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Jasper looked up from his Civil War book to see Alice leaning on doorframe holding a set of keys, his motorcycle keys. She had a backpack on her shoulder and a smile on her face; he could sense that she was excited. "Get changed, you have clothes on our bed," She said before turning around and walking away with her four inch black high-heeled boots clicking with each step.

Jasper did not need to be told twice and sped up to their bedroom to change clothes. He removed his black long sleeve shirt and pulled on a short-sleeved white shirt. He then changed his lighter pair of jeans for the darker thicker pair Alice had laid out. He pulled on the dark brown cowboy boots sitting by the bed, picked the leather jacket up off the bed, pulled it on and left.

Jasper walked into the garage to see Alice sitting sideways on the back of his bike with her legs crossed. He walked up and offered his hand; she took it sliding off the bike. He brought her hand up and kissed the back of it "Ya ready to go darlin'?"

Alice smiled and Jasper grinned it was really one of the only ways he could surprise her as he never gave using his accent much thought. Alice nodded and put the keys in his hand. Jasper kissed the back of her hand again before letting go and walking over to the bike. He swung his leg up over the bike and sat down. Alice sat behind him as close as she possibly could, and begin to run her hands all along his stomach. "Ya keep that up darlin' and we're goin' be lucky if we make it outta the city." He could feel Alice shiver behind him as the waves of lust poured off her.

She rested her cheek against his back and said, "You keep that up and we're going to be lucky if we make it out of the garage." Jasper gave a deep-throated laugh, which he knew was not helping Alice's lust issues.

"Where to?" he asked once he finished laughing.

"San Diego, California."

Jasper shoulders slumped as he groaned "What?" Alice asked.

"That's so far away."

Alice giggled, "It's like an eighteen hour drive." Technically the drive should be a little over twenty-one hours, but that was if you went the speed limit.

"A very uncomfortable eighteen hours."

"Well it's your own fault you shouldn't have started it."

Alice hissed and tensed in surprise when his hand darted back and grabbed her calf. She then relaxed when he began to rub his hand up and down her leg. "Oh no, you started it," he said sendingncurrents of lust through her. "You walked in wearing these jeans. You know how I feel about tight jeans." He gave the calf a good squeeze before letting go.

Alice shuttered when he did, "I--I wasn't trying to turn you on."

"You never have to try."

"Well I guess--we--we could stop sooner," Alice said still trying to get a hold of herself, she was practically shaking with desire and she knew that Jasper was not doing any better.

Jasper grinned as he started the bike. He could hear Alice trying not to moan as it roared to life and truth be told he was trying not to as well. "Drive," she whispered breathlessly as she tightened her grip around his waist. Jasper smiled as he kicked up the kickstand and sped out of the garage not needing to be told twice.

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