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"What do we do with him then?" said a doctor, holding a blue blanketed baby.

"We just found his mother in another hospital."


"She's dead, threw herself off a cliff."

"She never found out, did she?"

"That we saved him? That he was alive? No."

Both doctors looked down at the baby, asleep and oblivious. "What do we do with him then?"

"Lucas." The first doctor said after some thought, "He'll be called Lucas Platt. His mother wouldn't have wanted him to carry his father's name."

"We won't send him to his father?"

"I wouldn't send my dog to that man. Lucas will go to the orphanage, with any luck he will find a family, and if not, better than the fate he would likely have met at his father's."

"I shall go inform the nurses then, better get Lucas a birth certificate then."

"Don't forget to put his mother's maiden name on it, so he knows something of the poor woman."

"Yes sir."

As the doctor looked down at the baby in his arms, he only wished better luck for little Lucas in the future. "May your life be brighter little Lucas, and let us hope your mother watches you from above."

Chapter 1

"Luke..." whined the short redhead, "Where are we going again? I'm tired."

"I'm sorry Lia. We can stop if you want?"

I looked at Luke's heart shaped face, his full lips turned down and his amber eyes looking at me in worry. Stepping towards him, I ran my hand through his hair, caramel in colour and just reaching his shoulders in soft waves. I couldn't understand how he could stand me. How he could love me. I just thanked fate for bringing him to me. My angel.

"We don't need to stop, vampires remember? I just got bored of the silence."

He just chuckled and pulled me towards him in a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around him in return, looking at the setting sun in the distance. "It's almost night. We can move faster then; with no one watching."

"But why are we going...wherever we're going? Did they find us again?"

"No, we're safe."

"Then why?"

"I heard something, something I want, no need to check out. You can go back if you want love; I can check this out by myself."

I looked up at him again, and saw that he was nervous, so nervous; I couldn't let him do whatever he wanted to do alone. Pulling him tighter to me I whispered to him, knowing he would hear me anyway, "You aren't going anywhere without me, even if you wanted to."

"Which I don't." He said, smiling down at me. Grabbing my hand he set the pace once again, heading west across the big USA. I missed living in England, so much smaller, less scary. "Come on, the sooner we get there, the sooner I can escape your whining."

"Hey!" he just laughed and raced on ahead. I growled and hurried to keep up, wondering all the time what could possibly interest him in Forks.

The great outdoors, how beautiful I found them at night under the soft moonlight. The scenery may have been passing us by in a blur, but I still smelt their wise earthy smell, still strong after decades of change around them. I would probably have kept watching the scenery around me had I not literally run into the back of Luke.

"What the hell?"

"It's 1am, time to 'sleep'." Luke said, smiling down at me.

I never got over the fact that a vampire never needs to sleep, sleeping for sixteen years did make me quite attached to the activity, or lack of. I felt rather sad at the fact actually, so Luke had promised that every night, for at least a few hours, we would 'sleep'. As we couldn't really sleep all we did was curl up into a ball, huddled together, and I closed my eyes. He sometimes closed his eyes too, but he told me he found it more interesting watching me 'sleep'. I just blushed.

"Where do we sleep then?" I asked, taking his larger hand in mine.

Luke surveyed the area around us, before finding a suitable dip in the ground, pulling me gently towards it. We lay down on the soft grass and I placed my head on his shoulder. As usual he began to play with my hair, seemingly completely fascinated by the red locks of hair in his hands. Blood red I joked.

Humming to me under his breath, I entered the trancelike state which I had called 'sleep' for the past thirty years, and 'dreamed' of the angel I slept beside.

It was so wet here, even compared to England! It became damper and damper the closer we got to Forks, does this place ever get any sun? Luke and I had to stop on the way because of the rain annoyed me so much that I annoyed Luke. I felt bad for a while, and then I slipped in a puddle, made Luke laugh, and the world was suddenly brighter. We also stopped as we approached Forks, hunting for a wild deer or something in this big forest area.

We split up to hunt by ourselves, (I felt embarrassed sucking the blood of an animal in front of Luke) and I had spotted a deer I could grab easily, when I saw the biggest dog I had ever seen in my life. The smelliest too, but I ignored that and screamed.

Luke was by my side in seconds, crouched before me and growling at the dog. I got over my irrational fear – like this dog could kill me, a vampire – and crouched by Luke. The dog surprisingly growled back, and suddenly we were surrounded by them. I turned, now back to back with Luke, growling at these massive dogs. Seriously, were they on steroids or something?

I felt rather then saw Luke suddenly become still beside me. Then I smelt it.


I wasn't a tracker, so I could only smell that at least one vampire was nearby. Luke, who had been a vampire quite a while longer then I, grabbed me and pushed me behind him. This must be bad, as Luke never protected me unnecessarily. He knew I could handle myself, I was a big girl. We must be heavily outnumbered.

I felt Luke's telekinetic shield expand from him, surrounding me also. Deciding I might as well prepare myself also, I readied my mind to scramble anyone's brains.

Then nine vampires stepped out, along with another dog. I began to growl when Luke suddenly straightened, touching my arm and dissolving his shield. I was confused. They could kill us any second and he was just going to stand there? I wouldn't let him die. I moved before him, crouching defensively, but not growling this time, just watching. Surveying these strangers.

Looking at them, I saw all the vampires had golden eyes, so they were veggies too?, but didn't drop my guard anyway. They were all fairly young looking, and exceptionally beautiful, a given as a vampire, but they all seemed more so. A copper haired girl with brown eyes stood clutching the new russet coloured dog. She didn't smell quite human or vampire, a mystery to me. Beside her stood a similarly copper haired man, stood protectively before a chocolate haired girl. A very short girl stood beside her, clutching the hand of a scarred, honey blonde man. A breathtakingly gorgeous blonde girl stood beside the couple, next to the biggest man, human and vampire alike, I had ever seen. I'd be watching out for him, he didn't look like someone Luke or I could handle. An adult vampire, also blonde, and I presumed the leader of the coven, stood a little before the group, and by his side a woman, his mate more than likely. But she looked so familiar.

I felt Luke brush past me, smiling. I was so confused.

"Hello," he said, looking at the couple in front f the others, "We've never met before, but I've been looking for you all my life."

I hear a gasp from the really short girl, but was too confused myself to think much of it. What was he on about? If he had been looking for someone, why didn't he tell me?

"You have been looking for us?" the blonde man asked, confusion evident in his voice, "Do you wish to join our coven?"

"Perhaps." Luke said.

"What?" I asked, "When were you going to tell me this?"

Luke ignored me, continuing to speak to the couple. I saw him looking to the woman though, and couldn't help the tang of jealousy arise in me.

"I have been looking for one of you in particular though."

"Who?" the blonde man said.

Luke walked forward, towards the strangers and growling dogs. I had no choice but to follow him. He stopped within two feet of the woman, looking down from his height and smiling softly at her. She looked as lost as I felt.

"Hello," he said again. "I believe you are my mother."

I didn't need to read minds to know everyone was shocked. The woman before him seemed to drain of even more colour; I thought she would go see-through!

"W-What?" she said, "But –but that isn't possible... you- you-"

"You had left and died before the doctors could inform you that they resuscitated me." Luke said, still smiling softly at her. "My name in Lucas Platt, are you Esme Platt?"

The woman could only stare at Luke in shock, before uttering a single word. "Yes."