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Gibbs sighed inwardly. He had no Idea what the TAD agent next to him was going on about, just that he was really wishing Stan had not been transferred. The long ride to Baltimore for the dead Naval Litenant was not what one would consider pleasant.

As he got out of the truck he could see Ducky approaching with his own supplies in tow, he would have to bring it to the director's attention Ducky needed an assistant. Putting that thought away for later reference he approached the local LEO standing guard at the crime scene. Flipping his badge out he ducked under the tape in a swift motion as the LEO allowed him and his team entrance.

The scene he saw in front of him was quite the odd one.

"Easy, Tony he's not worth it." spoke a man who had his arms around the one in front of him, holding him back from the man that seemed to have abruptly turnt away.

"Not worth it," the man who seemed to be called Tony snorted," it's his fault Dan is dead and he's not worth it?"

"Tony, don't," the other man spoke, releasing his grip, " and don't say I don't understand either, cause I hate him too." Tony seemed to give in as he set about his work carefully examining everything as he went about sketching. Though the tension seemed to relax from his shoulders the dark circles under his eyes told of long, sleep deprived nights. As he moved around there were tell tale signs of a remaining injury through the form of a limp that was somewhat hidden by the jeans he was wearing. But that was when it hit him the reason he felt like he recognized the man in front of him, sure he had aged a bit, but this was the same man those few years ago.


Getting from the crime scene to the coffee shop was no easy task when you were in unfamiliar territory and to him Columbus, Ohio was very unfamiliar. The rain added to the effect and all he could think of was how they had landed this crime scene, it really made no sense. That was until he heard frantic calling.

" Come on, please." the voice was begging. Gibbs hurried around the corner to see a young women with blood all over her hands and clothing as she desperately tried to get the man that was bleeding to come to.

"What happened?" asked Gibbs as he took over trying to stop the bleeding.

"There were these men and they were gonna kill me but…but then he came …and I ran…but then they did this." she tried to explain but she was shaken both physically and emotionally.

"I'm with NIS ma'am it will all be alright now," he assured. He then began his own attempt to help the man probing him up and down for injuries. As he went along he tallied them Ducky was right around the corner, as it had been a race and if he could give an accurate report the man could have better help. The man was shaking, and unresponsive for the most part but still let out a whimper as he hit a sore spot.

Whimper…okay maybe a broken rib.

Whimper…maybe an arm injury but not broken.

"ah!'… a cry of pain as he barely touched the leg, damn. The man blinked furiously trying to clear his eyesight as he pushed the Gibbs away… "get away from me."

"Hey, it's okay I'm with NIS only gonna help," Gibbs tried to sooth, " can you tell me your name?"

The man paused closing his eyes, and for moment Gibbs wondered if he couldn't remember, before he answered, "Tony, is she o…kay?" It was slurred but Gibbs heard it and turned to the women who nodded knowing what was needed of her.

"I'm okay, Tony, you're the one they hurt." she spoke with as much confidence as she could muster but the fact that she had only ever known this man because of him playing basketball for her team made it impossible to hold back the tears welling in her eyes. He, a practical stranger had saved her and had payed a harsh price.

From there to Gibbs everything was a blur that was vaguely remembered. One thing however was the fact he couldn't go near the kid once he was in the hospital. So the kid never knew that Gibbs had been the one to save him. Even with the received statements, and forensic evidence they never managed to catch Zack Dervish, the man who had done this.

End Flashback.

Gibbs looked at the man in front of him the fact he was wearing Jeans, and an Ohio State t-shirt only helped to make him decide this was definitely the same Tony. He approached the body and the two men deciding that the case at hand was more important, for now he would push those thoughts.

"Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS, Special Agent Millings, and Doctor Donald Mallard." Gibbs said by way of introduction, tilting his head at the two standing on each side of him in turn.

"Detective DiNozzo, Baltimore homicide but you can call me Tony, and this is our lab rat, Jack Fenton." Tony said not missing a beat

"Hey!" protested Jack, " I'm nobody's lab rat!"

"You run tests, drink a plethora of Redbull, and eat takeout all from your lab and this is probably the first time you've been out of your lab in months besides going home, so I think the nickname fits." Tony retorted.

"Do you even know what half the tests I do are?" said Jack putting his own retort on to the table.

"Proudly, I still have no clue what that do-hicky your always using is." Tony said grinning at what was probably familiar banter between the two.

"It's called a mastrospectrometer ,Tony," Jack mock lectured, " and I'll have you know it has solved more cases than you."

Gibbs spoke up deciding the banter had gone on long enough, "So what exactly are we looking at?" he asked.

"The victim was found approximately two hours ago, there are dog tags so normally say it was yours but…" Tony however was cut short as the man who had left so abruptly spoke.

"Let that theory of yours go, DiNozzo, there is no serial killer on the loose, whatever case you and Dan were working on has no connection here." Gibbs could see Tony looked again like he was ready to punch the man who was most likely his partner, and that kind of rage didn't come out of no where if Gibbs had to guess it had to do with this Dan character.

"Oh my," Ducky voiced from beside the body holding up his discovery, "I think the young lad may have been onto something when he said there was a serial killer on the loose."

Gibbs swiftly took the piece of paper in his hand, reading the words clearly printed on the page.

Detective DiNozzo,

seems no one but you wants to catch me so I guess it's time to play a game. I have left you some clues on this victim but, now the clock is ticking you have 48 hours to find me before you become my next target, and I find someone else with which to play.

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