Summery: My name is Bella Swan and this is my story. I live in Newfoundland Conception bay south which is outside the capital St. Johns. It is the coldest and foggiest place in the face of the planet well maybe except the north poles but those are the only exception to that rule. My parents are Charlie and Lily Swan who are way over protective and never let me do anything I want. My younger sister is Rose who can be a pain in the neck.

Summery: My name is Nate Grey and this is my story. I live In Boston which is in the United States of America. It is huge and the people in my opinion can be a bit nuts no offence to them or anything. My parents are Todd and Jane Grey who are here just to make our lives miserable. I have two older brothers Shane and Jason plus a younger sister named Elizabeth. Oh yea and my dog Tiger who is huge.

Site Summery: When two people from two different places in the world come together on the internet, will there two differnt worlds bring them close together? Rated T. Natella.

Two different worlds!

Chapter one
Part one
Isabella POV

"Where is it? Don't tell me I lost it err this sucks." I moaned

"Looking for this? Isabella what have I told you?" Lily scolded

"To look out for my stuff more carefully and that I should put things away when I'm done." I replied.

" Right now I found this on the counter in the kitchen how am I going to reach you if you keep leaving your cell phone around what if something happened to you?" asked Lily

" Mother for Pete sake I'm sixteen years old and school is like ten blocks away and I don't have a social life and I never go anywhere hell I don't even go to the school dances. What could I possibly get in too?" I replied irrated

"Honey you don't know what kind of people are out there is a number of possibilities and I want to get a hold of you at all times." Lily said.

"Mom this is insane. You call me like 15 times a day plus you have to read every email that I have and don't tell me you don't because I know you do now get the hell out of my room." I said coldly.

"Wait till your father gets home from work you have know right to talk to me that way young lady." Lily replied.

"Whatever." I said.

Well I guess I should just write in my diary there is nothing else to do.

Dear, dairy April 10, 2009

Well as usual my mother is gone crazy again just because I forgot my cell phone on the kitchen table can you believe that? I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I had different parents all together or if they were completely different. I know I say this in almost every entry I make but it is true if they weren't so over bearing I would have more friends than just three. If I wasn't in this stupid bubble that they put me in. Wow I can't believe I haven't mentioned my sister in this diary yet well I guess that makes perfect sense sense I just started to write in a diary. Her name is Rose and she is eight years old and she is a major drama queen and is so annoying. I rather have a dog but of course we can't have one because it could bite us. My parents are so stupid they might just be the most stupid on the face of the planet. Lily works in health care and my dad works in the police department which is why I can understand why he is uptight but Lily has no excuse. End of entry.

Now what that only took like fifteen minutes and I have the rest of the day to myself what am I going to do with myself? I know I will check my emails.

Let's see I have eight new messages.

"It rain in California too."

"We all love the world"

"Do you love me?"




"Talk to people from around the world."

Ohh this one looks promising not like the others I'm going to see what that's about.

If you want to know what it likes around the world just click here and send your email address and we will send you someone else's so you can talk to them. A wonderful way to make new friends. No parents permission required if you are 16 years or older!

Name: Bella Swan

Email address: Bella12345 hotmail (dot) com

Age: 16

Personality: I'm quiet with a low confidence. I have few friends but loyal to the ones that I have. I'm smart, nice, interesting and understanding. Can talk for hours.

Oh wow I can't believe I just did that and sent it wow!

April just signed in, my computer beeped.

April: Hi what's up?

Bella: Hi. Nm in fact I just talk to people from around the world. Answered and sent that in and made mom mad.

April: Again? That's the third time this week. Man you suck.

Bella: I know but you know my mom freaks out over every little thing unnecarly. She's insane. So did you ever hear about that people around the world thing before?

April: lol yeah I know what your mom can be like. Yes that's how I met Danny over it so when he moved here we already knew what each other was like now we are together and happy and in love! It's wonderful.

Bella: I bet I just signed up so it will be a few days but I highly doubt that I will get anyone interesting but who knows at least I will have someone new to talk to.

April: Don't worry over it well I got to go we are going swimming bye loves you.

Bella: Yeah bye loves ya!

Chapter one
Part two
Nate POV

Who would know that one itty bitty razor blade could hurt so damn much?

eah I cut myself you got a problem with that? Well too bad.

"Nate gets your but down here now before I come up there and skin your ass." Yelled Todd, my father.

"Coming father" I yelled back and ran down the stair reluctantly because I know what's coming to me.

"You took long enough now me and your mother is going out so you have to take care of your sister Elizabeth because your worthless brothers are out. If you do this and don't screw it up you won't get a betting when we get back deal." Todd said calmly

"Sure why not sense I got nothing to do with my evening to take care of my sister while my good for nothing parents go out and get wasted so they can beat me even more." I replied stupidly

"Why you ungrateful bastered after all that we did for you is that how you repay us." Growled Todd. This followed by a half hour beating which left me all bruised up with twelve cuts on my lip two black eyes and a bloody nose. He also made me lose a wisdom tooth well actually it saves me a dentist trip. But that isn't the point plus my whole body hurt all over now I got to go and get a long bubble bath and yes I take bubble baths so deal with it.

" Sorry-y I won't say that to your face again promise." I replied quietly. Me and my stupid big mouth it always gets me into trouble.

"Humph well I guess that will do for now but don't ever say anything like that again unless you want your head beat in. Now clean this house up and it better be spotless be times I get home and get your brothers in the house before we get home or else." Todd said sternly.

"Yes sir." I replied while thinking to myself how in the hell I was going to track down my brothers down and get them home before they got back well I guess I will have to figure it out. I hate my brothers sometimes they know what they are like and they leave me and sis to take the punches while they get high or lad which ever one they could get. But I can't really blame them they all have to go through this same hell as me.

"Good now we will be off bye." Todd said happily. I hate it when they are happy I mean if they can make everyone else's lives miserable why they deserve to be happy. This world sucks it's so not fair I hate them no I hate my life so much. I probably go off myself only for the fact little sis would be left to fend for herself and I can't allow that to happen so here I am.

"Please try to be good you don't want to get your father mad again you don't need another betting tonight unless you have a death wish." Jane said softly. Little did she know how true her words were. But of course she don't I mean after all she is a druggy and alcoholic.

"I guess mother what ever you say." I say just to please her ha.

"That's my good boy." She said pleased. Then they left without a word to Elizabeth or a backward glace at me or the mess of the house was in thanks to the last fight. Oh crap where is sis anyway I know she heard the fight she must be scared out of her mind!

"Sis, Elizabeth where are you? Come out its ok they are gone!" I yelled

"Are you sure?" sobbed Elizabeth. She was under the chair in the dining room crying and clinging to her teddy bear for dear life. She is only four years old not even in school and she saw and heard more than most of the people in high school see in violence.

"Yes I'm sure honey they are gone and everything is ok as long as we find our stupid brothers and clean this house oh and you fast asleep in your nice warm bed." I explained to her.

" Wh-what are we gonna do bow they could be anywhere and this howe is a messy essy." She whined

" Oh honey I don't know how I'm going to pull this off but I will and nobody is going to hurt you as long as I'm breathing I promise." I promised. Even as I promised her this I didn't know how I was going to keep it but I knew I had to for her sake. All I want for her is to be happy and to get out of this mess but I have no idea what to do about it.

"Lets get this howe cleaned up bow." She said calmly. It took us well mostly me three hours to clean up the house to the way it was before and by that time I was bet out and just wanted to go to bed.

"Ok sis its time for bed." I said sleepily

"Oh ok can you read me the story about snow white again I loves that one." She said tiredly.

"Of course I will than you must go to sleep so I can find our silly brothers and drag the buts home." I said this while wondering how I was going to find them.

"Ok sounds like a plan bow." She said sleepily. I read the book to her and tucked her in and be times I got out of the room she was fast asleep and I could count on her to sleep all night unless something woke her up. This is great for me. Now there was only one thing left to do find my brothers. First I tried their cell phones because I'm not stupid but of course there was no answer.

"You idiots where are you why can't you keep your cell phones on you assholes it's not that hard. Err." I said angrily to the phone, I would have yelled and screamed if sis wasn't sleeping.

"Hello phones operator can you track the number 725-001 I lost my phone and can't seem to find it. I'm Jason Nathanial Shane Grey." I said to the operator.

"I will track it for you if you can tell me the date of birth." She said smugly.

"Ok that's easy I was born June 5, 1991." I said proudly.

"Ok your phone is on bolder road at the house numbered 57." She said finally

"Thanks a lot I'm always miss placing my phone it kind of sucks." I said pretending to be sad and the fool bought it all up the sucker. Lucky for me the street wasn't that far unlucky for me he is mostly with a girl great. In 15 minutes I was standing at the door where Shane was at I took a deep and rang the door bell and prayed I had the right house.

"What do you want?" A scary huge guy with at least twenty tattoos and five facial pericings with spikes on them.

"Umm is Shane Grey there?" I asked nervously.

"Man I got so many people in here its not funny. But you know what come in and look around maybe he is here." He offered pleasantly.

"Thanks I think I will." I replied. I went in and passed all the drunks until I found my drunk of a brother he was sprawled on their couch fast asleep snoring his fucking head off.

"WAKE UP!" I yelled in his ear and he jumped up with a start and just stared at me for a couple of minutes before he said anything in his slurred speech.

"Ahh here is my wonderful brother Natey I love you." He sang as he leaned on me as I was walking him out the door and down the street until I got him home.

"Ahh great we are home my sweet, sweet loving brother who I adore." He mumbled.

"Oh shut up you drunk good for nothing asshole now I'm going to put you in your bed ok my sweet brother." I said annoyed. It took me twenty five minutes to get him up the stairs in his room undressed and in bed and he fought me the whole entire time he was horrible. Then I had to give him like five kisses before he would stay in his bed I don't know what it is with him he always gets so spooky and childish when he is drunk.

"Alright next is Jason, I will try his phone again ok Shane." I whispered to him but all I got for a reply was a loud snore. Which was perfect because I know he will stay put ha ha ha. Just like before I didn't get any answer on the phone.

"Hello operator I'm Jason Steve Luke Grey and I seemed to have missed placed my phone. Oh and before you ask me my birthday is July 18, 1990. As you can probably guess ive been through this process before because I lose my phone a lot trust me on that." I said convincingly.

"Ok than Mr. Grey your phone is on Maple drive at the house numbered 109." She said cheerfully. Another sucker that fallen into my trap ha ha ha.

"Thanks very much." I said. It took me a half hour to get the the house and just like before I took a deep breath and knocked on the door and hoped I had the right house.

" Whats up dog come on in don't be shy im Ted." He said loudly. But I decided to do what he said and went in. It took me just a few minutes to find Jason lying on a floor that was full of needles and pills and other stuff I had no idea what it was.

" Jas wake up its me Nate come on you asshole get up we got to get home before dad and mom get home." I said loudly in his ear. This resulted him springing up and hitting me in the jaw which made me fall to the dirty disgusting floor.

" Oh my god Nate I'm soo sorry about that Nate I didn't mean too please forgive me please." He cried loudly. But I was very surprised that he appered to be completely sober.

" Yes I'm fine I guess I've had much worse. Are you sober." I couldn't hep but ask.

" Ahh yea I am been sober for at least umm an hour sorry about this I really am." He said sadly.

" Its ok life hasn't been easy for us I just wish that you would pick your drug time on better days or at least times. Or even just tell me where your going or answer your phone when I call you." I said to him as we walked down the street. Then I told him what happened since he was away with mom, dad, Shane, sis and of course me.

" Errr out of all of us you are the winner you have survived the best I will try to be better honest I will you shouldn't have to do have the stuff you do at sixteen its just not fair to any of us. But that is still no excuse for our behaviour." He said. The thing about Jason I loved him when he was sober and he wasn't all that bad when he wasn't not like Shane I love my brothers and sister but hate my life otherwise. It is a cruel world after all.

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