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Kitty Kitty

Fuji loved the rain. The skies darkening with storm clouds, the low rumble of thunder, that faint smell of moisture, it was all entirely soothing.

His family found it odd that he would want to go out for walks during this time but they didn't question it. It was, after all, not the strangest of Syuusuke's quirks. His mother had worried about him catching sick or worse. Yet, he never seemed to get sick or get the sniffles.

The rain pounded lightly on the roof as Syuusuke put on his shoes for his after dinner walk. "Your not actually going for a walk, are you?"

"Would you carry to join me, Yuuta?"

Yuuta shook his head in the negative retreating into the interior of their house as Syuusuke left.

Syuusuke walked in the light rain, his destination unknown. Just walking in the cold patter felt cleansing.

He passed the Kikumaru household, Emiko-san standing on the front step frantically looking around. "Is something wrong, Emiko-san?"

"Oh, Syuusuke-kun, have you seen Eiji? He went out a couple of hours ago but with this sudden down pour…" she fretted.

"I have not. If I do I'll bring him home."

"Thank you," she smiled before running back inside.

Fuji continued his walk now on the look out for his ditzy best friend. As he walked he could of sworn a small meowing sound caught his attention. He looked around spotting a little corner where a red cat was cuddle up trying to shield itself from the rain. What was odd was that a pair of clothes laid soaking near by.

The cat meowed again. Fuji walked up to the animal kneeling down next to it. The cat was red with bright blue eyes and an odd tuft of white on it's right cheek. "You look oddly familiar," he smiled petting the cat. It meowed happily jumping into Fuji's arms.

"Poor thing, your shaking," he said holding the animal close. After picking up the clothes he began to make his way home. As the rain came down harder soaking the feline it feel into a deep sleep. Fuji feared it may be dying from the cold or some sickness.

He walked through the front door, sliding his shoes off. The clothes were dropped into a laundry basket as Fuji proceeded upstairs to his room. Once inside he took the spare towel off his chair to dry the cat.

"Your okay," he soothed. For some reason he felt a tenderness towards the animal. Almost like the same caring affection he felt for Eiji.

"Lets warm you up," he said placing the cat on the bed under the covers. Blue eyes opened to stare at him.

Fuji turned to his dresser, pealing off his wet clothes as he did. The cat watched before shutting its eyes as if giving Fuji his privacy.

"You want milk," he asked after fully redressed. The cat meowed in approval of the idea. Fuji nodded heading out of his room to the kitchen to get a bottle of milk.

When he reopened his doors he almost dropped the bottle at the surprise in his bed. Eiji was laying under the covers sound asleep, his hair water matted, and body completely naked. Syuusuke quickly closed his door and locking it to not cause some HUGE misunderstanding.

He walked up to the boy shaking his shoulder lightly to wake him. "Mm, Fujiko, nya?"

His eyes brightened when he saw the milk in Fuji's hand. He hopped into a sitting position the blanket, luckily, preserving his modesty. Taking the bottle Eiji gulped it down quickly.

Fuji was surprised that the moment Eiji finished the milk the cat had returned. He took a couple of startled steps back.

"Gomen, I didn't mean to scare you."

Did that cat just talk?

"Fujiko, do you have a shirt I can borrow?"

Fuji dug around in his draw, eyes never leaving the talking cat. He tossed the shirt to the cat who turned back into Eiji. Eiji slipped the shirt on choosing to stay in the bed.

Eiji starred at his best friend. "Go ahead. Call me a freak, nya."

"This is a normal occurrence. Turning into a cat I mean."

Eiji nodded. "Though I only become naked when I'm forced to change. Normally when I freely change my clothes stay on."

"And you can talk, even in cat form."

"Yeah. Sorry for freaking you out, nya. I saw you walking by and….so I'm a freak, right?"

"This is a little odd but your not a freak," Syuusuke said taking a seat on the bed next to Eiji.

"Hontou ni?"

"Hontou hontou," Fuji smiled.

"My whole family is like this. So its not that weird. There are a lot of cats, humans just don't realize we are different," Eiji said eager to tell a friend about his family.

"There are others? Like who?"

"Mukahi, Marui, O'chibi…."

"Are you rival clans or something?"

"Where there are rival families but that's not why I don't get along with Mukahi."

Fuji chuckled. "Enlighten me, then."

"He's my cousin, so is Marui. Our moms are triplets. If you met their moms you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Well maybe you could," Eiji shrugged.

"And Echizen-kun?"

"He's a high bred. Half cat, half protector."

Fuji titled his head in confusion. "Protector?"

"Ah. Protectors are people that know about cats and help us function in everyday life. Protectors normally take jobs as doctors, dentists, business men, all kinds of things. They protect our secret."

"I see and Echizen is a protector or a cat?"

"Both. His mom was from a protector family but married a cat. Her sister on the other hand married a protector," Eiji explained. "This is all really weird, isn't it, nya?"

"A little," Fuji answered honestly. "Do we know Echizen-kun's cousin?"

"Okay, really we're not supposed to speak out of turn about the family demo….I need to gossip."

Fuji listened intently feeling that the forthcoming information would be juicy.

"Kushina, O'chibi's aunt, married Atobe Keisuke meaning Atobe is O'chibi's blood cousin."

Fuji almost laughed out loud, instead he contained it his smirk just growing.

"Not only that, Yukimura from Rikkai is O'chibi's half brother. They have the same father. Yukimura's mom is human though."

"Then why does he have the surname, Yukimura instead of Echizen."

"Well, his mom married a protector. Seiichi-kun was the result of an affair. When he hit puberty his body began rejecting his cat half which can be really dangerous."

"That's why he was in the hospital."

Eiji nodded. "The doctor there was a protector and had to protect Seiichi-kun's secret, nya."

"Anything else to know about your twisted family?"

Eiji looked thoughtful for a moment then jumped in remembrance. "Male cats can get pregnant."

Fuji's smile fell. "Excuse me?"

"Well, in the event that a male cat is gay like me…I mean Mukahi and they have sex with another male than they can get pregnant. But only the cat can conceive. If the cat is the seme then the human can't become pregnant. Only uke cats can."

That was a lot to process. "So you can get pregnant?"

Eiji nodded. "I can, Mukahi, O'chibi, even Seiichi-kun can get pregnant since they are half cat."

"And the pregnancies…?"

"Like human pregnancies albeit a few things here and there, nya."

"A few things like what?"

"Well the females generally conceive more than one child. They usually have twins, triplets, any number of multiples. My mom, Mukahi's, and Marui's is kind of odd since they all had singles. Well unless you count my brother and sister since they are twins. Really, its just Erika-san and Eriko-san that had singles."

"Erika and Eriko?"

"Yeah, my aunts. Ojii-san liked Erika as a name and Obaa-san like Eriko so they used both. We tend to call Erika-ba-san by Eri though."

"I see. This is a lot to process."

Eiji pouted. "Gomen nasai, I didn't mean to push all this on you. I just got excited, nya."

Fuji smiled ruffling Eiji's hair. "Daijoubu, I don't mind at all."

"Oh, I should call Okaa-san she has got to be worried," Eiji said hopping up off the bed. The shirt long enough to cover certain things. "Can I use your phone?"

"Go ahead," Fuji nodded pointing to the phone.

Eiji ran over to it dialing in his home phone number. He talked rapidly into the phone telling his mother he was safe and would be spending the night at Fuji's house. After agreeing to be home first thing in the morning Eiji hung up the phone.

A knock from the bedroom door caused Eiji to jump like a startled…..never mind.

"Aniki, have you seen my cell phone?"

Fuji leaned over to his night stand picking up the small blue device. "No."

He flipped the phone open.

"I'm expecting a call tonight and I can't find my phone. Yumiko-nee-san hasn't seen it and kaa-san said last time she saw it it was on the counter but when I looked it was gone," Yuuta explained.

Fuji scrolled through the recent call history. Yanagisawa, Atsushi, Akazawa-buchou, and quite a few calls to and from Mizuki, that just didn't sit well with the middle Fuji child.

"Sorry Yuuta I haven't seen it. I'm sure Mizuki can use our land line."

"I guess. Wait, I didn't say I was waiting for Mizuki-san to call. ANIKI!! Give me my phone!"

Eiji couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you have Mizuki's number memorized?"

"Of course I do."

"Then I'll just erase it from your history."

"Don't you dare. KAA-SAN, Syuusuke has my phone and wont give it back," Yuuta yelled.

"Syuusuke give your brother his phone," their mother yelled from downstairs.

Eiji continued to laugh at the predicament.

"Hey, who is that laughing? Is Kikumaru here?"

Fuji climbed off his bed, opening the door a crack to hand Yuuta his phone. "The walls are thin. If I hear Mizuki's voice I'll have no choice but to hurt him."

"You wouldn't dare," Yuuta glared snatching his phone back.

Syuusuke merely smiled his daring smile. "Oyasumi nasai, otouto."

Yuuta stared, stunned, as the door closed in his face. "Kowai."

"You know I think Mizuki is related to a cat. I think, but Mizuki himself wouldn't be a cat, I'm pretty sure," Eiji said.

Fuji shrugged climbing into his bed considering he had already changed into his nightwear after his walk.

"Anou sa…."


"Can I share the bed with you? If I get to cold I'll transform again."

"There's a pair of night pants in the bottom draw put those on and then you can."

Eiji smiled brightly. "Hoi."

After putting the pants on Eiji slid into bed with his best friend. They were sharing the pillow and the bed was only a twin but they seemed to have enough room. Fuji clicked off the light.

In the next room they could clearly hear Yuuta talking on his phone to Mizuki.

"These walls really are thin."

"It sounds weird to call you Hajime, Mizuki-san," Yuuta said.

"How many years do I get in Japan for premeditated?" Fuji mused to himself.

Eiji shivered. "I-uh-don't..know."

"I believe in America it can be up to 10 years for 1st degree," Fuji continued.

"You can't murder Mizuki for dating Yuuta-kun," Eiji said trying to placate the sadistic tensai.

"Dating? If I find out Mizuki has touched Yuuta in any manner, I won't kill him. He'll wish that I had though," Fuji said his tone all to serious.

"Down, Fujiko, down," Eiji said grabbing the tensai's hand and squeezing it.

Fuji squeezed the hand tightly causing Eiji to yelp in pain.

Fuji looked down. "Gomen, Eiji."

Eiji shrugged before turning his eyes to the ceiling. Every now and then a chuckle would float through the walls along with Yuuta's voice. Eiji told himself to wait for Fuji to fall asleep before going to sleep.

When Yuuta finally hung up the phone Syuusuke decided to finally go to sleep, Eiji following close behind him.


When Fuji awoke in the morning he was surprised to find he had more space in the bed. He looked around before spotting the small read cat curled up at the foot of his bed.

That meant everything last night had been reality. Not that he doubted it. Fuji leaned forward to scratch Eiji behind the ear. The Eiji cat arched into Fuji's touch purring happily. Blue eyes opened wearily looking up at him before Eiji stretched out his paws.

"Is sleeping like that comfortable?"

"Nya," he meowed before jumping off the bed, transforming back into Eiji. "Its really comfortable."

"You should eat breakfast before you go home. Unfortunately, we don't have cat food," Fuji teased.

"Oi, I don't NOT eat cat food.," Eiji play glared, glomping onto his friend's arm.

"You want cereal? Okaa-san probably hasn't made breakfast yet."

"Cereal is fine. Though I would prefer fish," Eiji pouted.

"Of course you would," Fuji chuckled leading the red head downstairs.

They fixed their cereal taking the bowls to the dinning table and eating in silence. "Just wait here while I got change," Fuji said as he went back upstairs.

Eiji took the opportunity to look at all the pictures that were displayed around the house. The three Fuji children at the beach playing, a family portrait, a picture of one of Syuusuke's rare real birthday parties, a picture of Syuusuke holding VHS tapes.

Fuji was now staring at Eiji, who was trying to read the title of the movies Fuji was holding. "it's the Adam's Family. An American movie. It was my favorite when I was a kid."

Eiji turned to look at his friend. The Adam's Family. Wasn't that movie about a morbid family….it suddenly made sense now. Syuusuke's sadism finally clicked.

"Okaa-san blames those movies for my personality. She said they instilled sadistic tendencies into me," Fuji laughed. "I mean I don't walk around drinking arsenic like Wednesday."

INUI JUICE WAS CLOSE ENOUGH!!! Eiji screamed in his head.

"We should get your home," Fuji said handing Eiji a bag with his wet clothes in it.

They walked to Eiji's house idly chatting about random things. Tennis, school, the storm last night, anything that popped into their minds. When they reached the Kikumaru household Emiko tore out the front door running to hug her little kitten.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, for finding Eiji."

Fuji spotted through the open door a small brown kitten being chased by a bigger black cat. "Emiko-san," Fuji called pointing to the open door.

She turned to scold the two cats who bowed their heads in embarrassment. "You should go change, Eiji," she smiled kindly pushing her son inside.

"I suppose Eiji told us."

Fuji nodded in the affirmative.

"I request that you don't tell anybody about us."

"No worries."

Not like anyone would believe it anyway. Well if it came from tensai Fuji Syuusuke then they just might but he wouldn't say a word. Outside of teasing Echizen endlessly that is.

-End Chap.1-

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