image of those beautiful cloud sculptures haunted his dreams in the most confusing way. In the most vivid dream he had, they had come to life, dancing and flying through the sky together, so happy and warm in the rays of the sun, leaving the real Danny floating where he had been for so long, alone and cold in the dark of night.

"It must be great not having Vlad around or anything," Sam said as they all piled into the auditorium for a "special" guest speaker.

"Yeah, it is nice not having that fruit loop around anymore," Danny confirmed, sliding his arms behind his head as they relaxed in a couple of chairs. The auditorium was dark and filled only with the quiet hum of chatter as the principal stood on the stage giving a short speech. It was easy for him to slowly drift off to a light sleep.

As he drifted off, visions of dancing clouds swirled in his mind, a small smile creeping across his face as bliss took hold. He remained in this wondrous state, high above the clouds, until a familiar voice ripped him back into reality. Eyes snapping open and head coming up so fast it startled Sam and Tucker, he saw Vlad standing now behind the podium, looking out over the crowd.

"Your principal has invited me here to talk to you about what it means to be successful," Vlad explained, wadding up several pieces of paper into a ball and tossing it over his shoulder. "That was my speech by the way," he said and gave his million-dollar smile, Danny could practically hear everyone in the room swooning and was more than surprised when he wasn't swept away in a rush of drool and lady spunk.

Danny's eyes hardened, a glare in the ready as Vlad's eyes scanned the crowd, but instead of locking eyes with him, he was simply ghosted over like everyone else. And for some reason, that pissed him off more than if he had locked eyes and been met with that smirk. "He's up to something," he seethed as he was once again looked over, his mind was practically screaming 'LOOK AT ME!'

"He's not doing anything, he's just ignoring you like you wanted him to," Tucker said, confused. Vlad was just giving a speech on what it meant to be successful.

"Exactly, he never ignores me," Danny growled, determination flaring across his face as it was revealed that "Mr. Masters was going to stay on school grounds until the end of the day to speak to the students one on one". As they all filed out of the auditorium, he cast a glance back and was infuriated when he was ignored in favor of a giddy young girl.

From that moment, Danny did he best to constantly run into Vlad, who just ignored him each and every time, as if he didn't exist. The man tactfully avoided anything he said, he had even gone as far as standing in front of Vlad, who just casually walked around him.

By lunch he was furious. How dare Vlad, of all people, ignore him! He did not like being ignored especially by the man who lavished attention on him constantly.

"Isn't this what you wanted? For him to leave you alone?" Sam asked as she watched Danny angrily stab at his food.

"No!" Danny snapped, eyes flaring bright green before he realized what he had said. "Yes! I don't know!" He yelled and shoved away from the table abruptly, storming from the room leaving his friends stunned.

He ripped through the halls like a bat out of hell, determined to find Vlad. When he spied the man, he was being chatted up by a junior girl, his azure eyes dull with boredom but a faux interested smile on his lips.

"You bastard!" Danny yelled, shoving the girl out of the way as he grabbed hold of the lapels on Vlad's suit and slammed the man back hard against the lockers. "Stop ignoring me!"

Vlad smirked and looked down into those angry blue eyes. "But Daniel, I'm only doing what you asked me to. You told me to leave you alone, and I did; now you're telling me to stop, and I will. Soon you'll tell me to stay away from you, and I will, and then you'll come find me and yell at me once more for doing just what you asked," he said as he carefully disengaged himself from Danny's hold. "I go out of my way to comply with your wishes each and every time, even though you have no idea what you really want."

Danny sputtered as he was gently pushed away and side stepped. "W-why?"

"That is a question I have no answer to," Vlad replied softly, slowly moving towards the teen who immediately took a step back for each of his forward until Danny was pressed firmly back against the lockers. Raising his hand, he gently tapped the new black scruff decorating the teen's chin. "You look more like a man already, now act like one."

Danny watched, stunned, as Vlad calmly walked away. The man's words stung and soothed all at the same time. As the shock wore off, determination took hold, he would prove that he was no longer a boy, if it was the last thing he did.

Uh…yeah…nothing really to say…