It wasn't enough that she smelled delicious. That she looked like an angel. That she was in love with his brother. No, what was driving Jasper out of his mind was that she was in Edward's bedroom again, being effectively jailed while he was hunting, and her emotions were out of control. Even for a human, she seemed to feel things intensely. Unfortunately, that meant he did too. And while he had his outlets, she did not, and there was only so much he could take.

"Mmmmm...harder..." Alice, his love, his wife, his life, writhing beneath him as he drove into her again and again, her ankles on his shoulders, her nails clawing his back. She knew that he could feel everything, that occasionally his lust was fueled by a need to just DO something and not always by his love for her, and she loved him anyway. And he loved her for that. As she shuddered through one orgasm after another, as he shifted her into position after position, taking out his Bella's frustration on her all-too-willing body for hours on end, he wished he could find the words to explain. But she didn't need words. When you're immortal and have centuries to get to know one another, and when one of you is an empath and the other a seer, explanations were usually moot. Yanking his rock-hard dick out of her superbly tight pussy he draped her over the foot board and mounted her again. It was one of her favorite positions, he knew, and it wasn't long until she was all but screaming his name as she shuddered and bucked. Suddenly he felt a surge of lust slam though him, and it wasn't his. Bella had heard them, and in her current frame of mind it had turned her on as much as it bothered her. He groaned out loud, dropping his head in surrender as he pounded Alice harder and faster. With every squeal she made that Bella heard, Jasper felt the human girl get more and more tense, her lust fueling his own passion until he finally exploded, clutching Alice and shaking as he emptied himself into her. If he'd needed to breathe he would have been gasping. Actually, if he needed to breathe, he would have been dead by now. He flopped backwards on the bed, his wife climbing up to snuggle into his embrace.

"Poor Bella," she sighed. "I wish Edward would pull his head out of his rectum and realize he's not going to hurt her." Jasper didn't say anything. Fulfilled as he was, he could still feel the need emanating from Bella in waves, and it wasn't doing much to calm him down. Suddenly Alice jumped up, throwing on a silky bathrobe and racing to the door. "Wait here!" she said as she left the room and flew upstairs. He simply lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He loved her, but she was strange sometimes. Then again, that was Alice.

It wasn't fair. Once more he was hunting, she was all alone in this beautiful bed, and so damned pent up emotionally and physically she thought she might puke. She trusted him - why couldn't he trust himself? She was trying to get her thoughts under control when she heard a slight noise from downstairs. She wasn't worried - Alice and Jasper were there, and she didn't know anything that could get past them without Alice knowing beforehand. The noise came again, followed by an earsplitting cry.

"Yes, Jasper, YES!" Oh god. Bella rolled over and slammed her face into the fluffy pillows. It wasn't bad enough that she couldn't talk the man she loved, the one who said he loved her, into more than a few kisses and cuddling, but to hear her best friend scream in the ecstasy that she, Bella, had never known...she groaned out loud. An image flooded her brain, a remarkably vivid image of Alice, pixie-like Alice, draped over the bed while Jasper, muscles flexing, plunged into her over and over. Bella wasn't sure which of them she envied more - Alice for getting to experience the feeling of a man giving her pleasure like that, or Jasper for being able to watch her beautiful face as he made her caterwaul. She was hit with the burning desire to join them and damn the consequences.

~Now I know I've lost my mind,~ she thought ruefully.~ Alice is my best friend. Jasper belongs to her. I need to scrub my brain with drain cleaner.~ It seemed to her that the hours passed very slowly, every new sound driving her further and further towards emotional meltdown. Finally it was quiet. The silence was deafening. Bella wasn't sure which was worse. She got up from the bed, walking around the room. The music - usually so engrossing - didn't hold any interest for her. His collection of books seemed today to be as dull as a rock. All in all, Bella had cabin fever, and she couldn't stop thinking.

"Come sit with me." She spun around. She hadn't heard Alice enter the room, but there she was, sitting on the bed in a loosely-tied night robe, her already untidy hair disheveled even more, her skin glowing, her eyes mischievous. Bella was struck by how amazing she looked, and once more shook her head to clear her mind. With unsteady steps she walked over to the bed and sat down, staring at her hands.

"Talk to me, Bella." She shook her head. "Come on, Bella, you're my best friend! You can talk to me!" She shook it again. Alice paused, her eyes glazing over slightly for a moment. She stood up. "Well, then. I can see you don't want to talk. I can send Jasper up to...calm you, if you want. You need to sleep." Oh god. Jasper. After hearing that ruckus, would she even be able to look at him? Alice caught her hesitance. "It's okay. You just need your rest. Jasper can help." And with that she was gone. Bella caught herself watching longingly as Alice left, sighed and flopped backwards on the bed, covering her eyes with her arms and willing the days to go by quickly, before she lost all ability for rational thought.

She leapt from the doorway, landing on him, her legs straddling his hips.

"Jazz, you need to go to Bella." He sat up, startled. Bella? No way! He couldn't take her emotional frustration now and he was on a totally different floor. There was no way he could handle it if he were in the same room with her. He started to shake his head, but Alice caught it in her grip.

"Listen to me. This is supposed to happen. I can't be the one to start it. But she feels like she's losing her mind, and it's going to be another five days before Edward comes back, and we have to help her!" She paused a moment, then looked at him slyly from under her lashes. "Besides, she is beautiful...isn't she?" Her tone dared him to argue, and he couldn't. Not when she knew what had prompted their wild sex a short time ago.

"Alice, what if I..." She cut him off with a kiss, her arms going around his neck. Heavens, his wife could kiss! She broke away, still gazing at him with that sultry look, and he had a feeling he'd lost his argument. Her next words confirmed it.

"You'll be fine, she'll be fine. Better than fine. Now, get up there. I'll be up when she's ready for me. But don't take too long - you know how I hate waiting. I'm going to explain things to Edward." And she vanished out the door and down the stairs, heading outside, leaving Jasper's already charged libido to slam into overdrive. With a sigh both resigned and anticipatory, he threw on a pair of pants and headed up the stairs.

He had to pause outside her room, to gather himself and try to dampen the flow of conflicting feelings he was receiving from her. It worked, a little, and he knocked on the door.

"Bella? Might I come in?" A quiet groan reached his ears, then the rustle of blankets, and her voice.

"Sure. Why not?" She sounded rueful and frustrated and unsure and it was like a siren call to him. Before he knew what he had planned he had opened the door and walked to the bed. She was stretched out above the covers, her arms over her face, and he found his eyes tracing every curve. Did he want this to happen? ~God yes!~ he answered himself honestly. ~Now if I only have the strength to control myself.~ He sat down on the side of the bed. He could smell her, sweet and tangy and absolutely mouth-watering. He swallowed a few times before he could speak.

"Alice said..." ~that I'm supposed to, what? Please you? Fuck you? Get you ready so she can enjoy you too?~ Honesty wouldn't go over well. He continued without pausing. "...that you were having some trouble sleeping." She chuckled wryly.

"You could say that." He was amused by the tone of her voice. Gently he began sending out soothing sensations, working the kinks out of her emotions like a skilled masseur. After a few moments she sighed.

"Thank you, Jasper. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I needed that." He slowly stopped the calming energy, leaving her relaxed. Suddenly she gasped, her body twitching. His mind whirled as, free of hurt and annoyance, her desire skyrocketed. ~That wasn't intentional,~ he thought. Her scent deepened, her need grew stronger, and he all but moaned aloud. He felt her embarrassment as well, and her hesitance, and he had the errant thought that never had the hands of man concocted so powerful a drug as the raw energy flowing from every pore in her body. He jumped to his feet, the movement startling her into sitting up. He hadn't had time to school his features into calm, and when her wide eyes locked onto his, she saw everything. He saw her shudder. Her soft lips parted as she whispered one word.


His eyes were dark gold, nearly glowing in their intensity. She sat and stared as every thought he had was plainly written on his face. Lust, confusion, hesitance, more lust...she shivered with need. Clawing, raging, completely primal need.

"Jasper..." She wasn't familiar with the voice that had come out of her mouth. It was too raw, too husky to be hers. Yet she knew it was. She saw it's effect on the vampire in front of her. With a blinding flash of clarity she realized what Alice had meant by sending Jasper up. Her conscience warred with her desire, and desire won out. She was going to have him. Tonight. Right now. Thoughts of Edward, still fresh in her mind, were deliberately pushed aside. He wouldn't give her what she needed, he would never give it to her, and she was tired of waiting. Patience only stretched so far. And with Jasper standing there, shirtless, his soft hair tousled, smelling like himself and Alice and passion and looking for all the world like a lost god, his eyes burning over her, she felt her control snap. With a growl she didn't recognize as hers she pounced on him.