Hey everyone. Enjoy.

"Sorry, guys. I don't know much more than Seth does."


"It is kind of weird. Fiernan usually go after magic-users. There's a theory that they can drain the magic as their target burns. If that's true, I guess this one thought that the Slayer would be an even bigger charge. "

"Great," Taylor brushed some lint from her skirt. "I cannot wait for college. I am so sick of Harbor's dress code. I think I'll wear a tube top for my first day of classes."

"Really," Ryan's interest was piqued and he smiled at the image his girlfriend's words created.

"Back to the subject at hand," Seth said.

"Thank you, Son," Sandy said. "Now as I was saying, Trey didn't seem to have any idea of what I was talking about."

"So Gattas didn't hire the Fiernan."

"I mean - at all. He didn't seem to know what I meant about demons and magic."

"How is that possible?"

"People can be deliberately blind to what doesn't fit their world view."

"I think in my brother's case it was more that he spent the majority of his time stoned or drunk or recovering from either condition."

Taylor frowned a little and was about to comment when Summer barreled in, "Why aren't you watching the news?"

"What's wrong?"

"Remote, Cohen," Summer demanded.

"......here at the Harbor Academy, where the library caught fire, earlier today."

"Oh, sh...." Seth looked at his father. "I mean, uh-oh."

"I don't believe it," Taylor said.

"Neither do I. It's too much of a coincidence," Ryan said.

"Thank God you've got an alibi, kid." Sandy commented.

"What do you.....?"

"Face it, Atwood. Anything even remotely shady goes down and the jaded eyes of our not-very-bright community laser on to you." Summer poked him in the chest. "You're the resident "bad boy"."

"They're not gonna charge him, are they, Dad?"

"They might stop by and ask some questions."


"It'll be okay, Ryan." Taylor rubbed a tense shoulder. "You haven't been alone since........" Her forehead wrinkled as she thought. "....since....."

"I get the idea."

"But in the meantime, we should go to school," Seth said.

"Yeah. Since this is the first we're hearing of this, I don't think they cancelled it."

"At least the building's still standing."

"Did they say if anyone was hurt?" Taylor asked her friend.

"We'll hear about it at school, if they were."

Seth snorted. "If we went by gossip for our intel - we would've offed Ryan as a dangerous demon and tried to cure Summer of a non-existent love spell."

"I'll check it out." Sandy stated. "Come on. I'll give you all a ride to school."

The kids picked up their bags and followed Sandy, who was calling Kirsten.


"Stupid locker," Taylor muttered as she tried to unlock it.

"Problems," Ryan asked.

"I can't get my locker open and I don't want to force it because I've already had to have it replaced three times this year."

"Want me to try?"

"I'm stronger than you are."

"Yeah, but I'm more patient."

Taylor smiled ruefully and moved aside to let Ryan handle her uncooperative locker while she leaned against the one next to it.

"You okay," Ryan asked as he started trying to unjam his girlfriend's locker. "You were kind of quiet at lunch."

"Just doing some thinking."

"I know I'm gonna regret this - what about?"

"Our latest demon, what else?"

"Something to do with hearts, flowers, chocolate," Ryan sneaked a peek at her face and smiled when he saw the faint flush on her cheeks. "So you did notice the plans Kirsten was making for the club's Valentine's Day dance?"

"Would you hate me if I said I didn't want to go to that?"

"Of course not, but Kirsten might make the disappointed face at you."

"I think she'd understand. I think if she wasn't in charge of the thing, she wouldn't be going."

"I don't know. She's got this .....thing....about holidays."

"Yeah but she'd rather spend the holidays with the people she cares about and not the people her father wants her to suck up to."

"Why else do you think she wants us to go? We're her buffer."

"Well," Taylor said as she tapped her chin in thought. "I guess I could wear that red dress I bought last weekend when Summer and I went shopping."

"The red.....?" Ryan cleared his throat. For a second there, he could've sworn he sounded like Seth. "That's a good one."

Taylor bit her lip, "We'll duck out early?"

"There's a good chance. You know, Sandy dragged Seth and me shopping with him while he was picking out a gift for Kirsten. I saw some nice jewelry."

"Don't you dare."

"Not even a nice little charm bracelet you can attach tiny protective icons to?"

"No. You got me a great Christmas gift which I love so there is no need for you to get me anything for Valentine's day."

"Taylor, what's wrong?"

"What? Nothing's wrong. I just don't see the need for you and I make a big deal."

"Nothing's going to happen if we celebrate a little."

"Well, nothing WAS; but now that you've mentioned it......"

"You were being weird before I said anything."

"Tomorrow's the twelfth," Taylor said.

"Okay, I know it's not your birthday, because that's not until after Valentine's day."

"Ryan, I was nearly drained of all my blood a year ago tomorrow."

"I know."

"See? That's why we can't celebrate."

"No, that's why we should celebrate."

"Ryan, an evil sorcerer almost........"


"And the fact that I was sent away on Valentine's Day?"

"You came back."

"You don't think that's tempting fate?"

"No. I think not celebrating you being here for the holidays, any holiday, is spitting in the face of fate."


"You're back. I want to show my appreciation of that fact."

Taylor smiled and slid in between Ryan and the locker with a smile, "You're amazing."

"Does that mean we can celebrate?"

Taylor rolled her eyes, "Quietly. Maybe just you and me in the pool house. Dinner?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Me too. Until Seth bursts in, that is."

"Maybe we can ask Summer to keep him busy."

"Maybe if we ask her to dress up like Wonder Woman," Taylor mused.

"I try not to think about things like that."

"What do you do when Seth corners you and starts babbling?"

"Do my math homework in my head and nod every now and then."

Taylor giggled and then she kissed him. "Early Valentine's Day gift."

"I like it."

"Figured you would."

"Guess what I got you."

"More of the same?"

"Mind-reader." He leaned in, smiling.

"Ew. Public place, people."

"Summer, why aren't you with Seth?"

"Because a certain bestest friend promised she'd go shopping with me so she can help me pick out an outfit for Valentine's Day."

"Oh. Sorry. I got distracted."

"So I see. I may need to bleach my eyes."

"Try closing them, Roberts."

"Should I call or just come over when we're done," Taylor asked.

"Just come over," Ryan said. "Have fun."

"We will," Summer said, taking Taylor's arm and dragging her off.


"Well, that was invigorating."

Ryan smiled at his girlfriend, "I know something else that could be invigorating."

"Ahem." Taylor looked over his shoulder.

"Hello, Mrs. Thurm. How are you?"

"Just lovely, dear. How are you and your young man finding the evening?"

"A little crowded."

"Ryan! We're fine, thanks for asking."

"Thank you for taking care of those ruffians. Demons like that give the rest of us a bad name."

"At least these don't shoot fire," Taylor said.

"Shoot fire?"

"Yeah we're having some trouble with a Fierin demon," Ryan told Mrs. Thurm.

"You think he's after you two?"

"We know they usually go after magic users; but the flame was headed towards Taylor."

"There wasn't anyone else nearby?"

"Ryan was there."


"Why would anyone be after Seth?"

"Uhm, I hate to be someone to spread rumors. I mean, I really don't hold with loose talk - but the girls were saying that there was a de-powered vengeful witch throwing money around like nobody's business. One of their grandspawn had turned the contract down on some sweet little white wizard."

"Oh shit."

"I'll kill her," Taylor said. "I will rip out her hair strand by strand."

"Calm down," Ryan told her.

"Oh no. Not this time. This time, bitch is going down."

"What about the wizard?"

"She's right. Shouldn't we save Seth first?"

"Then I can off the witch?"

"If Summer leaves you any pieces."

"Fine," Taylor grumbled. The she directed her best smile at Mrs. Thrum. "Thank you so much for everything."

"No problem dear. Can I offer either of you some cocoa?"

"No thank you," Ryan answered. "I have to get her home."

"After we check on Seth."

"Goes without saying."

"Have a nice night, dears. Maybe next time, hmm?"

"Maybe," Taylor smiled.


"Seth," Taylor opened her friend's bedroom door without knocking and heard a thump. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Seth said as he stood from his bed. "What's wrong?"

"What was that noise?"

"What noise?"

"The thump I heard when I came in."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Taylor raised an eyebrow and then smiled over her shoulder at Ryan before she faced Seth again. "Summer?"

"Uhm, Summer's not here. She's.....uh.....she's......"

Taylor went around to the other side of the bed. "Hello, Summer."

Summer smiled up at her friend and reached up a hand, "Hi Taylor."

Taylor laughed and pulled her friend up. "Seriously Seth? You had to shove your girlfriend off of you because I was coming in?"

"I thought you were my Mom."

"Kirsten knocks." Ryan turned his back to give Summer a chance to straighten her clothes.

"Speaking of, why didn't you?"

"Because Newport's evil version of Sabrina is up to her old tricks," Taylor said. "And she's targeting you."

"Lindsay? But Grandpa bound her powers."

"And we bound his."

"The spell would still hold."

"It's not her magic that's the problem," Ryan pointed out. "It's the money."

"And when Grandpa has a problem he throws money at it."

"And Lindsay demanding attention from the father she's never known is something he thinks he can solve with money."

"We should tell him."

"Not a good idea."

"You don't think he'll cut her off?"

"No, I think he will."

"Then what's the problem? No more money, no more problem; right?"

"I don't think he'd cut her off financially, Seth."

"He's more likely to get the Fiernan to target her instead of you."

"Murder is bad, Cohen."

"Even if it is the murder of a psychotic bitch," Taylor said.

"So how do we stop her? Grandpa's going to keep giving her money."

"Not for long."

"Spill, Atwood."

"I heard Sandy talking to Kirsten. With the spells gone, all Caleb's shady deals are coming to light."

"Is Mom in trouble?"

"Sandy didn't seem to think so."

"So Cal's going to be broke soon, which means no more money for the bad seed."

"Remember when Aunt Hailey used to be the bad seed?"

"Hailey was never the bad seed. She was the misunderstood seed."

"So long as she stays out of the pool house." Taylor muttered.

"Amen." Ryan whispered back.

"Speaking of the pool house, aren't you two tired?"

"Yes, but I'm pretty sure Neil is waiting for us," Taylor smiled at Summer.

"We've got.....is that the time?"

"Afraid so."


"Night Cohen," Summer gave him a kiss.

"Night," he waved.

Taylor turned to Ryan, "Miss me living with Veronica?"

"Little bit, yeah," he smiled.

"See you in the morning," Taylor kissed him.

"See you."

"Dude, suddenly having a lot more sympathy for all your griping about me not knocking." Seth slumped down onto his bed.

"Does that mean you're going to start knocking?"

"I'll try."

"I appreciate that."

"Night man," Seth said laying on his bed.



"Taylor," a voice whispered.

She grumbled and swatted at the voice.

"Time to wake up."


"C'mon, Taylor."

"No. Sleep."

"We have plans to make."

"Throw her into the sea and wait for the bubbles."

"For Valentine's Day?"

"Pool house and a chair in front of the door."

"What about food?"

"Pepperoni pizza," Taylor smiled as she opened one eye. "Bottle of soda and no Seth, Summer, or worries about things that go bump in the night."

"Sounds like a wild night." Summer teased.

"I have wild nights all the time. I want something quiet."

"Sounds good to me," Ryan said putting his arm around Taylor's waist and pulling her closer.

"Does Dr. Roberts know you're up here?"

"Dad left about twenty minutes ago," Summer told her friends. "Have fun," she disappeared into the bathroom and shut her bedroom door.

"Subtle," Ryan commented.

"I'm very tired."

"I could sleep."

"You want to sleep?"

"I want to curl up next to you and watch you sleep."

"You, Ryan Atwood, are on the verge of being very sappy," Taylor told him.

"Don't let it get around."

"I won't. You sure you don't mind sleeping?"

"Nah. I didn't sleep great last night."

"Me neither," Taylor said. "I was-"

"Worried about Seth," Ryan finished. "I kept getting up and checking the locks on the doors."

"How'd you do that without waking anyone?"

"I slept in the living room."

"That couch is pretty comfortable."

"It's not bad."

"How's my bed?"

"Almost perfect."


"With you in it?" He nuzzled her neck. "Definitely perfect."

"Good answer."



"Sleep now?"

Taylor snuggled deeper into his arms.



"I'm really glad you're here. I don't think I could've made it through the day without seeing you."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else today."

"Is Seth safe?"

"Sure. Protective spells all over him and his room and all the vehicles."

"Summer wants to take a fire extinguisher on their dates."

"If they do, she should carry it," Ryan smirked, tugging her a little closer.

Taylor draped herself on Ryan as she pulled the covers tighter around them.

"Night, Taylor."


Seth poked his head into Summer's room and smiled. His girlfriend was reading on her bed.



"You don't look ready."

"We're not going out. I'm not risking my boyfriend turning into a charcoal briquette."

"So, should I go home?"

"No, you should get up here on the bed and settle in with me to watch a movie."

""Okay." He sat on the bed. "But you're missing a big night. Romantic dinner, long walk on the beach....."

"I prefer not to end up in the emergency room, thanks."

"I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

"I was referring more to having you admitted to the burn unit."

"You worry too much," Seth told her.

"Probably but, I'd rather worry too much than not enough and have something happen to you."

"Love you too, sweetie."

Summer smiled, "Atwood and Townsend have been pretty quiet all day. No "Oh my God, Ryan!"."

"Don't remind me. Mom and Dad were talking about sound-proofing the pool house the other day."

Summer giggled, "So, wanna watch Twister?"


"What can I say? I like watching something I know the ending to."

"As you wish."

"Thank you Baby," Summer smiled.


Taylor stared at the pattern of her sheets and smiled when she Ryan plant kisses in her hair ending with one pressed to the back of her head.

"Hi," she whispered.


"Sleep well?"

"Terrific. You?"

"I slept great and therein lies the problem," Taylor shifted so she was on her back.

"What's the problem?"

"I'm too used to sleeping with you," Taylor said. "And that's a problem when we don't sleep together."

"Seems easy to solve. Sleep together more often." He grinned. "Sounds like a good plan to me."

"Good. You explain it to Kirsten, then."

"Uhm..... Maybe not."

"I heard Seth get here a little while ago. He and Summer are watching a movie in her room."

"You want to join them?"

"No," she shook her head. "I want to stay right here and forget the world exists."

"Yes." He leaned down and kissed her.

Taylor sighed and wrapped her arms around Ryan's neck, kissing him back.

"Stay all night," she whispered.

"As you wish."

"Hunh?" Her eyes were a little glazed.

"Nothing." He kissed her again, letting his hand rest on her waist.

"Okay," Taylor mumbled.


"Turn the movie up," Summer said. "I can hear her bed moving."

"Don't they have any self-control?" Seth grumbled.

"They've been sleeping all day, Seth," Summer told him. "I heard Taylor tossing and turning all night and Ryan looked like hell when I let him in this morning. I doubt either of them got much sleep last night."

"Why not?" He was honestly surprised. "We know what's going on, now. Bonus: that granny demon may be a new source of intel."

"Right." Was she this sarcastic before becoming his girlfriend? He couldn't remember. "They should relax because someone's trying to kill their very best friend in the world. God, you're an idiot sometimes, Cohen."

"Thanks a lot."

"I'm sorry," she said. "But they're worried about you. They love you."

"And you?"

"You know I love you and yes that means I'm worried about you too."

"Hence the staying in tonight."

"Hence the staying in." She smiled and leaned over the side of the bed. "Also, this." She held up a strange-looking fire extinguisher. "I swiped it from the hospital. It's one of the ones that are safe to use on people. No toxic or unsafe chemicals get into the burns or eyes with this thing."

"You're pretty amazing, you know that?"

"Just figuring that out Cohen?"

"No, I knew that when we were ten."

"Sorry it took me so long to notice you."

"Nah. Right after that, Taylor showed up and for the next few years it was about training and learning everything we could."

"I used to watch the two of you and wonder what you could be talking so seriously about especially when I'd see you and her out by your pool when I'd be at Marissa's in the summer."

"If there were books, magic. If I was limping, patrol. If we were just relaxing - you."


"When it wasn't demons or some big bad trying to stake his claim to Newport, the topic of you came up a lot."

"I'm not sure if that's creepy or sweet."

"I was so gone. Not that I'm not still gone - totally still gone on my beautiful princess."

"Sweet," Summer smiled. "And for the record? I'm gone too."

"Which is all of the good." He smiled happily. "Everything is wonderful."


"Except that." He turned the volume on the TV up another three notches.

"I've got a better idea," Summer climbed into Seth's lap. "Let's make our own noise."

"Hmm," Seth smiled.


Taylor ran a shaky hand through her hair, "Wow, that hasn't happened in a while."

"It hasn't? Didn't it happen last time?"

"Not *that*."

"Thank God."

"I mean the part where my brain just completely shut down and this was all I could think about."

"I like that part."

Taylor laughed, "I'll bet you do. Think we were too loud?"


"Not compared to that," Ryan said.

"Isn't it strange that the only time he's quiet is when he's with Summer that way?"

"I try not to think about it all that much."

"Good. I'd be worried if you did."

"Nothing to worry about. Temporary insanity aside, Summer's not my type."

"I was talking about Seth."

"That's just ......no."

Taylor giggled. "The look on your face."

"Hope it was worth it, because you finally found a way to get me out of the mood."

"And now," Taylor rolled over on top of him, "I get to find a way to put you back into the mood."

"Really? Any ideas?"

"Oh yes."

"Can't wait."


"Wow," Summer breathed as she lay back. "That was-I don't how to describe it."

"Amazing comes to mind," Seth said.

"Conceited much?"

"I was referring to you, actually."

"In that case, thank you," Summer smiled.

"Oh God, Taylor!"


"It's weird. The only time he's vocal is when he and Taylor are together like that."

"I so don't want to know how you know."

"I told you - we need to sound-proof the poll house."

"Can't you do a spell? I really don't want to hear that."

"With my luck, I'd just end up making you permanently deaf or something."

"Good point," Summer smiled. Just as she was about to suggest something to block out Ryan and Taylor something flew through her open window. But that wasn't what scared her. It was the fact that it was on fire. "Oh my God!"

"Shit!" Seth tossed the blanket off them and over the object. "Taylor! Ryan!"

"Fire extinguisher! Where is it?" Summer was scrambling frantically on the other side of the bed.

Taylor and Ryan appeared in the doorway.

"Crap! What the hell happened," Taylor said grabbing a shoe of Summer's and putting it on her foot, she helped Seth put the fire out.

"It came through the window." Summer said, snatching a pillow to cover herself with and tossing the extinguisher onto the bed with the other hand.

"I don't see anyone." Ryan glared out the window.

"Some demons hire minions to deliver their messages. There's this demon called Fyarl and mainly they're used to kill things that are bothering their bosses."

"A Fyarl would've kicked down the door. They're not exactly subtle."

"Good point. We need to do research. There are books in the back of my closet."

"Can we put some clothes on first?" Seth asked.

"We have clothes on." Taylor looked down at Ryan's shirt, glanced over where her boyfriend was surreptitiously buttoning his jeans. "Totally with the clothes."

"We don't." Summer snapped from the other side of the bed. "Shoo."

"Shooing," Taylor said. "Get dressed and get snacks."

"Oh goodie. Research party," Seth rolled his eyes.

"Something you're good at. I'd think you'd be happy."

"I'm naked under *Summer's* robe in a room with my friend and my brother. Happy is not possible."

"We'll meet you in my room."


Taylor and Ryan exited.


"That feels nice. Thank you," Taylor murmured as Ryan rubbed her shoulders about two hours later.

"You're welcome."

"Alright Atwood, I know you have some biological need that makes you have to touch Townsend every five minutes or so but we need your eyes on a book."

"Any of those books in English or Spanish?"


"That's a no, then."

"Besides I like it when he touches me. It makes me feel so much better," Taylor murmured.

"And I like touching her."

"Would you two not do that," Seth made a face from Taylor's chaise lounge chair. "It's one thing to hear it through the walls but it's another to witness it."

"And you have no room to talk about being heard through the walls, Seth," Taylor told him.

"Can we focus, please? This demon almost turned Cohen into a charcoal briquette and I'd like to find a way to stop it."

"Here, here," Seth agreed.

Taylor smiled a little and then looked at the clock, "Oh my God. Is that the time? It's almost two am. Did either of you call home?"


"Relax. I called."

"And told Kirsten what was going on?"

Seth shifted uncomfortably. "I told her we were researching."

"Meaning that he was vague and unclear about what we were researching and why and now, when she finds out, because she always finds out, we will all get a lecture about keeping her, as Watcher, informed."

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Great. Thanks a lot."

"Happy to help," Seth smiled.

Taylor threw a pillow at him.

"Ow," he whined.

Taylor leaned back against Ryan, her head tipped back on his shoulder.


"I think everything's catching up with me."

"It's been a busy night."

"We need to find a way to protect Cohen from the demon!" Summer yelled. "You can't sleep until we do that!"

"Lower the volume, Summer. The neighbors don't need to know what we're up to," Ryan said, nodding towards Taylor's open window.

"Like they're sober enough to hear or understand."

Taylor giggled as her eyes drifted shut.


"Taylor, wake up," Summer said. "We found something."

"What? Hunh?"

"We found way to stop everyone."


"Well, the current badness."

"Good," Taylor smiled. "So, do I get to throw her into the ocean and wait for the bubbles?"

"Taylor, she's human."


"No bubbles," Ryan whispered in her ear.

"Seth, can you make her hair purple?"

"Not reliably. I'd probably end up turning her into a Care Bear or something."

"Not seeing a problem with that."

"Our luck she'd turn into some demonic version with mind control powers a-la Barney."

"Barney was a demon?"

"How else do you think he got so popular?"

"I think he's from a dimension where everything's plush."

The four teens shuddered at the thought.

"Back to Lindsey," Seth said. "We have a way to stop her. We just need a little help."

"Alex or Anna?"


"Big spell?"

"Yes. We're casting a spell on her to make her want to move to Chicago and never come back."

"That's dark magic, isn't it?"

"Not really. We're not compelling her to jump off a cliff or anything."

"Just to forget about us and move."

"Oh, and forget about magic."

"I like it," Taylor curled her legs beneath her. "I'll call Anna."

"How do we deal with the Fiernan, then?"

"One the things we're compelling her to do is cancel the contract."

"Which is why we need the extra oomph."

"How do we explain the disappearance to Caleb?"

"She went to live with family that wasn't evil?"

"What makes you think he'll care?"

"He's given her money. She's an investment now. He'll care," Taylor said.

"Not when he finds out what she used the money for."

"We can't tell him."

"Why not?"

"He'll hire someone to kill her. And with the money Grandpa has, HIS assassin won't miss."

"So, she just decided to leave," Taylor said. "That's all he needs to know. He doesn't have to give her anymore money and he doesn't have to worry about her coming around anymore."

"He's gonna be suspicious."

"He's more concerned about getting his powers back."

"We need to do this quick and clean," Summer said.

"Agreed," Taylor nodded.

"I'll go down to the club and contact Alex."

"Why you?" Taylor frowned at him.

"Because I'm not a target and I can tell when I'm being followed."

"So can I."

"And you'd have half the vampires and stuff in town after you before you got half a block."

"Not if they want to stay undusted."

"They're not that bright; or you'd have nothing to do."

"Nothing to do. Do you know how nice that sounds," Taylor sighed.

"You'd be bored before the end of a week."

Taylor put an arm around Ryan's neck, "I think I could keep myself occupied."

"Can we focus, please? I want my boyfriend uncursed sometime this month, okay?"

"I'm not cursed, Summer."

"Un-targeted, then."

"Agreed," Taylor said. "Need to put the witch's focus off the bestest friend."


"Shut up," Taylor frowned at Ryan.

"Calling Anna now. You should get going so you can grab Alex before the club opens."

"A witch in charge of a night club. That's weird."

"Not really. I hear there's one in San Francisco run by three witches."

"Feel like driving the bike," Taylor dangled her keys in front of Ryan.


"Yeah. I don't let you do it that often and I'm feeling generous."

"You just like how I say "thanks"."


"Nice. Good harmony there, guys."

"I think Seth had more of the melodic line, though."

"So, is that a yes," Taylor asked.

Ryan took the keys, "Let's go."

"Try and keep it down tonight, alright?"

"Same to you, Roberts," Ryan called over his shoulder.


"Alex," Taylor called out as she and Ryan walked into the club.

"Hey." Alex frowned, and then sighed. "That kind of thing, is it?"

"Yeah. We need you and your witchy ways to help us send someone who's trying to hurt Seth somewhere and for her to never want to come back."

"Bad person?"

"Remember the power-binding?"

"It's come loose?"

"No, she's just using money now."

"Ah," Alex nodded. "Now, it's beginning to make sense. I've been getting a lot of low level normal looking demons in here with a lot of cash to burn. I was wondering who the new benefactor was. You call Anna?"

"Seth and Summer were taking care of it when we left."

"I'll call her later on and we'll come up with a plan. Anna can talk to Seth tomorrow."

"You know he was joking about that sky clad thing."

Alex rolled her eyes, "Whatever. Why don't you two stay and have a drink? The band's pretty good tonight."

"Sounds good."

"You don't want to get back?"

"I was thinking of following one of those cash-heavy demons."

"Only," Taylor pressed closer, "if you dance with me."

"You know I don't dance."

"I'll let you drive the motorcycle back."

"It's going to take a little more incentive than that."

"Really. Sandy and Kirsten are going away this weekend right? A belated V-day trip," Taylor smiled.


"Then what about you and me using the hot tub while they're gone?"

"Just you and me?"

"I will personally tie Seth and Summer to each other and lock Seth's door."

"I don't really need that mental image."

"But the rest of it?"

"Hey, it's your toes."

"Slow dance. I think you can handle that," Taylor smiled.

"I'll give it a shot."

"Just let me lead," Taylor smiled as they sat at a table.

"Always do," Ryan said.