20 things Kyle shouldn't say/do to James.

1. Slap him on the balls.

2. Climb on top of him when James is asleep.

3. Give him underwear as a gift.

4. Tell him that he just got laid.

5. Try to kiss James.

6. Run up to James in the hallway in front of everyone and hug him and say 'I love you'

7. Wolf-whistle when James walks into the room.

8. Propose.

9. Offer him melted Chocolate.

10. Try to jump him.

11. Call him 'sexy'.

12. Tell him he enjoyed last night - the night after James got drunk.

13. Give James a picture of him and his boyfriend making out.

14. Tell him Lauren likes two guys at once - one being Kyle.

15. Tell him Lauren's have his kid.

16. He screwed James' son.

17. He kissed Bruce.

18. He getting breast implants.

19. "You're Hot."

20. "You want a blowjob James?"