Another Author's Note

(This one's a good thing, though!)

Hey guys! I want to say a big thank you to all of you for the encouraging words, and I will most likely be continuing Make Up Your Mind. (I'm working on the next chapter now, but it's a little slow going)

That said, I have a huge favor to ask. Keep Your Hands to Yourself has been nominated for an Indie TwiFic Award! I have no idea who nominated me, but thank you so much! I'm pleased as punch and it's made my month! Anyway, I am asking for you all to please, please vote for the story. Go to theindietwificawards{dot}com/vote{dot}aspx and check the little box next to Keep Your Hands to Yourself in the Best Alternative Universe WIP category.

Voting will take place from July 9 at noon EST, until July 13 at Midnight EST.

Again, thank you all for being such wonderful dedicated readers. Look for a Make Up Your Mind update soon!

Infinite Hugs and Kisses,