iolaus started to walk,then stoped and looked back to the house good by he said in a wisper.
iolaus stayed the night in the curled up to a tree and cried hes self to moring came.
and he got up and started to walk, until he came to a village.
as he walked in the village,he was getting hungery.
he took hes hand and dug inside hes pockets.
he took the money out that he took from hes father and went up to the he sat down the woman looked at him.
where is your mother she did not know what to say.
so he is at the market,shopping he said.

she smiled at him but she knew he was lieing.
she seen the way iolaus what will it be kid she i have a apple pie and some milk he asked.
comming right up she said .as she went to get the pie and milk a young boy walked inside the was hercules.
and right beside hercules was hes came in and sat down.
as the waiterss walk over to them.i want a pie and some milk please he iolaus heard gave a little smile.
iolaus kind of knew did not want to be seen.
so he was about to get up and go to the other side of the dinner.
just went iolaus stood up to move, hercules seen him.
iolaus! hercules seen the way iolaus looked at him when iloaus turn to look at quickly gave a little smile.
hey hercules he said.

iolaus started to walk closer to hercules ,hercules jumped out of hes set.
and gave iolausa warm to see you iolaus he said.
yes its great to see you again said hercules mother.
come sit with us hercules said as he smiled.
no i got to go iolaus said,i have to meet up with mother.
just as he was about to leave, the lady waiterss called for iolaus.
your pie is ready she mother knew then something was wrong.
hercules loked puzzled, iolaus you didnt eat yet he said.
iolaus had to think of somthing walked up the the lady i wanted it yo go she walked to get it done for him.
hercules did not want iolaus to you really have to go iolaus asked i have a millon things to do he cracked a smile.
the lady came and handed iolaus hes knew something was wrong.
iolaus was not smiling hes eyes were iolaus walked away hercules watched him as he sat back down. mother he said.
something is not right he said.i know son we have to find out.

hercules and hes mother started to eat.
hours iolaus was walking around the market.
tying to look for a then he seen a group of boys.
they were stoped and hid behind a wagon.
as he watched young man walked over to a booth at the the other boy acted like he was hurt.
the boy at the booth, grabed all the stuff off the mans booth and ran off.
iolaus sat and watched, then he next day iolaus was again walking in the market, and seen them again.
iolaus walked up the young boy,and acted like he triped.
iolaus fell down and the two boys it kid the young boy yelled out.
sorry iolaus looked up and young boy laughted.
iam iolaus he said to the young iam marko.
iolaus still acting like he hurt hes talked a little while.
hey marko said,why dont you come stay with us marko said.

TO be contenued