I thought I introduce you to my Koisuru Boukun fic so here it is. ;)
It's only a short prologue, but I'll update soon. So enjoy yourself!

Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm only using Takanaga-sensei's characters.

Warnings: Each chapter has his own rating. This one is T, I think. XD


He woke up slowly and noticed someone beside him. 'Morinaga' , thought Souichi, but something wasn't quite right. He thought, 'I'm in Canada and Morinaga is in Japan so he can't be here.' He opened his eyes and glanced at the still sleeping person beside him. It was a girl he met here. She was studying abroad in the same field of Agriculture he was studying and she was Japanese too. His friend, who he came to Canada with, introduced her to Souichi a few days after they arrived. From that point until now, they met by chance from time to time or so he thought. But how the hell did he end up in one bed with her and naked too?! 'Did I do it with her?!' Souichi was shocked.

He tried desperately to remember what happened yesterday. He got out of bed carefully, not wanting to wake her up and searched for his clothes. The way they were scattered all over the room suggested that he really did 'do it' with her. He went into the bathroom to take a shower and as he did, some memories started to flow back into his head. Souichi went drinking yesterday with a group of people and she was with them. They all drank a lot there and he remembered talking and laughing. It was really fun. Naomi asked him to walk her home since she was afraid of going back alone at this late hour and nobody else wanted to leave so soon. They even wanted her to stay longer, but she didn't want to. There was no other option. He had to go with her.

They kissed on the way back. First they talked, held hands and laughed, then kissed. She was the one who started to kiss, but he remembered kissing back. He really didn't know how it ended like that, but instead of walking her home and going back, he stayed, still kissing her. She was so eager, so soft. Naomi unbuttoned his shirt, he remembered taking it off and there his memories ended. From there on, everything went black. No matter how hard he tried, Souichi couldn't remember anything about what happened next.

When he came out of the shower, she stood in the doorway, still naked. She was smaller than him. The top of her head was on the same level with his shoulders. Slim body, tanned skin, big blue eyes, black hair that reached to her shoulders and soft lips that could smile so cute. But he never wanted to sleep with her!

"Hi, Souichi-chan." He turned around, startled by the sudden appearance and blushed seeing her naked. Naomi giggled at the sight. She came closer and hugged him.

"That was some night we had." She pressed her nose into Souichi's chest. "You were great. I really enjoyed it." She hugged him even tighter, kissing his skin and rubbing her cheek against his chest. 'Oh, shit!' Souichi started to panic.'What will I tell Morinaga??!'

Note: Short, I know, but it's only a prologue. :) I hope you liked it. I'll update in a few days. Now you can tell me what you think. ;)