A/N: So, I watched the movie Coraline last month and am deciding to do a kind of cross-over with it and Naruto. If it turns out completely retarded… I apologize, this idea has just been in my head since I saw that awesome movie.

Disclaimer- Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Coraline belongs to Neil Gaiman.


The scene starts with a needled hand receiving a small rag-doll of a young, spiky-haired blonde with whisker marks as it comes through the window. It takes the doll and starts to disassemble it. It takes a small paring-knife and sliced open the mouth of the doll.

It then was joined by another as it pulled out the straw that served as hair. The hands then pulled the doll's body inside out, the stuffing falling out. The hands then took out a needle and began sewing a new pattern and shape into the doll. The hands gave the doll long, scraggly dark-brown hair.

They sewed on a black jumpsuit…

Scar-like stitches onto the 'skin'…

And last, but surely not least, emerald-green buttons into the eye-area. The needle-hands then take the doll and fling it through the window into the night.


A/N: Okay that's the first chapter, I had to do this one because I'm going by the movie-verse and not the book. I hope you were able to figure out who the doll represents, if not, I am one crappy story-teller. Oh well, please read and review.

-Tyranno's girl