Title: 'Signs'

Episode: Based on the ending of the episode titled 'Depraved Hearts'

Pairing: Implied Cal/Ria (Yes. I'm going there because I like it. I'm rooting for Calria)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of this show. 'Lie to Me' was created by Samuel Baum and is property of Fox network. No money is being made off of this.

Summary: Cal decides to speak with Ria alone about her natural abilities. Instead of talking, they both uncover a few more layers behind each other's gestures without actually saying much of anything at all. Just a little short something that came to after watching that ep. I decided to explore what Cal was really thinking being as all he did was stare at her. Enjoy.

"Hey. Torres. Could you come here for a sec?" Ria frowned. Today had been a long, trying day for everyone at the office. She knew Cal was somewhat a workaholic but it was still unlike him to talk work at this hour. Still she was to always do as she was told. Better not rock the boat. She followed Cal into the small room only to be halted at the door. In his hand was a small disk. She bit her lip. "So you did see me watching this earlier did you not?" he inquired.

"I did but I didn't see much," she answered quickly. He nodded accepting her answer as the truth. She relaxed a little. Cal placed the small disk on the tiny shelf in front of him.

"You saw didn't you?" Ria frowned, shaking her head a bit. He cocked his head a little, his stare piercing her with a knowing look. "The signs," he continued. "On her face there were signs of anguish. Did you catch that?"

"I…" Well no point in trying to lie… "I did," she winced. She adverted her eyes to the floor then back at him again, his gaze as all knowing as ever. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Oh no dear. Never be sorry for something you see." His accented voice seemed to make her feel a little bit better.

He watched as she shifted a little, her eyes constantly wandering the room. He could tell that she was nervous but he didn't call her out on it. Not this time anyway. Instead he was taken back when her eyes met his again. Biting her lip, she closed the huge gap between them making him curious as to what she would do next. She suddenly reached out to touch him - or rather his tie. She nervously fidgeted with the tail end of it for a few and Cal deduced that she was searching for something to say. It wasn't necessary but he decided to give her some time. He liked making the new natural uncomfortable yet was extremely surprised on how well she picked up on things. Suddenly as if just realizing what she had been doing, she released his tie.

"I uh…" she stammered, looking up. "Did you know her well?" He purposely didn't answer, but he forgot to relax his face. Oh damn… It was too late. In all of that one second she caught everything. Her eyes grew wide with curiosity as she searched his face for more answers. He watched stoically as his new protégé worked her magic, using every possible technique to find the answer. His eyes stayed locked on hers and he found himself getting lost within them. She frowned and then came the raised brow. Shock. Realization. She knows. "You…did know her didn't you?" she gasped.

Wonder. Her eyes were filled with wonder and yet he couldn't bring himself to say yay or nay. It was too amusing. She moved a bit closer to him. Based on the amount of space between them Cal deduced that this was more than just a little intimate but again he stayed silent. She was working her magic…using the skills that he taught her and he found it quite… "Please?" she whispered. "You can tell me."

They stared at each other for the longest time. Ria's eyes were filled with hope and concern while Cal did his best to keep the stoic look - but it was hard. The way she looked at him…with eyes filled with concern reminded him of someone else he knew way back when. With his eyes still glued to hers, he took a step forward closing the gap even more. He half expected her to run away – not literally but in her face. He looked for every possible sign – every jaw movement, eye twitch anything that would reveal to him her desire to flee but he found nothing. Instead she just stood there waiting in vain for him to say something.

She knew he'd never tell and he knew she knew but what intrigued him the most was the fact that she kept trying. Persistent. He reached up and touched the side of her face. She reacted. Her sudden intake of break told him all he needed to know. He let his finger slide alongside her jaw line and then he dropped his hand onto her chest, resting it just above the place he considered dangerous territory. She never took her eyes off of him. She trusts me. Maybe a little too much. He smirked before giving her a playful nudge. She stumbled back a little having been knocked out of her trance and off balance. He nodded towards the door.

"Get going. Get you some rest." She nodded. No protest. Then she smiled. Thinned lips. Soft, dilated eyes. Lingering stare. He watched her walk away. It was only after she had gone did he let his body relax. Maybe one day he'll call her out but for now, he'd just enjoy the signs.