"Bella..." Alice moaned from her place by the window. "Don't move." But it was so difficult. Her mind may have been frozen in fear, but her body still felt the thick, hard length of Jasper's cock buried inside her no-longer-virginal opening. Without conscious control her hips shifted, taking him deeper, squeezing around him in an effort to get back the sensation of furious mating it had just been enjoying. ~Is it possible to be scared shitless and still want sex more than breath?~ she wondered abstractly. Jasper's strong body shivered at the pull of her inner muscles on his throbbing member. Instinct had him thrust into her again, and she saw his eyes flicker a bit.

"Jasper..." she whispered. No response. "Jasper, please..." He tilted his head slightly. His voice came out harsh, sensual, yet infinitely dangerous; sex and death wrapped in a velvet cloak.

"Bella...god..." At this point Bella's world hinged on two things. The amazing feel of Jasper's dick, and the not-so-amazing fear that the scent of her blood would cause him to drain her dry. ~Hopefully he'll finish fucking me first,~ her mind interjected. She railed at her inner voice, then stopped. This was her choice. The entire night, her choice. So if this was how it was going to end, so be it. She wanted only that release that was just around the corner. With slow movements, she lifted her legs higher, the motion forcing him into her further. Her eyes still locked on his, she very deliberately spoke.

"Jasper...fuck me. If you're going to kill me, at least don't stop fucking me first." She heard Alice gasp in horror, but she had no attention for that. Right now, she only wanted him. Bracing her weight on her hands, she pulled back a little, then thrust forward onto his cock. A haunted growl tore from him as he slammed her against the bed. Towering over her, she saw his eyes clear a little bit. She could feel the effort he put into his every movement, the way his inhumanly strong muscles shook with strain.

"Bella...I don't...think...I can..." She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling him jump at her touch. The shifting caused him to thrust again, not of his own accord, and she couldn't help but moan. ~That's it. Bella Swan, you are one sick puppy.~ Determined not to let this end without her say-so, she locked her lips to his.

They slammed against the ground, rolling and grappling. Edward may have been the faster one, but Emmett was stronger by far.

"If you don't stop this, brother, I'm going to tie you in a knot and let Rosalie carry you back to the house like a purse," Emmett growled. Edward only snarled, struggling.

"He's right, Edward. Stop." Carlisle's calm voice hid the turmoil he was feeling. He had to be the strong one. No one else here could right now. His son glared daggers at him, but when he met no hostility in Carlisle's gaze, something in him just broke. He slumped to the ground. Esme immediately went to him, cradling him in her arms. His eyes, filled with agony, gazed pleadingly up at his father.

"If she dies...Carlisle..." He couldn't finish. Motioning for Rosalie to come help Esme, he spoke.

"Stay here. I will go to the house and check on things. If everything is fine, Edward, you would feel like an imbecile for interrupting, and Bella would likely never forgive you. And if something is wrong...well, I'm the only one who can handle the human. So you all stay here. I'll let you know when I find out." With that, he'd vanished into the night.

Left to themselves, the four vampires sat on the ground and waited.

~The scent...I must have it...she's so...this is BELLA!~ Alice shook in pain as she moved away. She loved her best friend, but without her own emotions under control, she had no chance of helping Bella or Jasper. So she cowered by the window, and she hated herself for cowering, but she didn't get up.

"Bella, don't move," she whispered. She could see how hard it was for her mate to hold himself in check. She could only imagine how terrified Bella was. To her immense shock, she saw her friend shift to accommodate more of her husband's length. ~Has she lost her MIND?~ The movement triggered an involuntary thrust of Jasper's hips and even through the fear written on Bella's face, it was impossible to miss the pleasure in her friend's moan. ~That's it. She HAS lost her mind!~

"Jasper..." Bella's voice was soft, filled with fear and lust and need, and despite the smell of blood in her nostrils it awakened an answering pull of desire in the recesses of Alice's mind. "Jasper...please..."

"Bella...god..." Alice shuddered. She'd never ever heard that tone to his voice before. It was as if all of eternity hinged on the woman beneath him. Her arousal kicked up another notch. ~Great. Now I've lost my mind as well! Oh, Bella!~ She saw the fear on her friend's face. Then she watched as it slowly faded, leaving only determination and desire.

"Jasper...fuck me. If you're going to kill me, at least don't stop fucking me first." Alice gasped. What in the name of god is she doing? She watched as Bella worked her hips, sliding Jasper's cock out of and back into her hot depths, then nearly screamed as her beloved slammed her friend back onto the bed.

"Bella...I don't...think...I can..." She ached for Jasper, for the pain he was feeling, and then stopped, stunned, as Bella leaned up and pressed her mouth hungrily to his.

He came up the steps in time to hear Bella's plea, Jasper's hoarse response, and dove for the room only to stop short. From the open door Carlisle took in the scene before him. His son, eyes black as night, leaning over the fragile girl on the bed. His daughter, cringing against the window like a frightened urchin. And his human daughter, the one they all felt so drawn to, reaching up and latching onto Jasper's mouth like a woman damned. Strong though he was, he could do nothing but watch.

His lips, cool and unresponsive, were Bella's lifeline and she clung to them with all of her strength. She'd almost given up when she felt him move, felt his lips curve ever-so-slightly. She could still feel the tension racing through him unabated, so she doubled her efforts. Nibbling on his lower lip, she moved one hand to his hair, feeling the silky strands dance through her fingers. She wondered if it was possible to clench her internal muscles like she was clenching her fingers, so she tried it. And everything happened at once.

Jasper groaned almost painfully and dragged her up to meet him, his mouth moving over hers with such desperation that she worried for him.

"Do that again, Bella...squeeze me..." She tightened her lower muscles again, moaning in ecstasy as he thrust himself into her. With a quick flip he was on his back, and she sat up to look at him. His eyes were still black, still deadly, but his face was no longer the cold stranger. It was slowly softening into the features of the man that had brought her here. He shifted his hands to her hips, gripping with such strength that she knew she'd have bruises the next day, but she felt no pain, only a deep throbbing need. She leaned down to kiss him again and he reciprocated with panicked desire.

"Ride me, Bella..." She paused, confused. His hands lifted her and brought her down again on his cock, and she squealed at the new sensations this position caused. "Ride me hard...I need it..." Looking into his eyes, she began to move. Placing her weight on her hands, she lifted her hips up and down, moaning as it dragged his swollen prick against her sensitive skin. She watched him as she moved, watching in awe and no small amount of relief as his eyes began to change. Not black anymore, not totally, now they were a blackened copper, now a burnished bronze. When she got tired his hands took over, lifting her and dropping her again and again. She started when she felt other hands on her body, but realized quickly that Alice had come up from behind her and was stroking her breasts, moving one hand down to rub her clit. She felt something building, a pressure, a sensation, and she tilted her hips to change the angle a little.

"Jasper...god yes...oh god...faster..." He complied and through her fluttering eyelids she could see his eyes were almost completely gold now, his face devoid of fear. Now there was only his need for her. He drove her harder and faster, and then she shifted and his cock rammed into something inside her and she was flying...crying out his name and Alice's name and incoherent fragments of speech and still he kept going, taking her higher and higher until she peaked again, then again.

"Bella...love...do you want this?" She shook her head, straining through the pleasure to focus on him, and she knew what he needed. With a smile she leaned down to him.

"I want you, Jasper. Come for me. Inside me." And she kissed him and felt him tense, his cock jolting over and over as jet after jet of his warm juices flooded her, triggering a smaller, yet still intense climax. She barely registered Alice leaving the bed to join Carlisle, who stood there, mouth agape. No, all her world was Jasper and her and the feel of his still gently pulsing rod buried deep within her.

The sun was warm. The bed was soft. And she felt like she'd ridden a bucking bronco over miles of untamed wilderness. ~Well, I kind of did.~ She giggled and stretched, her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the warmth on her bare skin.

"Good morning, darlin'." She gasped and opened her eyes to look into Jasper's smiling face, handsome and...was that a bit of smugness she saw in his grin?

"Good morning, Jazz." She giggled, then gasped as a slender finger traced its way up the inside of her thigh. She snapped her head around and saw Alice, adorable Alice, grinning as well, like the cat that ate the canary.

"So how does the human feel this morning?" the dark-haired pixie asked. Bella sighed and flopped back down on the pillows.

"Like a million bucks," she sighed blissfully. She felt Jasper lean over her.

"Oh, darlin' - you're definitely selling yourself short there." With that he kissed her gently, lingeringly, and as it went on and on Bella found herself getting flushed.

"Hey, now, you got to have all the fun last night. Tonight, husband mine, she belongs to me!" Jasper sat up and Bella gasped as Alice tackled her to the pillow and proceeded to make love to her mouth.

"Okay. You win, love. But I get to help. Bella is too good to give up." Alice grinned while Bella blushed.

"Of course. Wouldn't have it any other way."

"Are you sure she's alright?" Edward asked for the ninth time, his voice worried, his expression unconvinced. Carlisle placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She was just fine. I can promise you, after going there, she is in no danger from either of them. Or anyone else in this family." Edward paused, seeming to want to ask something.

"Was she...did she seem...happy?" Carlisle nodded. "Well, then. I'll just have to...get used to this idea. I guess." With that, Edward walked away to join Esme and the others in the hunt. Carlisle sat on the ground, remembering what he had seen the night before. He was still sitting there, smiling, when Esme walked to find him.

"So, my love, what are you thinking about?" He grinned and pulled her down to the ground with him.

"I'm thinking that Bella is a perfect fit for our family."

Author's note:

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this little sojourn into my mind as much as I enjoyed writing it. *grins* And if anyone's interested, drop me a line and I'll be happy to start posting the next book, Desire. If you think Alice and Jasper had some things to teach Bella, you won't believe what lies in wait for her when she crosses paths with Rosalie and Emmett.

Peace out, everyone, and keep reading!