Sunday Without Sake

Hi guys! I welcome you to my FIFTH bleach story. This time it's Shunsui and Nanao!!

For all readers of my other story, I'm sooooooo sorry that I haven't updated.

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A calm day in the Seireitei. All the Soul Reapers were enjoying the nice weather, well, some weren't…

"Nanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooo!" Shunsui whined.

He was having the worst day of his life. There was no Jushiro (he was in the living world), his robe was torn from a game with one of the guys, and worst of all, no sake.

At all!.

He almost tore out his long, curly hair. His "lovely" Nanao was out in a meeting.

Damn, he hated those meetings.

Just another excuse to get away from him. With a small grin, Shunsui stalked up to Nanao's orderly desk. He searched the drawers and cabinets for the sweet wine, but sadly there was nothing.

He slumped over the desk and hung up his torn kimono on the rack.

Then something hit him. There was a strange odor coming from the window near his desk.

He peered outside and saw all his beloved sake poured out onto the road. His head turned down in defeat.

That woman has it out for me, he thought. The meeting wouldn't be over for a little bit. Shunsui put on his robe and sandals and glided out of the office.

Perhaps he would go to the store and pick up some. This time, he will find a much better hiding place.

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