Penelope Fan fiction—An Interesting Proposal

Author's Note—This is the first time I have ever posted fan fiction on the net and it happens to be from my new favorite movie. I hope you enjoy the read and let me know if anything needs to be fixed, if you have suggestions, etc. Seriously, I welcome all comments—flames or not. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, Lemon was the tabloid guy obsessed with trying to get a picture of Penelope. I'm not sure if his name was mentioned at all during the film.

Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own any of these characters. I just loved the movie.

Chapter One—Lemon

Sighing heavily, Lemon rubbed his forehead, blinked weary eyes, and then finally gave up as he threw the file back onto his desk. He would work on the story later. It was so late now and his eyes were practically swimming with exhaustion. Well, his one eye anyway. The eye that was covered by the patch felt empty nothingness. Oh, the lengths he went to for a story. Luckily, all that had changed. Now that his biggest potential story was already out, he had a change of heart and left the world of tabloids for a job at writing crime reports.

Heh, he thought to himself. I gave up writing news about famous people to take up writing news about infamous people. He smiled to himself as he stood up and got his coat to leave. He had only one arm through the coat sleeve, however, and was spinning around trying to get the other arm in when he happened to catch sight of something.

A tabloid was half-hidden under the file he had just thrown onto the desk and somehow, the face on the front cover seemed familiar. He stopped what he was doing and moved over to his desk. If his exhaustion was not deceiving him, he thought he had seen the name "Penelope" on the front cover. It was not her face that was pictured beside the name, however. As a matter of fact, it wasn't a woman's face at all.

Picking it up, Lemon immediately recognized the blank stare of the dim-witted fellow on the cover—Edward. The picture displayed Edward kneeling with a ring in his hand. The blue blood heir had a stupid expression on his face and the huge, bold letters that accompanied it read, "Handsome socialite Edward still wants to marry Penelope but…will she accept?" In a small inset was a picture of Penelope, now with a not-so-piggish nose and actually looking quite radiant. (Of course, the picture cut out the smiling man standing with her…). Agh, Lemon thought. Didn't that boy know when to give up? And besides, wasn't Penelope with Johnny?

Of course, the last time he saw them, Johnny (formerly mistaken to be the blue blood Maxwell Campion) was pushing Penelope on a swing in the park. Lemon had been waiting for a moment like this—a chance to capture Penelope with her new lover and then write up some juicy story about it for the front page. He had chosen the perfect spot and even had the camera ready. Now all he needed was to snap a few pictures of them together and then…something inside him made him stop. As he sat there in the rowboat and watched the happy couple, something deep inside made him lower his camera and not take pictures.

Instead, after gazing at them for a moment longer, he rowed to shore, got out of the boat, and went straight to his boss to quit his job. This was not for him. This shouldn't be what he was doing. Johnny was right. He should have just left her alone. Now that he had quit his job and finally found a new one, she would be left alone. Well, by him at least. He couldn't make all of the other tabloid workers quit their job too.

Sad, he thought, chuckling ironically. Sometimes, those tabloid writers were so wrapped up into writing about other people's lives that they forget to live their own. Fortunately, he had come to that realization a long time ago and quit. Now he had a new job and while it didn't pay too well, it was better than what he used to do. He smiled upon this reflection and realized that he had Penelope to thank for it. Hmmm…he thought again. Maybe it's time I came for a visit. I can see how she's doing and maybe even find out see what this Edward-is-proposing business is all about.