Dream Girl

Green is serene, just like her eyes.

I see her- twirling, spinning, dancing-

her hair sashaying to the notes of the gentle breeze.

Her brown silken locks a lovely sheen of red

under the bright heat of the benign sun.

The light tinkling bells of her laughter

stroke the drums of my emotionally deaf ears.

Serenity trips and stumbles, but I catch her

and we fall together on the prickly tall grass mattress.

Twin flames ignite in her cherubic cheeks,

a result of a rare moment of clumsiness.

I gaze on in wonder her fair complexion and

nurturing kind smile, which soothes my sore, sleepy eyes.

I touch her unblemished, smooth skin,

not any line or crease of stress whatsoever.

Her lips, tinted a rosy pink, lay upon my cheek

near the bridge of my nose; silence the depth our bond.

The cozy fragrance of love hanging in the pollen-infested air–

Achoo! …and the product of my fantasies disperses in the rays of the morning sun.

(A/N): This was a personification poem I wrote for Poetry Retrospective class, and I chose to personify the emotion 'serenity.' It was easy to picture Serenity Wheeler as the topic of the poem (First Person in Seto's POV), and luckily I'm fond of Silentshipping. :3

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