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Chapter 10

Morinaga felt a bit weird. A few hours ago, he and Senpai had made love passionately and withso much fire that Morinaga could not control himself. He overdid it, but Senpai did not nag about it afterwards at all. They fell asleep and Morinaga was the first one to wake up. Now he laid there and watched Senpai as the man slept. His hair was ruffled and he looked really tired, but when after a while Senpai opened his eyes, he didn't say anything discouraging. He noticed Morinaga's stare and blushed furiously.

"You're awake," Senpai said, his voice raw from sleeping.

"But I feel like I'm dreaming," said Morinaga. His words made Senpai blush even harder. He seemed very embarrassed. Morinaga pulled him closer and snuggled into Senpai's warm skin.

"Oww!" yelled Morinaga. Senpai had pinched his arm and it hurt really badly. "What was that for?!"

"Now you know that you're not dreaming," Senpai grinned at him.

Morinaga was stunned. Senpai smiled rarely and Morinaga had never seen this smile on Senpai's face before. He smiled too and pulled Senpai even closer for a kiss. They kissed for a while and pulled away only because they needed air.

"I need a shower." Senpai crawled out of bed and looked around, searching for something to cover himself.

"Need help with it?" Morinaga got out of bed himself and embraced Senpai, his chest to Senpai's back.

"Didn't you have enough?" asked Senpai.

Morinaga couldn't answer for a moment because he couldn't find any trace of irritation or anger in Senpai's voice and that stunned him. This was a very normal question, but considering who the one asking was, that changed everything. Senpai didn't just simply ask such things. Morinaga really started to wonder if this wasn't a dream, but Senpai had pinched him and it had hurt, so it should be real, right?

"Of you? Never!" Morinaga kissed Senpai's nape and inhaled the scent of his lover. It was intoxicating. Morinaga didn't think he would ever have enough of it.

"But I really need a shower. Tetsuhiro, stop, it tickles." He tried to squirm out of Morinaga's arms to no avail.

"Hmm. We can take one together," whispered Morinaga in a very seductive voice right into Senpai's ear. He was determined to seduce Senpai into taking a hot and steamy shower together.

"Wha… what?" Morinaga's tongue playing with Senpai's neck was distracting him.

"Shower. We can shower together."

Morinaga chuckled inwardly. 'He's so sweet when he's distracted.'

"I… I'll get… even dirtier. Ah!" Senpai moaned. Morinaga was sucking at the sensitive skin behind Senpai's ear.

"No, you won't. We'll wash each other," Morinaga whispered into Senpai's ear. He felt Senpai shiver and lean even more into his chest.

"Pervert," said his lover.

Morinaga noticed Senpai's breathing speed up. "Uh-huh. Your pervert." Morinaga turned Senpai in his arms and kissed him with all his love.

After a minute, Senpai started to push Morinaga away. "We… we should stop. Really…umm…"

Morinaga licked Senpai's neck, lightly biting the skin and he felt Senpai gasp. Then he let Senpai go and the man looked at him with surprise written all over his face.

"What is it, Senpai?" Morinaga smiled, watching him lovingly and smirking inwardly. "Is something the matter?" he asked innocently.

"You…" Senpai started but didn't end the sentence.

"Yes? I what, Senpai?" 'This is fun!' thought Morinaga. 'I'll tease him a bit more.'

"Nothing," said Senpai, sounding a bit annoyed. He spun around and exited the room, going straight into the bathroom.

Morinaga made the bed and waited until he heard the water running. Then with a smirk on his face, he followed his Senpai to the bathroom.

*** ***

Souichi had a hard time thinking about everything considering Morinaga. Only a moment after coming into the bathroom, he realized what he and Morinaga had done a few hours ago. He felt utterly embarrassed and knew he was red like a tomato. Never in his life would he have even considered being so… into 'it'. Every touch from Morinaga made him wait for more, and just a minute ago, when Morinaga embraced him again, he felt he same way. Morinaga had hugged him and kissed him, touching his sensitive skin with those lips and that tongue, and Souichi hadn't wanted him to stop, even if he had said the opposite. When he told Morinaga to stop, it was only due to the fact that he was too used to saying stop. He had thought that Morinaga wouldn't stop, but the man did, and Souichi didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Hot water hit his skin and Souichi started to clean himself from their previous activities.

He started thinking. 'I'm not feeling so disturbed after we did it. The previous times I always felt weird thinking about him and me, but today… today I…' He felt two strong arms wrap around his waist, interrupting his thoughts. Morinaga's naked body pressed into him as his kouhai pulled Souichi towards him.

"Wha- mph!" Souichi turned his head to the side and wanted to ask what Morinaga was doing there, but his lover didn't give him a chance. He sealed Souichi's lips with his own and gave him a passionate kiss that lasted as long as they could hold their breath.

After Morinaga released Souichi's lips, he gasped, gathered his thoughts, and asked again, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Hmm…" Morinaga nuzzled his neck with his nose and inhaled, then he said, "I was just thinking that you must feel lonely in here and I thought that I'd keep you company." He started to suck Souichi's skin where his shoulder met his neck, making Souichi gasp.

"How thoughtful of you," said Souichi a bit sardonically.

"Aren't I the best?" Morinaga chuckled behind him and started to trace odd patterns on Souichi's body with his fingers.

Souichi shivered when those skillful hands came near his groin. He caught them before they could do something that would leave him defenseless and eager for more. He knew that when Morinaga started he wouldn't resist him, and they would end up doing it again. The fact that he had started to feel a bit aroused didn't help either.

"Stop molesting me this instant! I mean it, Morinaga." He made sure to say it with a stern, even a bit threatening, voice.

"That's not very nice after what you said to me a few hours ago," Morinaga pouted, but let his hands fall to his sides for a second. Then he placed them on Souichi's hips.

"What do you mean?" Souichi wanted to wiggle out of Morinaga's grip, but the man didn't let go. When Souichi asked, Morinaga stilled behind him for a moment. "What did I say again?"

Morinaga leaned toward him and placed his lips just beside Souichi's ear and whispered, "I love you."

Souichi shivered upon hearing those words. They always turned him in to mush whenever Morinaga whispered them into his ear.

"I… I already know that! Now what did I say?"

"You really don't remember, do you? You don't know what you said when we were about to sleep?" asked Morinaga.

"What should I remember? Our…" He blushed really badly. "What we did was intense. Everything after that is too foggy. What did I say?" he asked, dreading the answer right away.

Morinaga was kissing Souichi's neck and shoulder again. He pressed his prominent erection into Souichi's backside. Souichi felt Morinaga rubbing himself in the crack of his ass. His body responded immediately. He pressed himself even more into Morinaga, and when the other's hands went to his half-hard cock, he didn't stop them this time. He placed his hands on the tiles for support and let Morinaga have his way with him. The younger man's hands felt so good on him that he forgot he had asked a question previously. Morinaga's voice startled him from the dreamy state he was going into.

"I repeated your words already," said Morinaga, nibbling at Souichi's ear. The assaulted man tilted his head unconsciously, giving Morinaga more access.

"W-what are you talking about? You didn't say anything yet. Ah!" Souichi shivered. He should be exhausted from earlier, but somehow he wasn't. To be precise, he felt like a sponge that took in everything that Morinaga wanted to give him. He hadn't known that he needed so much intimacy with his kouhai. He never noticed it before.

'Was I always behaving like this when he touched me?' Souichi wondered.

"'I love you.' That's what you said before falling asleep."

Souichi opened his eyes as wide as physically possible. He grew incredibly hot and he was sure that he was never in his life as red as he was in this moment.

"That's not possible," he mumbled, then moaned when Morinaga breached him with a finger.

"But that's exactly what you said, Senpai. You said you love me. Are you denying that? Did you not mean it?" asked Morinaga.

Souichi heard the anxiety in his voice. He could tell that his answer was very important to Morinaga. He had problems gathering his thoughts. He couldn't remember saying something like that, but he really didn't think that Morinaga would lie about something so important. If he really said to Morinaga 'I love you', what did it mean? Did he really mean it? Did he love Morinaga? Were those feelings he felt love? Souichi didn't know.

He had never been in love before. He had liked this person or that person more than he had liked others, but he couldn't say that he had been in love with them. Was now different? Were his feelings for Morinaga really love? He had never felt this way before so maybe…

'…yes.' Souichi nodded once and felt Morinaga stiffen behind him. The two fingers now stretching him stilled half way in and withdrew abruptly, leaving him too empty for his liking. The next thing Souichi knew, Morinaga embraced him in an almost bruising hug, Morinaga's head buried in the crook of his neck.

"I want you to love me, Senpai! Please, that's the only thing I ever wanted, to be loved. I want to be loved by you," said Morinaga with a trembling voice.

Souichi was dumb-founded. He didn't understand why all of a sudden his kouhai had started to behave so weirdly. He tried to see Morinaga's face, but it was well hidden from his view.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked. It was the only thing he could do right now with Morinaga hugging him so tightly and hiding from him at the same time.

"You didn't mean what you said, right? You don't… love me," said Morinaga with a tight voice. He sounded somewhat pathetic. The last two words sounded almost like begging.

"Who said that?! I never said anything about not loving you," stated Souichi, embarrassed by his own words, but knowing that they were true.

"But you just…" Morinaga started.

Then it hit Souichi. "Are you a complete idiot?! I was just thinking about what those feelings I have are, and just as I realized that it could really be love, you stopped. And now you're telling me some weird shit! Stop that and continue what you were doing, right now!" yelled Souichi.

Morinaga had let him go during this small rant and Souichi stuck out his butt towards Morinaga so the other would know exactly what Souichi wanted from him.

"You… Wha… Are you… Senpai, are you telling me that you really love me? Truly?" asked Morinaga, bewildered.

Morinaga hadn't touched Souichi again and he started to lose patience.

"Can you stop behaving like it would be something impossible and resume… you know?" said Souichi, still annoyed, and with a hint of danger in his voice. He knew Morinaga wanted him to say 'I love you' straight up, but he couldn't do it. He would die of embarrassment. This half-confession must be enough for his kouhai for now.

Morinaga just stood there for a while and didn't do anything, but before Souichi could straighten again and punch him really hard, he finally moved. Souichi thought that he would resume stretching him, but Morinaga grabbed his hips and just thrust into his waiting body, burying himself right to the hilt.

"Ngah!" Souichi braced himself on the tiled wall, trying to steady himself while his body tried to adjust to Morinaga's invasion.

"Sorry, Senpai. I couldn't stop myself," said Morinaga.

Souichi heard his beloved trying to hold back and a sudden wave of emotions towards the man filling him hit him. Morinaga still held his hips and thrust with small, steady movements. The water was still running, hitting their skin and making Souichi feel embarrassed and hot at the same time. Some time ago, he remembered overhearing a conversation about sex in the shower. At the time he didn't like the idea, but now he changed his mind.

'It's not that bad,' he thought.

"Ah! Don't… hold back… hm… Ah! There!" he instructed. He thrust back, meeting Morinaga's movements, feeling every inch of Morinaga's erection slide in and out of him. He held on to the wall when he felt Morinaga's pace quicken. Souichi's moans became louder as Morinaga pounded into him, gripping his hips hard enough to leave bruises.

Souichi could tell that Morinaga, despite his obvious loss of control, still could hit Souichi's sweet spot head on, making his voice rise dangerously high. He wasn't sure how thick the walls were, but the pleasure soon chased all other thoughts out of his head. The only thing he could concentrate on was Morinaga. He lost himself, and didn't even realize that one of Morinaga's hands had left his hip and started stroking his dripping member. From that moment, it didn't take long to come onto Morinaga's hand with a scream that he was sure the whole building heard. He felt Morinaga come inside him and went limp. His only support was Morinaga's arms, and he melted further into that embrace.

"I love you, Senpai. I love you so much," whispered Morinaga.

It looked like his kouhai was his normal self again, telling him sweet words of love on any occasion he had. Souichi wasn't ready to tell him the same yet, but he knew he would eventually. After all they had been through he knew it was only a matter of time.

When he knew his legs would support him again, he turned around and kissed Morinaga tenderly before asking, "Can we take that shower now?"

*** ***

The next day Morinaga went with Senpai to the university. He had some things to sort out before attending his lessons, but he shouldn't have any problems. He was a good student that didn't cause any problems, so everything should be fine in no time. Senpai went to attend his classes and Morinaga went his own way.

The sorting out took even less time than he had thought it would, and he was finished before lunch. Morinaga looked at his watch, thinking about finding Senpai and going to eat something together. Before he could take even one step, he heard someone call him.


He looked around, wanting to find the source of the voice, and saw his friends from class coming his way.

'There goes my lunch with Senpai,' Morinaga sighed inwardly.

"You're here! I can't believe it! He really did manage to get you back!" Emiko screamed, throwing her arms around his neck. That was an unusual behavior for her. Normally she was very polite, smiled a lot, but never invaded his personal space. Today it looked like she had no restraint.

"Yeah, I'm back," he confirmed, hugging her back and then letting go.

She got the hint and backed away, smiling and looking rather embarrassed.

"That, we can see. What's more important, will you stay for good this time?" Kazushi asked.

"Yes! We don't want another repeat of you going missing all of a sudden without telling anything to anyone!" bellowed Seiji.

"I won't do it ever again. I promise," Morinaga smiled. He felt warm knowing that his friends were worrying about him, but he felt a bit guilty about it too.

"So you and your beloved Senpai made up. Good." Seiji nodded his head, looking pleased.

Morinaga's eyes widened. How did they know about his feelings towards his Senpai? He hadn't told them anything. It was creepy. He told Senpai that he wanted them to be official, but he knew Senpai would feel uncomfortable, so he decided to be official, but not obvious. Moreover, he hadn't been obvious about his feelings before the whole mess with that girl, so how did they know? His confusion and shock must have been evident on his face because his friend burst out laughing.

"Tetsuhiro, you should… see your expression right now! It's… priceless," Kazushi choked out between fits of laughter.

"H-how did you…? How long…?" he stuttered. His friend's little outburst of laughter brought his brain to functioning order again. Even if not fully functional yet, he could at least try to ask the questions most important to him.

"Not long. Actually, we wouldn't have known anything if not for a coincidence," said Emiko sadly.

Morinaga wasn't an idiot. He knew she liked him, but she never did anything about it. He was happy that she hadn't. It would be sad if he lost a friend because he couldn't return her feelings. She had never confessed, and now it would be stupid to do so knowing that he was gay.

"Yeah, that's right," Kazushi confirmed.

"What coincidence? How did you find out, and when?" he asked. He couldn't remember doing anything that would lead them to that particular knowledge.

"The day after you left, your Senpai found us and asked if we knew where you could have gone. We told him we didn't know and started to ask questions. He assured us he would find you and bring you back no matter what," explained Kazushi.

"He said you misunderstood and didn't want to tell us anything more, but it became quite obvious after a while," added Seiji.

Something in the way he said that told Morinaga that something had happened while they talked with Senpai.

"What do you mean?" he asked, wanting really badly to understand the whole situation.

"Some girl called after him just as he was leaving and Tatsumi-senpai had a very hard time making her understand that he didn't want to have anything to do with her," narrated Emiko.

Morinaga winced upon hearing that. He didn't want to be reminded about that woman. Actually, he didn't want to see her ever again. He could tell she was very persistent, but he hoped Senpai had made her understand once and for all that she hadn't had a chance with him. Once more, his friend read him perfectly.

"Don't worry Tetsuhiro. I think she got the picture," Seiji snickered.

"Yeah, I don't even think she is dense enough to actually run after him when he told her straight to her face, around so many people watching, that he's involved in a relationship with a guy and that he won't give up on him because of her," said Kazushi lightly.

Morinaga gaped at him. 'Senpai wouldn't…' It was surreal hearing what he just did. He knew Senpai had never done something like that in his whole life. 'I think I'm hearing things.' However, it looked like he wasn't because his friend continued, making him wonder if he by any chance hadn't lost it.

"Your Senpai made it clear that he thinks you're more important to him than anything else and that he won't let her ruin what he has with you," said Kazushi very seriously.

"At the end of his small screaming session he added that he didn't want to see her ever again. He said that he wouldn't allow her to butt into his life, that she had made enough of a mess as it was, and if she tried it ever again he wouldn't go so easy on her," Emiko finished when she saw Kazushi wouldn't continue.

"If that was easy, I don't really want to know what he would do if she persisted," Seiji shivered.

"He said all that, with all of you around?" Morinaga still couldn't believe it. 'That wasn't Senpai. It couldn't be.' He thought, but slowly the truth started to sink in. 'That means he…'

"Yeah, he did. He really must love you very much. I don't know if I would be able to do something like that with all those people watching me if I had been in his place. I would have dragged her towards a deserted hallway and then given her a piece of my mind," said Seiji, shaking his head in bewilderment.

"And considering that Tatsumi-senpai is rather shy and unsocial, he really must care for you a lot. We asked him after she left. He confirmed that you left because you thought she was his girlfriend, that he didn't tell you anything about it and cheated on you. I'm glad you two are together again. You deserve to be happy, both of you," Emiko smiled sweetly.

Morinaga saw that she really meant what she said.

"You're lucky. I envy you in some ways," said Seiji, but when Morinaga looked at him he added, "Not that I'm interested in him or something. I just think it would be nice to have some girl that cares for me just like he does for you. I wouldn't even mind spending the rest of my life with her," said Seiji dreamily.

"You're such a romantic," Kazushi snickered.

Morinaga smiled.

"It is very romantic!" Emiko defended him.

"Um… then… you won't mind if I go and look for him?" asked Morinaga. He hoped that since they were so happy for him they wouldn't mind him going to his beloved Senpai. Right now, he really wanted to see Senpai and tell him how much he loved him.

"No, not at all! Have fun!" Kazushi gave him a little shove, smiling devilishly.

"Then see you around!" he said his farewell and hurried to find his Senpai.

Morinaga still couldn't believe what he had just heard. Senpai had made it clear that he was with Morinaga even before Morinaga had agreed to come back. He had stopped hiding before Morinaga even said anything about them coming out in the open. Senpai had done that before he went to Fukuoka. Morinaga felt so many emotions right now, but they were only good emotions. Before talking with his friends, even with Senpai acting the way he did, Morinaga had still felt insecure. He hadn't asked Senpai what the other man had done with Naomi, and now he didn't need to ask anymore. Now he knew and was extremely happy.

His life was finally going in the right direction and he wasn't alone anymore. He had Senpai, and Senpai loved him even if he couldn't tell that to Morinaga straight in the eyes.

'It looks like I am loved,' he smiled, thinking while making his way towards his beloved and loving Senpai, who was apparently waiting for him by the entrance of the university building.

He made his way there and kissed Senpai briefly on the lips. Senpai blushed and looked at him questioningly, but didn't start bickering about him not doing it again. Morinaga kissed him once more, this time a bit longer, making sure to express his feelings in that kiss.

Senpai kissed back lightly, shyly, and then drew away, blushing.

"What was that for?" he asked Morinaga.

"Kissing is nothing unusual for a loving couple," Morinaga winked and Senpai blushed furiously.

People were passing by and looking at them, but neither of them paid them any attention. They were in their own world and there wasn't a place for others.

"Let's go eat something. I'm hungry," said Senpai, and they made their way to the cafeteria to eat lunch.

Morinaga caught Senpai's hand and held it in his own. His beloved's only reaction was a curious stare with a still flushed face. Morinaga smiled.

"I love you, Souichi."

Morinaga saw his Senpai blush more and hide his face from Morinaga's view by casting his gaze to the ground. He didn't hear Senpai's words mumbled under his breath.

"I love you, too."

~ The End ~

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