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Kitty Kitty

"Annoying," Kaori growled, throwing his bag down.

"What's wrong, Kaori? Have a bad first day," Eiji asked his first born, Naoto on his hip.

"That stupid Atobe brat actually managed to get into Hyoutei. He's nine. He can't be in Hyoutei."

"You're 11 and are a second year so why can't he?"

Kaori turned a glare on his mother. "Whose side are you on?"


"If he could get in this early that means he could graduate before me. I cant have that."

"You know, you would think Keisuke-kun's competition would be with his own family--the Tezuka's."

"You would think, but apparently Ayaka and Kunitaro aren't enough competition for him. Smart but not smart enough," he said, grabbing his bag and stomping upstairs. He had serious studying to do. No way would he lose to an Atobe. Not in this life time.

"What happened to the cute little toddler excited about Keisuke-kun kicking his hand," Eiji despaired, walking into the kitchen to fix Naoto a bottle.

"Something that happened to the little boy pretending to be stupid so we didn't have to pay for private school," Fuji answered. "He grew up."

"Yeah, but he's only 11. Can't he be like normal 11 year olds."

"Apparently not," Fuji laughed, hearing the classical study music Kaori used.


Keisuke stomped his way through the building. He loved having power over the adults around him. It was one of the perks of being his father's son. He entered the elevator going straight to his father's floor. The door's opened revealing Fuji Syuusuke chatting with his father's new secretary--Murimura something.

"Oh, hello Keisuke-kun," she greeted. "Are you looking for your daddy?"

"Don't patronize me," he glared before turning his attention to Fuji. "Fuji-san, how is Kaori-kun fairing?"

"You've driven him straight up a wall. It's almost scary how intelligent you are."

"Well when you're the son of two geniuses……" They all underestimated his mother. Just because his mother had slept through school did not make the blonde stupid. Their mistake.

Murimura walked around her desk, kneeling to Keisuke's level as if he was a toddler. "Keisuke-kun, can you tell me if your mommy and daddy are experiencing marital troubles?"

"Why are you still patronizing me? And why are you touching me? Oh, and don't even think about it. You could catch otou-san's attention even if my parents were to separate."

"Keisuke, my meeting is over. You can come study in here," Keigo called to his son.

"Okay, papa!" he smiled brightly, putting a finger up saying he'd be just one minute. The moment his father disappeared he returned to angry and glaring. "Now if you'll excuse me," he said, pushing her hand off his shoulder.

Fuji laughed then. Keisuke was an odd mix of Jirou and Atobe. Super smart, but completely bi-polar. Around his parents and close friends he was normal happy hyper Keisuke. Around everyone else he was cold Atobe Keisuke--the little ice prince his father was.

"I'd keep my distance if I were you," Fuji warned Murimura before going back to his own office.


Kaori looked over the first semester exam results. Naturally he ranked number one above everyone older than him. His score was near perfect. Now it was only a matter of how good or bad Atobe Keisuke did. He'd have go downstairs to the first year's corridor to see the results, but he knew it would be worth it. Keisuke is only 9. There was no way he would rank as high as Kaori did. That would end their little competition. Keisuke wouldn't be able to hack it in advanced lessons. Atobe or not.

A group of first years stood around the list, whispering excitedly to each other. They stared at him as he pushed past them to see the results. He wanted to gloat and soon.

His books fell from his arms, eyes widening in sheer shock and disbelief. "Impossible."

"Did you plan to gloat? Brag even," Keisuke smirked. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, eyes laughing at Kaori.

"You had to have cheated. There is no way you could have scored a perfect score."

"Obviously there is. You know the headmaster was even contemplating moving me to second year. But I declined. I'll finish the first year and move to third year along with you. It will be must more satisfying beating you then. Ja na!" he waved, walking off. "I wonder how many tennis regulars I can beat before five."


"You are so mean, Kei," Aya laughed as he recanted the story.

"Kaori started it. If he didn't challenge me than I wouldn't have to show him up," Kei shrugged, flipping through the TV channels.

"I think you two are going to end up falling in love," Kunitaro predicted, falling onto his second cousin's over large bed.

"Like hell. I'm sure in some twisted way, we are related."

"Nope," Ayaka giggled. "You are our second cousin because kaa-san is your tou-san's first cousin. You have no relation to Shiori-chan because her kaa-san is Ojii-san's first born. Mika, Kaori, Naoto, and Akira are all second cousins because their kaa-san's are first cousins. But there is no chain linking you with them. Therefore, you two are related in no way whatsoever."

"Don't make me regret inviting you over."

"I don't see why you can't just be you around Kaori. You're all scary when you act like Keigo-san," Aya sighed.

"Oh yes. Let me just suddenly starting being nice to him. No. No. No. I have to win."

"That's Keigo-san's spirit in you as well. That need to never lose, even to a sempai," Taro smiled knowingly.


"It's love," Mika sighed dreamily.

Kaori turned a glare onto his second cousin. "Do you even hear yourself?"

"Hey, you can find your soul mate when your young. I mean Aya-chan and Taro-kun's parents were really young when they met. In fact, Ryoma-san was 12 when they first met. And gasp, you are about to turn 12."

"Man you guys are so boring. Who cares about Kaori's stupid competition with that tight ass Atobe boy," Akira groaned. "And why in the seven hells do you not have a TV?"

"TV destroys brain cells, Akira. Do your parents know you use such language?"

She titled her head back to look up at her second cousin. "Have you met my dad? Who do you think taught me to curse. On that note, killing a few brain cells won't hurt me."

"I'd rather not become an ignorant TV dependant drone thank you very much."

"Well I like being a TV drone. Do your parents have a TV in their room?"

"You're not going into my parent's bed room just to watch TV. If you are so desperate to watch the talking sponge and pink moron you can go downstairs and watch them with Naoto."

"Screw you. SpongeBob kicks ass."

"Now that we know where Akira's education comes from, can we get back on the problem at hand? Atobe Keisuke."

Mika shrugged. "Maybe you just have to relent that he might be smarter than you. I've heard rumors about him, you know?"

"Rumors? Like what?" Kaori said, eager to get any potentially devastating information on his rival.

"I heard he sleeps a lot in class. The sensei's don't even mind. They said Jirou-san had the same tendencies when he was in Junior High. They also attribute it to him being up all night pouring over his studies. No one really knows."

"No one can learn in their sleep. If he is truly killing himself at night and sleeping through class then there is no way he will be able to stay on top. Eventually everything will come crashing down around him."

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Kaori. Look my parents went to school with Jirou-san and Keigo-san. Kaa-san told me that even though Jirou-san slept through all his classes he always consistently ranked second. Only now and then did he waver in standings," she told him.


"Second only to Keigo-san. It might be possible that people can learn while sleeping. If that is true, well then you can't beat Keisuke. Two tensai parents and the ability to absorb information like a sponge. You can't win….."

"I'll find a way," he told, the fire of rivalry burning even stronger.

That night he looked up studying in your sleep on the internet. They were many theories that said one could absorb information by listening to it repetitively during sleep. But no test had been done to prove if this was true or not. The next search result he found was on a rare condition that kept the brain active at all times even during REM cycle. So a person could literally dream but learn at the exact same time. This anomaly was incredibly rare--three documented cases in the world rare. There was no way Keisuke could have this. It could be passed genetically, but Akutagawa Jirou did not appear as one of the documented cases. There had to be some other way.


"We truly apologize for this," Eiji bowed.

"No need to apologize, Eiji-kun. Rivalry is rivalry," Jirou smiled, motioning for Eiji to sit. "We just thought since our son's are destined to be around each other we should become better friends, is all."

"Well you must admit, this rivalry is getting out of hand," Fuji mused, excepting a glass of wine from the maid. "Kaori is researching almost non-stop for a way to explain how Keisuke-kun receives such high marks in class--being as he is so young."

"Naturally, he is an Atobe after all. It's only natural he gets such high marks. I, for one, am incredibly proud of him."

"I, on the other hand, think he is growing up to fast. That little Keigo spark he has every now and then is just….kowaii," Jirou shivered. "I like my son being normal little hyper sugoi kawaii Kei."

"Even you had your serious moments," Keigo pointed out.

"This is true, Jirou-chan. For someone so carefree, you could be scary upon occasion," Fuij laughed.

"That was during tennis. Totally different."

"Father is very proud of Keisuke. Expects him to take a position in the company by age 16," Keigo half-bragged. He didn't like to brag, but at times he did have the right to. His son was one of those reasons.

"I think Kaori blames me for not being as smart as Keisuke. Because you know, I'm not a tensai and all. Just average. He probably thinks if he had a smarter mom than he could win…"

Fuji gripped his spouse's hand tightly. "Eiji, you know that's not true. Kaori loves you, very much. Blood is thicker than water. This rivalry will eventually end, but you will still be around."

"Yeah, if I don't die of high blood pressure before that. Naoto is already starting to walk….not even a year old yet. I really don't want to go through this again," he despaired. "I was hoping Naoto would be more like me."

"Maybe he will be, you never know."

"OH, I do know. He'll be just like you. Just like Kaori is. The Fuji genes are to dominating," he cried, holding his head.

Jirou giggled as his mind shot straight into the gutter. Of course, only his husband caught onto this. Keigo pinched Jirou's thigh in retaliation making the blonde squeak. "Kawaii," Keigo smirked over his wine glass.

"Meanie," Jirou pouted, sticking out his tongue. He was not expecting his husband to grab him, pulling him into a deep tongued kiss. Eiji found himself blushing as the socialites thoroughly explored each other. Fuji smiled in a almost perverted way that made Eiji want to hit him. "Maybe we should leave?"

"No, I think we can stand to sit around a few more minutes. I've never actually seen porn live."

At this remark Atobe pulled away from Jirou. The now eager blond latching onto his love's neck, sucking hard. "You can leave."

"I know."

"Jirou, we should go upstairs to finish this," Atobe said, pulling his ready lover to his feet.

"I doubt we can make it to the bedroom."

"Guess the maids will be cleaning ore-sama's study again," he smirked.

"Ja!" Jirou yelled before disappearing all together.

Eiji let out a sigh before following his husband outside to their car. Why couldn't they be that in love? It was a rare occasion that they got as horny as to not keep their hands off of each other like that. Jirou and Atobe truly loved each other more than life. Half way home Eiji decided to voice his question. "Why aren't we that in love?"


"Atobe and Jirou. It took mere teasing for them to be all over each other and we were there. They didn't stop--they are that in love. Even Gakuto and Oshitari are that in love. Buchou and O'chibi…."

"You think we aren't in love?"

"Well not that we aren't in love, we just aren't as in love as other people."

"Every couple shows their love differently, Eiji. Myself, I am more like Yukimura and Oshitari. I have sadistic tendencies. Me expressing my love boldly could end up hurting you. By now expressing my needs I am showing my love. Eiji, the things I want to do to you are less than holy. Far more dangerous than making love or even animalistic sex."


"You want to know what I could do to you, ask Gakuto. Oshitari has played the game before. Maybe then you will understand what I mean," Fuji smiled, brushing Eiji's cheek lightly. "You'll understand my gentle nature is my loving you."


"He told you to ask me?"

"About sadism or maybe it was sadomasochism?"

"You talking about amateur play or….wait, this is Fuji, so the real game. Yeah, I've played. When I was in my 20s. I just have the scars if you want to see."

"Oshitari did all this?" Eiji asked as he stared at the permanent scars that littered his cousin's body.

"I asked him to. Yuushi is a not a natural born sadist. I asked him to cut me, chock me…among other things. If you want to see what a real sadist is like ask Yukimura. Man, he is seriously f-ed up in the head. How Sanada stands it? Oh, I know how he stands it. It's almost. But its not a game for pussies. It's dangerous."


"Oh yeah. Especially if your tied up. Your surrendering your complete free will to your lover. But its hot at the same time."

That was a little to much information for Eiji but at the same time it was informative. Over and over again he questioned why he and Syuusuke didn't seem as in love as their friends. Maybe it was because he put to much thought in to it. That must have been it. How could they have two children if not out of love?


"Aniki," Naoto called, pulling on Kaori's shirt sleeve.


"Play with me," the one year old asked, holding out a board game.

"Not now Nao. That damned Atobe is actually going to be a third year this year. I have to be better than him and the only way I can be better is to study," Kaori said, typing rapidly into his laptop. Naoto pouted looking down at the game he held.


"Maybe. If I get done with this."

Naoto pouted again before walking off disappointed. He was only one but he knew his aniki well enough to know he wouldn't be playing today. "Haha, play?" he asked his mother, holding the board game to him.

Eiji picked up his son taking the board game from him. "Kaori wouldn't play with you?"

Naoto shook his head in the negative. "Alright, I'll play with you, okay? You can even come to school with me, kay?"

He nodded his head enthusiastically. Naoto loved going to the workshop. It made him want to be able to do the things he saw his mother do. But every time he jumped gravity took over and he fell right back onto his butt. There was no way he could perform the flips he saw his mother doing. It was just to hard. But the nice ladies cooing over him was always fun.


Naoto watched in amazement as his mother gracefully flipped backwards through the air. His hand seemingly never touching the mat beneath him. Naoto clapped his hands happily earning squeals of 'kawaii' from the girls around him.

"Eiji-sensei, your son is so adorable," the girl next to him cooed, cuddling him tightly.

"I know. Now everyone needs to go through their stretches."

The girls sighed in dismay at having to leave the cuddly child, but knew it best not to disobey their sensei. Eiji bent down picking Naoto up. "You want to jump on the trampoline?"

"Hey, Eiji-sensei, how old are you?"

"29. Why?"

"Because you have two sons and isn't your other son like 13?"

"That means he was 16 when he had his first baby."

Thankfully the majority of the girls in his class were from cat families. The ones that weren't all assumed he was a single father.

"Enough about me. Stretches, then do your passes," he ordered, placing Nao onto the trampoline and climbing on. Naoto giggled as he bounced about on the bouncy object. Eiji jumped lightly not to jar his son to much. "Want to see something cool?"

Naoto nodded. Eiji jumped high into the air a couple of times before flipping his entire body backwards and landing on his feet.

"Sugoi!" Naoto cried, clapping his hands. He stood up trying to find his footing but only fell back down.

"You'll get eventually. Just keep trying."

Inwardly Eiji found himself cheering. One of his sons wanted to be like him. Thank kami-sama. They would have an another acrobat in the family.

-Chapter 10 Owari-