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"Pink, Turkey!" Yuffie glared at her fiancé then and placed her hands on her hips. Reno returned her glare with interest. But his glare softened after several moments.

Why was it so hard to decide on a color for the walls of the guest room?

"So you want pink, right?" Yuffie nodded and Reno opened one of the cans of pink paint. Grabbing a brush, he dipped some on. The ninja got closer, eyes widening at the fact that Reno had actually given up an argument and was doing what she wanted.

Withdrawing the brush from the paint, Reno swiftly brushed it against Yuffie's right cheek, leaving a streak of pink.

"I can't believe you just did that!" Yuffie shrieked. Reno smirked and gave her a thumbs up.

"Believe it!" Now Yuffie hated Naruto, it being a bad representation of real ninjas, so his use of the catchphrase was unforgivable. Thinking quickly, she grabbed the open bucket of pink paint and dumped the lot of it on his head.

Once Reno had gotten the bucket off his head he saw Yuffie clutching her sides from laughing so hard.

"Maybe I should start calling you Rena. Pink looks good on you!" Reno opened a can of green paint and picked it up. And as Yuffie continued to laugh, he aimed the paint at the ninja, drenching her in green.

"You look a little sick babe," Reno commented, smirking. Yuffie's fists clenched and as Reno turned his back to go wash off, he was suddenly grabbed around the neck. Yuffie got on his shoulders then and was pulling at his hair.

"YUFFIE SMASH!" Reno rolled his eyes at her Hulk impression and twisted his body, sending Yuffie off him and onto the floor. Soon enough he had her arms pinned and was inches from her face.

"Give up?" Yuffie stuck her tongue out at him.

"Never Turkey!" Reno picked up another paint brush and opened another can of green paint. Yuffie's eyes widened a little. "What are you going to do with that?" Reno dipped the brush in and held it over her stomach. "You better not- but he started moving the brush slowly against her stomach and Yuffie giggled as it touched her skin.

After several minutes of this, Reno got off Yuffie and helped her to her feet. They both looked around the room then. Part of a wall was stained with green while the carpet had a large pink spot on it's surface.

"I hope you know you're cleaning this up," Yuffie commented.

"But you're the one who escalated the paint fight," Reno shot back.

"But you started it." Reno gave a sigh then and Yuffie thought she had won. Turning around, she was almost into the hallway when a pair of lanky arms wrapped around her green coated waist.

"I have a proposition for you," Reno whispered into her ear.

"Go on..."

"How about we leave this for later and take a hot shower, sound good?" Yuffie grinned and looked at Reno.

"Alrighty, but you have to wash all this gunk off me." He chuckled and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Whatever you say princess."

Needless to say, their shower wasn't over for quite some time.