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Chapter 2

Bella POV

Dear dairy,

Well I'm such a loser I would have to be to write in you as soon as I wake up I mean I haven't gotten out of bed yet. Pathetic I know but that's me the loser that can't go or do anything and has no romance at all. Of course I blame it on my psycho parents and my low self confidence. If I hadn't told you yet it is Easter break now the second day into it Yay. Not I hate it because I can't escape my parents and I'm cooped up in this house with my annoying sister Rose. Hate my life. Oh well, not much longer now till I can finally leave this house and never come back. Oh by the way it is April 11, 2009.

After I am done writing in my dairy I go to my computer to see if I got a response yet from my thingy I sent yesterday but of course with my luck I haven't which sucks. I get out of the site and up pop my friend Summer.

Summer: Hey you there?

Bella: Yup I'm here going crazy.

Summer: lol. Hey I know this is just like a long shot or something but do you want to come to my house for a sleepover it would be fun.

Bella: You know I would but you know my parents they won't allow it.

Summer: You know I think you're a great person but seriously you're no fun. You can never do anything.

Bella: Well sorry but its not my fault my parents are assholes who won't let me do anything now is it? You could come here.

Summer: No thanks your parents drive me nuts you cant do anything! So no thanks. Well bye see you in like a week and a half.

Bella: Yea bye.

I can't believe this my parents are going to ruin my life!

"What the hell do you think you're doing young lady?" Lily growled in her angry voice as I went into the kitchen getting things to make Kraft dinner.

"Making Kraft dinner what does it look like to you?" I said irritated with her and I didn't care if the bitch knew it. "Let me guess you have something against that too?"

"Yes I do have a problem with that because I saw on the news that this girl got burnt from the cooking and scared her for life, so new rule no where near the stove."

"Mom that is so stupid I am sixteen years old you can't ban me from the stove. Nothing bad is gunna happen to me so stop being a crazy retarded asshole for once and wake up to reality please." I said to my mother unthinkingly, if I had been thinking I would never had said it not in a million years.

"Isabella I am hurt and ashamed to be your mother at this point all I ever try is to protect you from every possible danger and this is how you speak to me?" She said in a high pitched voice as if she was going to burst into tears at any moment.

" Mom its not that I don't understand what you are trying to do but it is ridicules you cant keep me in a bubble I have to do stuff for myself whether you like it or not." I said irritated not caring that she was already hurt I didn't give a damn what she thought of me at this point.

"Humph well young lady I guess we will have a very long talk when your father gets home now won't we. Now march your but up to your room and don't let me hear a sound coming from your room got that." Lily scowled.

"Yes loud and clear." I said annoyed I than went up to my room shoved my head phones on and put on my favorite song 'the climb' by Miley Cyrus. Then I turned on my computer to see if I got any reply on the round the world thing that I put in. To my excitement there were three replies. Yay!

Todd- I'm an A+ student in school I am in grade 11. My favorite things to do are read and do crossword puzzles and of course study. I am a good listener and am good with figuring out problems. I am 5 feet 4 tall with glasses but under those glasses are the blues eyes would ever see I have very curly brown silkily short hair and has a dazzling smile. I live in New York.

Angel- Hey world this is angel writing and this is what I send to everyone and if you get this don't feel special or anything don't even think I like you it is just to find out about the world. Because I want to be a fashion designer and need to know everything go me! I have someone from everywhere except the southern states and you guessed the no where special not important places called Labrador and Newfoundland. You send pictures and talk to me and I will be on my way. Kiss, Kiss! By the way just in case you're curious as to where I live I live in the glorious and wondrous place called Los Angeles baby.

Ocean- Yea I know it is a weird and uncommon name but my parents are one of a kind. I love hiking and surfing waves in the roughest wave's dude. However I can be sensitive I love poetry and songs that is designed to fill the heart with emotions you never thought possible. I live in Hawaii my whole entire life and just want to meet new people. It is very hot here lol.

Angle sounds fake. No way in hell I'm going to reply to him or her. Ocean and Todd sound okay though. I write back to each of them with the same message:

"Hi, you sound interesting. My name is Bella and I'm 16. Write back if you want to talk some more,"

Hopefully I will be talking to them soon but with my luck I wont. Fuck my life.

"Bella come down here please!" Charlie yelled after hours of waiting and dreading his return home.

"Yea dad." I replied as I walked down the stairs slowly and quietly thinking of how I would talk to them to get me not grounded or worse. My parent's over react to every little thing that happens it is very annoying I hate it.

"Now is what your mother say true Bella because if it is we are going to have a serious talk. You have no right to talk to your loving mother that way or call her those thing cause it is simply not true." He said seriously. As much as I wanted to deny it I knew I had to fess up because there is no other option.

I took a deep breath, "Yes I said lots of things to mom that weren't very nice but I was having a lousy day I mean I was depressed and irritated you no and I exploded. But dad even you can admit me not being allowed to use the stove or the microwave is down right crazy and ridicules its not like it could kill or harm me what's the worse that could happen to me like seriously! Some times you guys can be down right unbearable you know even unreasonable. For example my best friend Summer is having a sleep over and I can't go to it which sucks I cant do anything with my friends or any other normal sixteen people for that matter." I talked so fast he couldn't interrupt until I finished what I had to say. Then there were a few minutes of complete silence that left no doubt that he was thinking about what I just said.

"I admit that sometimes we go over board with the protecting thing but it is just for your safety let me reassure of that however I will have to think about this some more so I will talk to you tomorrow about this now off to bed." He said with a bit of some aspiration in his voice.

"Umm ok dad good night or evening I guess." After that climbing the stairs felt like a breeze. Maybe just maybe the winds were changing to my advantage.

Part two

Nate POV

"Good morning sleepy head. Have a good night sleep my bro?" Jason sang happily. Why did he have to be happy? There is absolutely nothing good about sharing a bed with your brother unless you are a freak that is like romantically in love with your brother or something like the Jonas brothers were with two of the yuck.

"Morning, great," I say sarcastically. There is nothing good about it we are going to go down stairs and our so called parents will yell at us for nothing.

"Come on crabby lets go down stairs and get something to eat." With that he sprang off my bed kissed me on the fore head and raced out my room like there was no tomorrow. I get up go in the bathroom and scrub my face and get a shower while there is still hot water left than slowly and quietly go down stairs.

"Good morning Nate thanks for babysitting last night really am thankful for it "Jane said happily. What did I hear her right she was thanking me man I must be dreaming or something I mean they never thank me there has to be something going on it is either that or they are aliens which would be good for me. I bet the aliens would be better so I will wait till they show themselves for what they are. Ha can't fool me!

"Now listen Nate we are a happy family that is very loving and supportive we don't have any problems and everything is great plus we got you a new laptop if you go along with that story got that kid." Jane whispered really low into my ear. That's when I noticed that Jason, Shane and Elizabeth had very fake smiles on their faces and eating their breakfast which is bacon and eggs with French toast yummy. I go over and set at the table and eat my breakfast. That is when a short fat guy with a shinny bald head and a thick curved mustache with an ugly business suite walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning kids how are we this morning?" The ugly guy asked cheerfully.

"Good." We all said in a fake cheerful voice which made me want to scream but of course I didn't cause that would be very stupid of me.

"That's good I am Mr. Hoddinott and I am from social services checking to make sure you are in a happy loving and most important safe environment. Now you are probably thinking or wondering to yourself what brought me to your home and the answer to that question would be that the neighbors have heard and seen some things that they don't like one little bit." He said all nice like.

"Mr. Hoddinott I can assure you that I take great care of my wonderful kids with the best of care why I wouldn't touch one hair on their loving heads they make me so very proud. Also they get a great education." Todd said without a hesitateshion. Ha what lies it made me want to laugh my head off because that was completely the complete opposite of what really went on I had to bite my tongue until it bleed not to laugh or make some witty remark. I was such a nice lie that I was sure he would not have believe my father but of course like all those social dweebs he was stupid and clueless. So he kind of bought it.

"Kids is this true because if it isn't we can fix the problem." Mr. Ugly said calmly but quietly. Now me and my brothers are not stupid we knew what would happen if we didn't say are lives here was perfect we would get worse so we did the only thing we could we lied of course. During the longest hour and half talking to Mr. Hoddinott which by the way is the weirdest last name I ever heard of. Anyway we convinced the dummy that we loved our family and everything was just great and that we were fine. So he left I mean I only love my brothers and sister but my parents could rot in hell for all I cared.

"Well I will be back to do some follow ups just to make sure on this situations so have a nice day folks." He said happily and left.

"That was good for once you kids did something right here are your laptops but if they become a problem they will be taken away and you would have the shit bet out of you." Todd said sternly. This is wonderful I got a computer so it won't suck so much now I can actually talk to people outside of school awesome. We accepted the laptops eagerly and race off to our rooms to get started with setting them up. This made my day a little less suckish. The dumbo should come here more often! We would get more presents which made me go into hysterical laughter.

"This is awesome isn't it the dude shows up and we get stuff." Shane said while bouncing on my bed in complete joy.

"Sure, sure we are full of luck. What happens the next time or the next what happens if we are taken away from him?" I asked quietly I would have spoken louder but I was afraid he would hear me on the verge of tear and there would be no end to the teasing I would get.

"Who cares anywhere is better than here isn't it bro. This is hell on earth man." He said calmly and rightly. Hell I didn't care about this hell hole at all but if they took us away but I would be separated most likely from Elizabeth and that would suck it doesn't affect Shane or Jason cause they can leave however that would mean leaving me and sis alone which for some bizarre reason they wont but it is not like they are a huge help but some I guess.

"Because they would separate me and sis you guys won't matter because you guys can take of yourself and won't be in the system and you guys cant have us because there is a rule or something on the age thingy" I say in one breath. Then there was a moments silence then he got up and hugged me so tightly that I thought he would cut me half then he ruffled my hair and kissed me. What a weird day I mean I never got so much kisses before.

" Buddy I never thought about that but I promise you that I am going to change I will get off the drugs and lay low with the alcohol and help out more you have my word." He said passionately. I wanted to believe him so badly but I knew it was only a matter of time before he would crack but I decided that I would enjoy him sober for as long as he could remain that way so instead of saying that I said this. "I love you Shane."

"I love you too little bro good night sweet dreams don't let the bed bugs bite." And with that he skipped out of my room like he was a little girl that just received her first dance trophy.

"You're crazy!" I yelled after him but of course he didn't hear me or if he did he never responded thankfully.

Hmm let's see this is actually not a bad computer wow they really wanted to look good but why I mean it would solve their problems of us we would be gone from them like forever. An hour later I had the computer or should I say my computer up and running just the way I wanted it. Now let's see if I can find someone to talk to. Internet yes it works hey this add sounds or should I say looks promising.

. Talk to people from around the world

Talk to people from around the world all you have to do is give your email, place you live age and there is no parental permission required if your 16 or older and don't forget to leave a thing of your personality.

Place: Boston

Name: Nate

Age: 16

Personality: Well I can't say much of my personality but I am nice I guess. I understand a lot of things must people wont and am a good talker and listener. Pretty easy going and I don't get offended easily, I can stay up for a long period of time talking or on the computer. I like reading and writing oh and drawing. No I am not a geek so shut up. I love sports like football, soccer, baseball, boxing and swimming. I play football, baseball, boxing and swimming. I was in soccer but it was too much so I quiet. I am mostly a straight A student so maybe I am a geek but a cute one if that counts for anything lol.

"There is guess it sent now I wait till there is a reply. I said to myself than I go down stairs and eat dinner which of course I had to make for all of us which I am used to I am the only one that knows how to cook around here pathetic.

"What's for dinner bro I will help I would have something on in the microwave but I had to bath Elizabeth and Shane is still on his laptop go figure." Jason said as he went to the counter next to me.

"Well since I am in such a good mood I decided to make pasta with garlic bread and made ice tea which is in the fridge. Oh we need to go shopping for food and guess what mom was so nice and gave us a hundred dollars to go towards for food." I say while putting the pasta on the stove.

" hmm that is twenty more than last time how pathetic is that well I squeezed forty dollars out of dad which makes the total one hundred and forty dollars from mom and dad the rest if we go over board is left to me and Shane great." He said as he put the garlic bread in the oven.

"Hey bows say hi to tutu my dolly." Elizabeth said as she ran in Jason's arms.

"Hi dolly," we both say in our best kiddy voice we could muster.

"Yay!" She screamed.

The rest of the day went really great we went shopping for food than had ice-cream. We packed the food away than spent the rest of the day in the park not worrying about anything until it got dark and we had to get home. To my surprise and great relief they were asleep so we all got off for now so we all went in our rooms and also went to sleep because we didn't want anything to wake them up not after such a great day.