I've had lots of PM's and reviews wondering if I've abandoned this story. I hate author's notes, but I didn't want to leave you all in the dark. I'm so sorry this is not another chapter. I haven't forgotten about this fic, I promise. Unfortunately, RL happened in a big way back in May.

Let's just say after 13 years of marriage, my world was torn apart. He got caught, I'm getting even. Word of advice: Don't wrong the southern girl. Our daddy's taught us how to stand up for ourselves. We might appear broken at first, but we'll make you pay in the end. This steel magnolia is still trying to get her head on straight while letting her shark of a lawyer circle the waters. Game on.

Once I can get my life back on an even keel and can possibly think about writing again, I'll happily rip down this author's note and post a chapter. Please don't reply to this note with reviews. If you want to PM me, feel free. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.


Booking a flight to somewhere tropical for beach therapy and spite.