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"Give that back, Zan!"

"Make me, Jack! Although, if you gave me some cash, I might let you have it."

"No way! That sword is mine!"

Zan Rak stopped, and looked back at his Clavat friend, smirking.

"Sword? It's just a wooden board that you made pointy at the end."

Jack stopped, panting. He was the spitting image of his father, Sam. He had long brown hair, brown eyes, and even wore white and red clothes that looked similar to his father. Of all of Sam and Star's children, he looked the most like Sam.

"So what? My dad said it's a real sword- and he started out with a wooden sword."

"And let me guess," said Zan, laughing. "He saved the world using a piece of wood?"

Jack glared at him. "No, he used a sword that belonged to my grandfather."

"Uh huh…sure."


"Make me," called Zan, as he started running. He then stopped when he bumped into someone.

"Oy, watch it!" yelled a Lilty.

Zan squeaked. "Sorry, Mr. Garrett!" muttered the Selkie child, cowering. The Lilty sniffed.

"Oy, Garrett!" yelled a female Selkie from afar. "Mess with my kid and I'll kick your butt!"

"Whatever!" growled Lilty.

Garrett looked older than before. His orange hair was a little duller, even though he was only in his thirties. His little tuft at the top of his head looked a little grizzled. The Lilty now had a short beard at the bottom of his scowling face. He was wearing casual brown and red clothes, but he still wore his gauntlets from his old days of fighting monsters. But despite looking older, the Lilty's eyes were still the vivid, bright electric blue from when he was younger.

Zan ran away from Garrett- the Lilty was known for being cranky- and cowered behind his mother, who had been talking with her friend, Star.

"Hey, don't let me fight your battles for you," said Mika, rolling her eyes. "Besides, you're picking on Jack. He's SEVEN. You turned ten a month ago. Why are you running?"

Jack appeared, dashing past Garrett and right towards Mika, Star, and Zan. He was panting.

"Zan, come on!"

"Oh dear," said Mika. "Zan, give the stupid thing back."

"But mooooooom!"

Out of nowhere, a young Selkie girl came and whacked Zan on the head. "Ow!"

"Stop being stupid! Give it back!" she hissed. Giving her a mutinous glance, Zan handed the sword back to Jack. Following the Selkie came two other children: another Clavat, and a Yuke.

"You shouldn't be teasing the others," scolded Dah Zul to her twin brother. "It's a day of celebration, after all!"

Star smiled. She had changed very little since the days of the Tipa caravan. Sure, her hair was a little longer, and her clothes were a little worn, but everything else, including her personality, hadn't changed at all. She was still renowned as one of the sweetest girls in all of the land- something that Jack, Sarah, and Chad found embarrassing. She still looked young, with only a small wrinkle here and there.

Sarah sighed. "Jack, it's only a toy sword. You shouldn't get so upset."

Sarah looked similar to her parents. She was a year older than Jack, and much more mature. She was dressed in a nice blouse with a knee length blue skirt, and some brown boots to go with it. Her lighter brown hair was fairly long, and she wore a headband over it. Her eyes were hazel, like Star's mother's, and her face was thoughtful and intelligent. She needed to be both, especially when dealing with both of her brothers.

"But…she was making fun of Dad!" protested Jack.

"Who was making fun of me?"

Jack whirled around to see Sam heading towards him, smiling cheerfully. Behind him were Creston and Ray, and Sam's third son, Chad.

"What's gotten you so worked up, Jack?" asked Sam.

Sam had grown a lot since the days as a caravanner. His hair was a bit longer now, and some of the bangs hung in his face. He had a stubble, instead of his clean shaven face from when he was younger (it was rumored that Star liked the stubble), and there was an occasional wrinkle on his face as he grew older. His clothes, like everyone else, looked older, although Sam had apparently taken the time to make them look clean for the occasion. He still wore his old boots, and he had a necklace around his neck with a locket attached (it had been a gift from his mother after he and Star got married).

"Zan doesn't think you saved the world!" blurted out Jack. Sam arched a brow, then chuckled.

"What?" asked Mika, her tone changing. She cuffed her son. "How many times do I have to tell you, Zan! We DID save the world- and we've all got the battle scars to prove it. Do we have to tell you about Creston's arm again?"


Mika sighed, putting her hands on her hips. She then ran a hand through her shorter hair. Instead of keeping her long, silver locks, Mika had decided that her shorter hair was easier to manage. Unlike Star, she had no wrinkles on her face, still looking as young as she did ten years ago (a Selkie's skin did not even start to wrinkle until they were well into their sixties or seventies). She dressed more modestly than before, her lavender top not showing off her cleavage, and her skirt being a little longer. According to Mika, she didn't want to set a bad example for her kids.

Ray snickered at the spectacle. The Selkie hadn't changed at all in terms of personality. He was still wild, crazy, and the jokester from the old days. He still wore his bandanna, only he now wore it at an angle to cover his eye, so the children wouldn't get scared (although he sometimes used it as a means of punishment, calling it his "evil eye"). He wore a black tunic now, and his pants were gray.

"Don't pick on them so much," said Ray.

"I need to discipline our kid, Ray."

"Let his twin sister do it."

"Oh, please, Dah Zul couldn't hurt-"



Dah, who was named after Ray's lost sister, glared at her brother. She, like Ray, was dressed in a black tunic, with a green skirt. Her hair was silver, like her parents, and her eyes were blue like Ray's.

Zan, on the other hand, looked exactly like Ray. He had the same color hair, in the same exact style, although Zan's was a little neater. He even wore a bandanna, although his was green. The one feature he received from Mika were her teal-green eyes- everything else, including his mischievous personality, came directly from his father- and he was proud of it.

"Where are Nieta and Lianora?" asked Mika to Creston.

Creston shrugged his shoulders. Creston, like most Yukes, did not really change appearance-wise. His helmet, clothes (which were now grey instead of green and blue), and feathers all looked a little duller, but he hadn't changed personality-wise, albeit becoming less snarky and more warm towards his single son, Lanston. The one main difference with his appearance was that he had a metal arm now. Lia had forged him a metal arm from iron, and put it together so Creston could wear it. Currently, they were researching a way to put life into the prosthetic arm to make it usable, but Creston was content simply for looking like a normal person…well, semi normal, for a Yuke anyway.

"She and Nieta are in the library, looking up books about children," said the Yuke calmly, stretching.

"Do they need help?" asked Lanston. The young Yuke was thoughtful and kind, traits that he had received from his mother most likely. He had a round helm with two horns sticking out of it, and he wore a green tunic with brown pants. However, despite the boy's down to earth nature, he occasionally belted out a witty remark or retort towards Zan and Chad's antics. And everyone knew where those little sarcastic sayings came from.

Creston patted his son on the shoulder. "They said they'd be along momentarily," assured the older Yuke.

"Can't we start the ceremony soon?" asked Chad. "I'm starving!"

Chad was the youngest of Sam and Star's children, being at around the age of five. However, he looked very little like either of his parents- Sam had to admit that sometimes he looked at Chad with unease. If he had looked any different, Sam may have thought that Star had cheated on him, but he knew that couldn't be possible; the simple thing was, Chad looked more like Rex than either Sam or Star. He had the dark brown hair that was almost black, and the same pale skin. The only difference was that instead of being the piercing emerald color that Rex's eyes were, Chad's eyes were a murky green-brown. But still, the resemblance was uncanny.

"We'll start soon, Chad," assured Star. She glanced at Sam. "Right, dear?"

"Of course! I'm just waiting for Nieta and Lia before we DO get started."

Three years after the miasma had finally been vanquished, Roland had passed away- his wife passed away two years after. But before Roland had died, he had told everyone that he had intended to pass on the title of village headman to Sam- which worked out perfectly, as Sam never wanted to leave Tipa. The place had too many good memories for him to leave.

Sam glanced around the town. It had hardly changed since the old days of the caravan. All of the houses were still the same (including Roland's, which is where Sam and Star lived now). The families of the caravanners were still there (minus Ray and Creston, for obvious reasons, and Mika's family, who had moved back to Leuda), although they too had grown a little older. But as all of the families entered the center of the town, Sam felt as young as he had when the caravan had first set out.

One reason for the lack of change was size- Tipa was a very small town. Despite people wanting to move into the town of the world's heroes, there was no room. Although many people hinted that Tipa should expand, Roland (and later Sam) had refused, saying that Tipa was a small seaside town, and that's the way it was going to stay. Creston had reacted to these people with disdain.

"Yes…no one had really cared about us until we saved the world…we were just some minor town…as soon as we become famous, everyone wants to come and hang out with us," the Yuke had said.

Sam was snapped out of his memories by the sound of Ray's voice.

"Here come the last two now," said the Selkie, jerking his head toward the direction of Creston's house. Sam looked on to see Nieta and Lia heading down the path.

Lianora was wearing a pretty purple coat, and some dark blue pants. She and Creston had become successful together, and Lia's clothes showed it. While Creston didn't dress up nicely, he spoiled Lianora with nice clothes and things she wanted. Seeing that Lianora always wanted to look her best, she decided to stop asking Creston to stop, and accepted all of the gifts he gave to her. Sam laughed in his head. Lia hadn't changed much- although it was funny how the couple argued about giving presents to one another, of all things.

Nieta, on the other hand, was wearing a simple brown coat, with some beige pants to go with it. She was wearing some simple travelling boots, and her hair was shorter and tied in a bun. Her outfit was only partially buttoned, due to her swollen belly. Nieta was fairly far into her pregnancy now, and she and Lia had been in the library, looking up books on how to raise children (as Lianora loved when new children came around, and always wanted to help). As she showed up, she smiled brightly at Garrett, who smiled in return.

"We're here now," said the Lilty, looking at Sam. "You could've started without us- it isn't a huge formal thing."

"I know," said Sam. "But I think that since this whole festival is honor of the miasma falling-"

"And us," added Ray.

"Well, yes, I was trying to be humble," said Sam. "I figured everyone who helped should be here."

"Why aren't you waiting for Mog, then?" asked Zan.

"Mog said he'll come by later…he and his wife are travelling around and visiting the other moogles," explained Creston.

"Okay, then," said Sam, looking around. All of the family members had gathered, and the gate to their town was closed. Tipa usually got a lot of visitors, and many people tried to come around the time of the annual festival. While Sam would let visitors take part in other festivals, this was an event for the people of Tipa alone.

"Friends, and families," said Sam. "It has been over ten years since the miasma has fallen…and so, it is time to celebrate, for it was the Tipa caravan that finally conquered the monsters!"

The families of the caravanners all cheered.

"And so," said Sam. "Let the festivities begin!"

And so they partied. It was as if they were young again. Garrett and Ray had drinking contests, Lianora told the tales of Tipa caravan to the children, while the adults told them of the monsters and creatures that had once prowled the land. The villagers danced around the crystal in the light.

That crystal hadn't glowed in ten years. But Sam wasn't complaining.

Eventually, Mog and his girlfriend, Moggina showed up. He was greeted by a huge hug from Nieta.

"Sorry, Bal Dat and Artemicion held me up," explained the moogle.

"What were they up to?" asked Nieta.

"Trying to swindle me out of any goods I was carrying. But they failed- I know all of Artie's tricks."

Both of them laughed together. "Come on you two," said Ray. "Get into the party- have a good time."

The Selkie pushed both of the moogles into the dancing crowds.

And so, they continued to have fun. There were moments of laughter, sadness, and anger all in one night. Not that anyone was made sad- it was more of the memories of the eight caravanners that gave them a more somber attitude during the party. As for the anger, Zan apparently told all of the other kids that he heard Ray and Mika doing something upstairs in their room, but the door was locked. Creston was annoyed, knowing fully well what the Selkies were doing. Ray just told Creston that he was sore because he HADN'T been doing that lately.

Soon enough, it was getting late. The elderly went to bed first, as they lacked the stamina to keep staying awake. After that, the caravanners all put their kids to bed, one by one (although Zan, Dah, and Chad all put up a fight to try and stay awake). Mog and Moggina left after that, saying that Mog's parents were expecting them (although Mog looked disgruntled by this fact). Soon enough, it was only the eight caravanners from ten years ago awake. They had eventually left the crystal and walked up to the cliff that overlooked the sea. They all stood there for a while, silently reflecting.

Garrett glanced at Nieta. "Remember that time a long time ago…when we first got together?" he asked. He nodded his head at the ocean. "It was out there, on that volcanic island…Kilanda."

She smiled at him. "I remember."

Garrett looked at the spot on the cliff. The old spear was gone. Two years ago, he had removed that testament…it wasn't needed anymore.

Smiling together, they bade everyone a goodnight, and headed back to Garrett's house to go to bed. Nieta was pregnant, after all- she needed her rest.

Ray stretched. "It's time we turned in as well. After all, Mika and I have some other things planned for celebrating tonight."

"You're both disgusting," said Creston shaking his head. "But have a…nice evening."

"That was almost friendly, Creston," said Mika, giggling softly. She let out a yawn. "But, I've dwelled on memories enough. Thinking about all that crud we did ten years ago makes me feel old."

"Since you're not getting old at all," said Ray teasingly, as they walked away. Mika laughed.

"I still remember that one time, after Dah Zul died…you and I were right up there…it was a sad night, but I think that's where it all really began."

Ray let out wistful sigh. "Well, although I wish she hadn't died…I'm happy I still have you."

Mika smiled at him. "Alright…back to the bedroom. And this time, be QUIETER! I don't want Zan to wake up and hear us."

"Then don't cry out…"

"Shut up!"

Back at the cliff side, only four caravanners remained. Lianora yawned.

"Well, I need my beauty sleep," said Lianora.

"No you don't, you're beautiful enough," said Creston. Lianora sighed embarrassedly.

"Creston, be serious."

"I am."

"Well…come on. Tipa will be open to visitors tomorrow morning, and I'm going to have to wake up early for work. And you will too. We need to work, Creston."

"Lianora, in my line of work, it's a GOOD thing if I don't have any patients."

"I know, but…still…ugh, I'll explain when we get home. Goodnight Sam, Star."

"Goodnight," said Sam, as the two Yukes walked away. They continued to have their friendly banter as they walked off.

"When you're a doctor, Lia, you DON'T want to work. It's BAD if you have to work."

"We still need to make a living!"

"Whatever you say, bookworm."

"And I thought Mika and Ray argued like an old married couple," said Sam, laughing pleasantly. "Wow…"

"It's only been ten years, but it seems like it all happened ages ago," said Star. "Time is a curious thing."

"It is strange," admitted Sam. "I actually never wanted to be a celebrity, but those golden statues of us in Alfitaria, and all of our names in history books around the world…and here I just wanted a quiet life after being a caravanner."

"We do have a nice quiet life…for the most part," said Star, smiling. Sam smiled in return.

"True…I couldn't wish for anything more. Come on, it's late. We're the only ones left awake…"

They both headed back to the house that had once been Roland's; even though both Sam and Star's parents still lived in the village, neither house could hold an entire family of five as well. When Roland's wife passed away, she said that Sam should be the one to inherit Roland's house, as Roland always viewed Sam as a worthy leader to take the title of village headman.

When the two got back inside, Sam closed the door to the house, and they both walked upstairs. Sam opened the door to stare at the kids.

"Finally, you're both home!" said Jack, jumping out of his bed.

"What…you're all still awake?"gasped Star. "Don't you know what time it is?"

"We couldn't sleep!" said Chad. "We wanted you to tell us a bedtime story!"

"You already heard Lianora read you the tales of our caravan," said Sam sternly. Whenever they wanted a bedtime story, it was always one of the Tipa caravan's adventures that they wanted to hear about.

"But it's not the same as hearing it from you. We want to hear the entire thing!" whined Sarah. "From you guys!"

"You too, Sarah?" asked Star, shaking her head. Even the most mature of their children wanted to hear the story.

"Come on, Mom and Dad!" pleaded Jack. "Please?"

Sam sighed, and smiled at Star. He probably would've been curious, too. Star smiled in return.

"Alright, fine. Just this once, you can stay up as late as you want, and you can hear the ENTIRE thing. It all began like this…"


After the world was saved from miasma, nothing bad had happened for the rest of all of the caravanners' lifetimes. When Lianora, the last of the caravanners to die, finally passed on, the world was still at peace, with the four races (and moogles) living in harmony at last. No monsters ever returned. No war was waged. And the miasma NEVER showed itself to the world again.

River Belle Path became a popular place to have picnics. Sam and Star would often take their children there to eat and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Port Tipa became a well known port after Tristan expanded his business there. Of course, this made the Tipa peninsula much more popular, as everyone wanted to visit Tipa after its caravan saved the world.

Goblin Wall was cleared out, and it became a popular marketplace. All of the bones, remains, and weapons were either sold, thrown away, or used to make something new. The Goblin King's throne room was turned into a hot spring where people could relax.

The Mushroom Forest became densely populated with moogles. It also became a conservation for other creatures, such as the docile creatures that pulled the caravans along, or griffins, which had remained after the miasma had vanished (apparently, griffins were not evil creatures, but the miasma tainted their thoughts). Cows were also commonly found among the toadstools as well.

Marr's Pass stayed as the small, yet bustling, village for generations to come. Blacksmiths and merchants still made their business there, but the city did well enough economically for years to come.

The Jegon River remained the same completely. Tristan continued to ferry tribesman across the waterway for the rest of his life. Since he had lowered the price after the miasma had fallen, he didn't make much, but he made enough to live a happy, pleasant life. The old Lilty lived to a ripe old age, and eventually passed on the job of ferryman to one of his grandchildren.

The Mine of Cathuriges was reopened, and it became a place where many blacksmiths gathered. Lianora worked there for a little while, instructing and giving advice to others, before leaving to return home after a few months. Very few weapons were made, as not many people needed them anymore (save for the Lilty guards, who were still very protective of their city). Other metal things, such as stoves and building materials, were more commonly found.

Alfitaria remained a large city. After the old king had finally died (although he died peacefully and happy that he had witnessed the downfall of the dark miasma), Princess Fiona ruled long and well. There was one small revolution made by a small batch of nobles, which she handled very efficiently, and no lives were lost. Other than that, nothing else threatened her reign.

In Tida, Nieta supervised the rebuilding of all of the dilapidated houses. She took it upon herself to make the village inhabitable again. Eventually, when all of the buildings were repaired, and all of the old monstrosities were removed, people began to return to the village. When she had found Armstrong's arena, Nieta made a small cross-shaped grave as a testament to the fallen monster.

Moschet Manor was turned into a museum of the past ages. Replicas of monsters, weapons, and people were made. Even sculptures of the Tipa caravan could be found, to their embarrassment (except Ray's). Jack Moschet and Maggie were nowhere to be found when people explored the manor.

Veo Lu Sluice was also turned into a town. The ruins that were once everywhere near the water were cleared away and replaced with new buildings of individuals who wanted to live by the water. The golem's old pieces were found and removed, and put in the Moschet Manor museum.

Shella remained the quiet retreat it was years before, although the amount of scholars and teachers there decreased a fair amount. Most of them became historians, teaching the past about miasma and monsters. Due to the fact that magic and fighting wasn't needed a lot anymore, most teachings and trainings on how to fight were forgotten.

The Fields of Fum also remained peaceful. The apples stopped disappearing after Rex had been chased out of town a second time, and without worrying about monsters, the town became a sole place of farming and taking care of animals, and was the main source of food for all of the towns. The cow races became much more popular as well.

Selepation Cave was rarely visited, until it was discovered by a group of Selkie explorers (who were actually the Striped Brigands) found many valuable resources hidden under the snow and rock one day. This led to many treasure hunters packing their bags and going to the snowy cave, looking for treasures. The Wind Crystals were worth the most, as they had only been found inside the stomachs of Cave Worms (who had loved the taste of the crystals) prior to the downfall of miasma.

Daemon's Court was torn down, as it represented a dark era that had ended. However, many of the weapons and devices created by the lizardmen were either put in the Moschet Museum, or used to make new technology. Many of the weapons were melted in the Mine of Cathuriges, as no one really wanted to be in possession of a large number of weapons.

Rebena Te Ra and the rest of the Rebena Plains were seldom visited, although it was heard that there were plans to rebuild the great city, as a sign of the return to the golden age.

Conall Curach was left untouched. Although many historians were eager to try and unlock its secrets, even with the miasma gone, few were brave enough to enter the treacherous swamp. The water there was still tainted, although it was unknown how. The bridges built by the Selkies began to rot and tear apart, making travelling through the swamp still dangerous.

Mount Kilanda was also ignored, although many people went sightseeing through the Kilanda Islands. However, although the miasma had disappeared, Mount Kilanda was still very treacherous with its lava pits, boiling geysers, and tricky paths to navigate.

Leuda eventually expanded in the Lynari Desert. Small little camps were built all throughout the vast island. The Lynari Isle became known as the "Leuda Campgrounds", as the villages were all over the island. New ports were made, and then there were specific entrances to specific camps. Each camp had different opportunities: some would sell metals, others would sell fruit. But through it all, only one thing mattered to Tipa: Ray's high score on the trampoline game still stood.

The Abyss and Mag Mell were both left alone. After the miasma streams had vanished along with miasma and the monsters, a large forest separated the Abyss from the rest of the world. Sam gave a speech in Alfitaria, which said that while the carbuncles were extraordinary creatures, and the Abyss was a unique place, it was not that great, and that it would be best to let the carbuncles rest now that the world was safe. No one had visited the Abyss since then.

Amidatty became very famous for presenting a model of the world…even though he had, in fact, used a loaf of bannock. This was the subject of many jokes among Garrett and Creston.

Gurdy decided that since the miasma had been saved, he had no reason to tell those poems. However, due to his skilled poetry, Gurdy decided to become a singer. He joined a band of four people who travelled throughout all of the villages and towns, singing their songs. He eventually realized he was Hurdy again, and then decided to settle down in the Fields of Fum for a quiet life.

Kar Redge and Lan Thraw started dating after Raem was defeated, and they later got married and had two children. They both became merchants, and travelled around the world, associating with other Selkies and the other four tribes. The two of them eventually realized that the other tribes weren't so bad, and they got their tattoos removed, like Mika did a few years earlier.

Taka never recovered from his heartbreak over losing Mika. However, three years after Ray and Mika were married, Mika went to Leuda to visit her mother and brother who had moved there. Taka forged a letter and sent it to Ray, causing Ray to believe Mika was cheating on him (Garrett had gone with her, and the letter was in his handwriting). Mika, who was outraged that Ray would think such a thing, got mad as well. Eventually, Garrett found out the truth from Ray telling him about the letter, and the problem was resolved when Lianora found Ray and Mika getting intimate in HER house. After losing to Ray yet again, Taka stopped trying to win Mika back. He got sick three years later and died. His last words were: "Mika should've chosen me."

The Striped Brigands continued to steal and lie and trick and deceive. And they continued to be proud of it. Although some adventurous Selkies tried to join them, they declined- the Striped Brigands had been a group of three people, and even though Meh Gaj had died, they weren't looking for a replacement.

Rex was finally caught five years after the miasma had fallen. He had been chased out of multiple villages multiple times, but he was finally caught in Alfitaria by Garrett, who had been a guard at the time. Rex was selling necklaces that he said would protect the people when "the miasma returned- as it has been foretold." These actions, along with Rex's previous acts, got him arrested, and he received a life sentence. Rex made one last gamble with his life; he made the deal that if he could defeat Sam in a duel, he would be free to go. Sam accepted this decision, and won the battle. Rex returned to prison, and many people regarded him as "a captured monster".

The carbuncles continued to sleep… for a long time.

Denilla put her best efforts into trying to get Nieta to go through with the originally planned marriage, but Nieta refused, and Princess Fiona warned the old Lilty that if she kept harassing Nieta, there would be consequences. Denilla then retired from her old job as a teacher, and spent the rest of her life knitting outfits for people.

Mog became famous in the moogle world, and he lived happily in Port Tipa with his wife, Moggina. It is unknown if they had any kids, although many moogles have referred to Mog as their uncle. Mog joined Stiltzkin in exploring for a while, before finally settling down.

Stiltzkin himself simply continued to travel the world, telling children stories of the years before (ten years had passed, and there were already legends).

The Tipa caravan simply relaxed after their defeat of Raem and the Meteor Parasite, although they each had many different paths.

Nieta's memory returned to her eight years after the miasma had fallen. She and Garrett had moved to Alfitaria, as Creston suggested that bringing Nieta back to her roots may help her restore her memory. Nieta became a sort of community worker, and decided that she would try and make the world inhabitable after the monsters destroyed everything. She started by rebuilding Tida, before moving onto Veo Lu, and from there, she began other projects. The Lilty girl was never bothered by the nobles again when Princess Fiona entered into power, and Denilla stopped heckling her as well. After eight years, she woke up, wondering why she and Garrett weren't sharing a bed, as they were together. Garrett, who had been overjoyed, cried, and told Nieta everything that had happened. They got married shortly after, and about a year later, Nieta got pregnant. They had one daughter named Kala. After they moved back to Tipa, Nieta continued to help plan out new cities. Once everything had been built up, Nieta decided to work with Garrett.

Garrett became a guard in Alfitaria, as he had to take Nieta there to try and restore her memories. Garrett's joining made many more Lilties try and join the guard. Garrett moved up quickly through the ranks, becoming one of the most respected officers. He caught many petty criminals, but his greatest achievement was catching Rex when Rex was selling false amulets to people in the alleyways of the grand city. After Nieta finally recovered her memory, Garrett, who had been homesick, moved back to Tipa with her. Instead of becoming a miller (to Creston's immense disappointment), Garrett opened up a small restaurant, discovering a love for cooking all the years he had been making food for Nieta. Ray and Creston apparently had had a bet going whether or not Garrett would become a miller like his father, which Ray won. Garrett's restaurant was one of the reasons why many people flocked to Tipa. Other than cooking, Garrett trained his daughter how to fight, just in case any boys tried to flirt with her. Nieta often pointed out that monsters were gone, so Kala wouldn't need to fight, but Garrett didn't listen- as usual.

Creston, who had originally decided to become a scientist after he retired from caravanning, became a doctor instead. He studied for about a year in Shella, and later studied a little more in Alfitaria. He learned how to cure many diseases and he eventually made a book called "Creston's Guide to Medicine and Healing". Creston also became adept in psychology as well, and when someone had a problem, they would often travel to Tipa to get help from the best of the best. Creston almost decided to open up a hospital in Alfitaria or some other town, but decided against it, preferring to stay in Tipa. Creston also taught people about the hazardous effects of miasma, even though it wasn't around before. He and Lianora never suffered a large problem in their relationship. Creston was never cruel or cold to Lanston at all, even though Selstun had been horrible to his son. Lanston wanted to grow up and be a doctor as well. Creston never published anything about Selstun's theories, although he permitted Ray to give Selstun credit in one of the Selkie's speeches.

Lianora took it upon herself to get rid of the laboratory in Creston's basement, the room that Creston hated so much. When Creston returned home, he found a library instead, with all of the strange scientific devices placed in boxes (Lia didn't throw anything away, in case it proved useful to Creston). She worked as a blacksmith for a few years, but she decided that she loved being a librarian even more. Lanston would always help her out in the library. Lia bought many books and found many ancient scrolls (Nieta would always look for them when cleaning out the old buildings in Tida) to put in the library. If anyone needed to find a rare book, there was a good chance that Lianora had it. Lianora also wrote down a journal of the adventures she had gone through- The "Tipa Chronicles" became the most popular book among all of the people in the world. A revised version was later made, known as "Final Fantasy: Tipa's Crystal Chronicles". While many copies of this book were made, Lia always kept the classic.

Ray surprised anyone- after staying as a thief and a clever merchant for a couple of years, he became a teacher- sort of. He mostly gave lectures in his little house in Tipa (which he expanded after the miasma vanished). People would come from all of the cities to hear Ray talk, and he occasionally travelled around and gave little speeches. He would talk about history, the theory of miasma tolerance (to which he gave the late De Nam and Selstun some credit), and more deep things, like love and the importance of family. While it didn't seem like a grand profession, Ray enjoyed hearing himself talk, and money fell into his lap- although he was rumored to take people's wallets when he embraced them after his lectures were over. After he had been a teacher and speaker for a few years, he decided to relax and become a merchant again. Zan and Dah both looked up to him, and they both wanted to be merchants, too. Although he and Mika temporarily broke up, they were never torn apart again after getting back together- some of the noises that one could hear late at night from their house proved that.

Mika, on the other hand, never became a teacher or anything. She travelled around as a merchant when Ray taught, deciding that she had gotten bored of just dealing with fish (and the smell was HORRIBLE). Since her family moved out of their house, Mika turned it into an inn, and let guests stay in Tipa for awhile, in case they were here to see Creston or visit Lia's library. She and Garrett worked together, with Garrett doing all of the food, and with Mika giving them the lodgings. However, she still remained a thief, and sometimes snuck a few extra gil out of her customer's wallets. She still wrote letters to her mother, Kar, and Lan- she cut off all ties with Taka after he tried to break her and Ray up again, although she still attended the Selkie's funeral. Although Mika still acted like a sneaky Selkie, she informed both of her kids that she would beat the shit out of them if they ever acted like she did. Ray found this funny, and stated that the way Mika acts makes her attractive, and said that Dah would never get a boyfriend like that. Mika promptly beat Ray with a fish.

Star and Sam lived happily ever after, almost like a fairy tale. Star stayed as a farmer, taking care of the animals on her parents' farm when the two of them got too old to do it. At the same time, she remained as Sam's loyal and faithful housewife, and usually stayed in Tipa to bring up their children. She would often have Jack and Sarah helping her out in the fields (Chad would usually stay home and read books in his room). Star became very famous as the "Princess of Tipa", which many people called her, to her enormous embarrassment. After Rex was arrested by Garrett in Alfitaria, she went to go and visit him before he was to fight Sam, and she tried to get him to call it off, but to no avail. After Rex lost, she went to visit him again. She tried talking to him, and asked him why he had been such a horrible person. Rex simply told her that he didn't kill Sam all those years ago, and that he gave her Excalibur. He then told her to go away. They were never known to meet ever again. After the dilemmas with Rex were over, Star could live in peace, knowing that her brother had finally been caught, and that his horrible deeds had finally been made up. She and Sam lived in Tipa for the rest of their lives.

As for Sam, he spent the rest of his days in Tipa, living as a quiet farmer, and fulfilling his duties as the head of the village. He wanted to relax now that his days as an adventurer were over. Sometimes, late at night when his kids and Star were asleep, he would get up and think about the days of the caravan, and he sometimes missed those fun adventures that he and his friends had had. But since the world was now a peaceful place, Sam didn't mind- he'd trade the adventures and fighting for peace any day. He was a Clavat after all. But looking back on it all, Sam knew he wouldn't have changed a thing. He would've been a simple farmer boy and fighting caravanner all over again, if given the choice.

But the facts were facts: the miasma was gone. So were the monsters. The crystals could now rest in peace, and the myrrh trees could finally wilt and die, having served their purpose. The world was a peaceful place once more. The Golden Age had returned.

This is the end of the Tipa Caravan's Crystal Chronicles.


And…it's done…I can't believe it's finally done…it's just…wow.

The ending is a bit cheesy, I know, but I couldn't help it. This is going to be my final author's note, everyone…at least for the main part of the story.

Where to start? Nieta got her memories back! After eight years- I figured Garrett would have to work for it. I sort of gave Garrett a shitty ending compared to everyone else, so I decided to make him happy again now that Nieta is back. And Garrett…in the end…became a COOK! Not a miller! So Ray technically won the bet he and Creston had. But Garrett caught Rex before he retired, so he can brag a little bit.

So, caravanners. Yes, Lia was the last to die, and she wrote the original story, which was later revised by a certain author (hmmm…). Don't worry, she gave me her permission before she finally passed on. And she opened a library. I planned that a LOOONG time ago. I had a hard time with Creston- I wanted him to be a doctor, but I wanted some more with him, but he COULDN'T be a scientist (that would be the Selstun path) so I made him a psychologist too.

Ray was the hardest. But I think that out of all of the caravanners, Ray understands the concept of family and love the most. I think he's one of the smartest characters in the story, but not in a bookish way (show him math, he wouldn't know what to do). I think I can see Ray passing on all of his knowledge to people. But he's still a thief- same with Mika. And yes, they still have fun time- they're Selkies, people.

Sam and Star have a simple ending. Nothing to say on them, but they have lovely kids and such. I like how Sam starts to tell the story at the end. It's as Creston said to Garrett- nothing lasts forever. He's going back to the beginning of the story. Go Sam!

I tried to change the world literally, not figuratively, which is why all of the locations are mentioned as being changed. Go Nieta- rebuilding Tida, Veo Lu, and Rebena Te Ra. She may not have her memory, but she's not helpless- that's the message I was aiming for there.

Rex was caught- finally, right? You'll have to tune in to "From Caravanner to Criminal", because I've got the first chapter written, and we'll just say that Rex has an interesting story. Be warned- he has a potty mouth.

And now for the kids. Jack was named after Sam's father, and Sarah is named after Star's mother (who I never really named). Chad…that was just random. I liked Sam's unease over Chad looking like Rex- that's sort of showing that bastard's lasting influence. But the villains don't win- Selstun died, Rex was locked up, and Taka got his heart broken and died too (ouch, man).

More on kids. Lanston, I like. He got Lianora's good traits, preventing another Selstun (I'm not going to lie- Creston and his father have some scary similarities- don't deny it). I LOVE how Dah Zul and Zan Rak turned out- I had planned ever since "Pain" to have Ray name one of his kids after Dah Zul. Time to reveal an unknown fact: Ray's name is a pun. His name is "Ray Zul" which is like "Razzle", while Dah Zul's name was "Dazzle." So they form RAZZLE DAZZLE.

I didn't include Kala because I can't have them all making babies. So Nieta is pregnant. Woot.

Time for the closing. To my readers…this fanfiction started out as a simple idea- I just wanted to write a story, but I never intended for it to be this long. In reality, it was supposed to end at around fifty chapters- how did I get to eighty seven? But anyways, while you think about starting a story, and continuing a story, you never really think about ending a long story. But it feels good. The ending is always that hardest part to write- not because it has to be just write, but because it's like saying goodbye. I started this story over a year ago- it's been 1 2/3 years now. I've been writing this story that long- it's like a friend is going away. I'm going to stop thinking about the next chapter now, and move on. No more updating. No more new chapters. It's finally finished.

I can't thank my reviewers enough. They've been an enormous help, with both happy fans, motivating me to continue, and constructive criticizers, offering me a helping hand. I hope you've enjoyed this story as much as I have. But don't worry- I love this fanfiction dearly, so we won't be saying our total goodbye to the Tipa caravan just yet. But as for the main story…this is it.

I hope you've enjoyed Final Fantasy: Tipa's Crystal Chronicles. This is the end.

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