Written for the Ficathon over at GW in the S/J thread. Prompt is Bubble Bath.

I own nothing but the thoughts in my head and even then I borrow some from RL.

Thanks to my awesome Beta WENDY! She rocks my socks off:D

A squeal from the other room signaled to Colonel Samantha 'Sam' Carter O'Neill that it was time to get up. Walking towards the door where the squeal came from, she stopped short to watch the scene in front of her.

General 'Jack' O'Neill was crawling around on the floor; peaking his head out from behind pieces of furniture in the room with a "boo" as the little girl in the crib squealed in delight.

Jack moved towards the crib and jumped up as gracefully as a man his age could; knees popping, joints aching, the works.

"Dada!" The little girl squealed.

"Aubrey Rose, I think it's time to get out of bed, soldier." Jack said in a commanding voice. Aubrey giggled and patted him on his nose. "Soldier, what have I said about giggling?" Jack continued as he placed her on the changing table.

"Wow there, Aubrey." Jack said, as he placed her wiggling body back on the changing pad and handed her a book.

Knowing she was content with looking at the book, Jack started to change Aubrey's dirty diaper. "You are so much like your mom, you know that, Aubrey? You could be playing with the slinky I got you but you always want the book."

Sam snickered quietly from the door.

"Boo k," Aubrey said, as she tried to flip over to sit up to read her book better, not caring about the fact that her little bottom was dirty. Jack, thinking fast, grabbed one of her legs in hopes to clean off her dirty bottom before she was able to sit down, but he missed the other little leg and watched in horror as it planted itself down into the dirty diaper.

"Ahh!" Jack exclaimed, as he dropped the leg from his hand; he deemed the changing pad a lost cause. He quickly moved the diaper out of the way.

Aubrey hollered at Jack as he tried to clean her.

Sam giggled to herself again; thinking how much Aubrey and Jack were alike. All of a sudden, Aubrey let out a shriek and threw herself forward in a tantrum not wanting to be cleaned but wanting to read her book.

"Aubrey, no!" Jack commanded, as he tried to pull the diaper further out of the way; but he was too late. "Oh, fer cryin' out loud!" Jack exclaimed, as he moved around feverishly to solve the dilemma.

Sam catching sight of her daughter and she couldn't contain it anymore. She started to laugh.

"Sam, I need help not an audience." Jack said, as he was trying his hardest to clean up his daughter.

Sam walked over to Aubrey and picked her up, but held her at arms length. Taking in full sight of her little girl who was now all smiles. She had a big mess all over her right leg and all over her perfect little face.

"I think someone needs a bath." Sam said, sweetly.

"Bubs!" Aubrey shrieked while clapping her hands.

"Yes, I think a bubble bath can be arranged." Sam said, as she walked towards the bathroom.

Jack started to take off the cover to the changing pad and stopped short. "How the heck did it get on the wall?"