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Bella POV

Dear fucking God, I was bored; insanely bored at work. And knowing that my amazing, gorgeous, fuckhot British boyfriend err… boss, was only three doors away - was not exactly helping. Still with last night's activities on the forefront of my mind, I'm sure as fuck wasn't going to get anything productive done today.


"Mm, Swan… I love when you're a naughty girl and don't wear panties underneath your skirt." Masen said, his long fingers slowly gliding up the pale skin of my bare leg. I giggled softly – God, how he knew that I loved his dirty British lingo – the bastard.

"And that laugh, you wicked minx, you know what it bloody well does to me," He teased, backing my body with his own against the wall. I responded by pushing my semi-naked body against his – we had just gotten home from a fantastic dinner that was drunk out of a particularly wonderful bottle of red wine.

"Mm, I've forgotten what it does to you, care to remind me?" I asked innocently, teasing him. Almost immediately, Masen grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the wall with his hand. Expertly grinding his cock into my over-heated body, I bit my lip in anticipation of tonight's love-making.

"That's what you do to me, love."

"Mm…" I moaned.


"Ms. Swan?"


"Uh, Ms. Swan?" I looked up to notice that my secretary's voice was calling out of my intercom.

Oh dear God!

"Yes, yes, I'm here, Rhonda." I said fairly quickly, hoping she didn't catch my impromptu moaning.

"You're mother is on line two and Mr. Masen is on line one."

Speaking of my gorgeous, boyfriend…

"Yes… thank you." I said in a hurry, my voice eager to speak to Edward. I quickly killed the intercom line with Rhonda and clicked over to Masen.

"Hello you incredibly, sexy, gorgeous man; I can't seem to stop thinking about those fantastic hands of yours, gliding up my legs to my…"


Oh… Jesus… fucking Christ.

"Reneeeee! I completely knew it was you! I was just…"

"Isabella Marie Swan! Are you talking about sex? God, are you using…"

"MOTHER! I will call you later – lotsoflove, bye." I hung before the horrible woman could get in another word. Taking a deep breath, I clicked over to my other line.

"Edward?" I asked my voice small, unsure. I was sure as hell wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.

"Yes, Love, it's me." He chuckled, mimicking my hushed tone. "Why are we whispering?" He asked curiously. My cheeks reddened at the thought that I had just basically told my mother about the fantastic sex I had last night.

"Well, let's just say my mother now knows how incredible your hands were last night." Masen's beautiful chuckle danced its way into my ear.

"Oh Bella, I love you, you dirty bitch; your own Mother?"

"Well, not on purpose! I thought she was you!" I cried, still whole-heartedly embarrassed.

"Oh… really?" He asked, his voice dropping down a tone or two. My eyebrows rose at the sudden change of his tone.

"Yes, James, really." I said, my tone matching his.

"And do you mind telling me exactly what you said to your mother? You know, in case I have to explain myself?"

I bit my lip. If I really knew Masen at all, I knew exactly where this conversation was heading – down south – literally; the bastard liked to play dirty like that. So, I decided to take things up a notch.

"So…" I started, "…does this mean that we're locking doors?" I could feel Masen's half-grin through the other end of the receiver.

"And, closing the blinds, Swan." I groaned out of anticipation as "locking doors and closing blinds" meant one thing – hot as fuck office phone sex; one of the perks of fucking… err, dating the boss. Quickly I dropped the phone onto the desk with a soft 'thud' and basically ran to lock my office door. My blinds were rarely opened as is – those were nothing to worry about. Within moments, I picked up the phone again.

"Masen?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, Swan; I'm still impatiently waiting for you to explain just how fantastic my hands were last night – and oh, the dirtier the better."

I laughed softly, "God, you are such a perverted bastard."

"Mm, yes and you absolutely bloody love it, Swan. Now, go on, I'm becoming quite impatient with you teasing me, Bella."

"But, I love to tease you…" I said giggling, playfully – oh, how I knew he loved, loved the giggle.

"God and that fucking ridiculous giggle of yours. You know, if I didn't bloody know any better, Swan, I'd say that you do that shite on purpose; I like it." He responded, his voice playful. I smiled smugly, shrugging to no one in particular.

"I know nothing, James. Anyways, I thought we were going to talk about those wonderful hands of yours; those long, sensual, musician hands of yours. I keep remembering the way they slowly, sensually ran up my legs until they reached my thighs, when those lovely fingers of yours curled around my thighs, pulling me closer and closer to…" I said, my voice trailing off, my memory vivid of Masen's soft lips against my inner thigh.

"To my mouth, Swan? God, you know that bloody well, love to go down on you. The best part though? I love watching you. Your head it tilts backwards, your hair falls behind you, and your lips part… those lovely little moans that pass through those pretty little lips of yours. Fuck, Swan just thinking about the way you look is making me incredibly hard, already."

I decided that I was going to be bold. "Touch yourself."

"Mm, already am, Swan." I moaned purely out of instinct. This man knew how to fucking turn me on just by whispering a few naughty words.

"Does that make you wet, Love? To know that I'm touching myself while picturing your lovely naked body?" I bit my lip and my hand unknowingly caressed my left breast.

"Incredibly, Edward. I wish you were here… touching me, whispering those things in my ear; you know I love it when you talk…"

"Dirty? God, you are such a naughty bitch, Swan." I groaned, grabbing my breast again, pushing my upper body into my hand, picturing that Masen was there, above me, his amazing hands on my tits.

"Fuck, Edward… all I can picture is you above me, your lips on my neck, your hands on my breasts, my hands tangled in the fucking crazy hair of yours. God, I need you, baby."

"Christ, I want you…" He retorted, his words barely above a whisper. "Swan, do me a bloody favor – touch yourself, tell me just how fucking wet you are." I took my hand from my cotton clad breast and moved down to my black trousers. I quickly undid the clasp and my more-than-eager fingers found its way to my dripping wet center.

"Oh dear God, Edward; it's insane at how fucking wet I am." I said, unable to control the moans coming out of my mouth.

"Fuck, Bella… mm, keep touching yourself for me, Love. Pretend it's me, my fingers, my words, my body pressed on top of yours, my dick throbbing against your body… fuck…"

I let my head fall back against my chair, my hand continuing to tease; my other hand holding tightly onto the phone – waiting for Masen's next words.

"Oh God, please… please tell me what to do next, James… I don't… think I can last much longer."

"Well, you better bloody well – I'm far from being done with you and that lovely cunt of yours."

"Fuck… I whispered softly, stopping the wonderful, minuscule moments my fingers were making. Edward groaned into the phone.

"Swan, have you stopped touching yourself? Naughty girl, did I tell you that you can stop?" I was about to say something snarky in retort, when he interrupted me.

"Bella; taste yourself for me," My eyes widened in slight surprise. This was something that I have never imagined that Masen would ask of me, but for some reason, it made me incredibly hot. Still in slight surprise, I answered in a moan as I quickly un-did the buttons of my blouse and impatiently grabbed my breast and I curiously tasted myself on my fingers – fuck, it made me hotter than ever.

"Swan? Are you there, love?" He asked his voice full of lust and pure curiosity.

"I'm here, baby and God… I wish you could see me right now."

"Tell me baby, tell me." I looked down at my disarrayed blouse and decided to start there.

"Well, my blouse is entirely open, exposing my bra – you know that lovely, lacy dark purple one you bought me…"

"Fuck…" I heard Masen whisper softly. "Go on, love."

I cleared my throat my hand still freely roaming my soft skin. "And God James, my nipples are incredibly hard. I'm picturing your full, pouty lips on them and those long, lovely fingers teasing them to where I can't take it anymore…" I trail off - wanting him to continue our little game, but all I got was nothing.


"God, I'm sorry love, I'm just trying not to fucking cum. Your voice, the way your describing those perfect, luscious tits of yours – makes me just want to fucking explode." I bit my bottom lip seductively and decided that we've teased one another long enough.

"Baby, I'm going to touch myself again… can you imagine that?"

"Yes, love… so wet… and perfect."

"And, I taste incredible." I added on smugly.

"Mm, yes… fucking incredible. Christ, Bella… fuck… I can't… all I can picture is my cock in your mouth – your tongue slowly fucking me up and down… you can't imagine how hot it is watching you do that, Love."

I squeezed my thighs together. Shit, he didn't know just how hot that image made me.

"God, I love to suck your dick, James. Your head tilted back, your fuckme hair all disarrayed. Your lips parted… oh… oh…" I trailed off, my body starting on the path of obliviation.

"That's right Love… fucking… ah… cum… ah, shit…" Masen moaned lowly, his orgasm taking over his toned frame. My body caught on and my entire body stiffened with pure fucking ecstasy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I whisper loudly, my eyes closing tightly, my inner thighs squeezing around my fingers. My release was so insanely powerful - it took me a few moments to recover.

Masen was the first to laugh. "God Swan, if I knew that you were this fucking dirty, we've would've done this months ago." I smiled my mind and body relaxed.

"Well, we learn new things every day, don't we Masen?" I could feel his grin through the other end of the receiver.

"I bloody love you." I laughed; my high still running through my veins. "Now, Ms. Swan, I'm expecting a visit around noon… we have other business to tend to." I raised an eyebrow as I was busy buttoning up my shirt.

"Business? As in sexy business or actual business, James?" I started, but he interrupted me.

"Bella! Do you dare question the boss? Or am I going to have to bend you over my desk and teach you never to question the authority?" I squeezed my thighs in anticipation.

"Sorry, Sir. Noon it is."

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