Right! So here is the start of my Crystal Chronicles Adventure! Yay! This will be a long story, just FYI, and don't worry; I'll try to keep it updated. This first chapter is pretty short, but they'll get better and longer.

NOTE: I did not write this. This is the prologue from the information booklet. Also, I do not own Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.



Seek the water of life.

Long ago, miasma swallowed the world. Its very touch was fatal, and it claimed many lives. But we have since discovered a way to hold it at bay.

Crystals protect us from miasma. Smaller crystals now guard the villages of the world, while greater ones guard the cities. We all live our lives within the embrace of the crystal's blessing.

The power of the crystals is not limitless, however; it gradually diminishes over time. We must rekindle the crystal's radiance each year by purifying them with myrrh. In turn, they protect us from the miasma for another year.

But myrrh cannot be found just anywhere. We must seek it in the dank depths of dungeons, across forbidding mountains, even beyond the sea.

This task falls to groups of young men and women sent off each year by every town the world over. It is their duty to collect myrrh and bring it home. They are known as the crystal caravans.

These are the tales of the Tipa caravan's adventures.


Right, it's nothing special, but it's just a start.

NEXT TIME: Meet the caravanners!