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When he woke up, his head felt like it had been split open. He groaned, rolling onto his back. It seemed like a few bones might be broken. Just great.

Opening his eyes, he saw that he was possibly at the bottom of a canyon. There were towering rock walls on both sides of him, the sky a thin blue ribbon in the distance.

He cursed his luck when he sat up, before grabbing his arm as he cried out in pain. Yes, something was definitely broken.

He thought about bringing out Minotauros, but there was no point if he was just going to use up all his energy and pass out. So, he looked around, trying to find another way...

That's when he saw her.

"Bouquet! Jiro!" Shu hung off the side of the mechat, trying to find them as Kluke finished another 360-spin.

Zola grabbed him by the shirt. "Shu, don't!"


"There's nothing you can do for them right now. We have to come back later. Kluke," she turned. "Take evasive action!"

"Roger!" Kluke pushed forward, putting all of her willpower into getting them to safety.

Seeing her made him remember what had happened. He had been standing next to Shu when they were attacked, and then Kluke tried to pull off one of those crazy flight patterns...

As he fell out, he thought he'd been imagining it when he felt someone grab his wrist. And even if someone had, he didn't think it would be her.

Maybe it was the fact that she had pitifully tried to save him, but when he saw her, he started to worry about her. It was so stupid, since he couldn't stand her anyway, but she was just so... still.

He managed to make his way over to her, scraping his knee (a little unwittingly) in the process. When he was next to her, he started shaking her arm.

"Bouquet..." he whispered. She made no response; it might've been because it was a drafty canyon, but she felt a little cold. "Bouquet." his voice was louder now, more insistent this time. He didn't even realize that he'd started to hold his breath until she moved.

Bouquet wasn't really sure where she was. She tossed her head to the side and back again, before slowly opening her eyes. She was met with the sight of silver, blue and green. "Jiro...?"

"You're awake." was all he said. His face was a mask.

"Where are we?" she winced as she sat up; she felt like someone had stuck her in a blender.

"The canyon we were flying over, obviously." he closed his eyes. It wasn't that nice, but at least it was more normal.

Her voice changed like a deflated balloon. "I see... And where are the others?"

His mind tricked him into feeling guilt. It was a trick, right? "Probably up in the mechat, still under attack."

"But... they'll come and find us, won't they?" Now there was fear creeping into her voice.

"If they were smart, they would leave us," Jiro ignored her incredulous look. "If the enemy is attacking them as furiously as before, then they don't have time to waste looking for us. No matter how injured we are, we're still Shadow Users; we won't die right away."

Somehow, this seemed to strangely comfort her. "So, what do we do now?"

"We can't stay here. The enemy might find us, especially if they know we fell out of the ship."

"But where will we go?"

He shook his head. "I don't know. Somewhere they can't find us. But we have to hurry. They'll be here soon."

It was late when the others managed to get away from Grand Kingdom.

Well... Getting away was maybe the wrong way to put it. More like crashing into the forest that surrounded the canyons.

Once Kluke had started repairing the mechat from where it had been damaged from the enemies - which had been a good part of what caused the crash in the first place - Shu had started incessantly pacing around.

When Shu stopped a few feet away from her, he stared at her hard, his arms folded across his chest. "Kluke, are the repairs done yet?"

"No, and you asking me every five seconds isn't going to change anything."

"I can't help it," he grated. "I'm worried about them."

"Since when do you worry about Jiro?" This was mostly a coverup to hide how nettled she had been - "worried about them" also meant worried about Bouquet, which was something that bugged Kluke to no end.

"I never said I was worried about Jiro." The way he flushed at the half lie told otherwise, but he wasn't as worried about Jiro as he was Bouquet, so he ignored it (and hoped that Kluke would, too).

"And you're not the only one who's worried," Kluke reached into the box next to her, pulling out another tool. "I'm working as fast as I can, but that doesn't mean that it makes me feel any better."

"Why don't you work faster then?"

She looked over at him for a moment, looking for sarcasm but finding none, and turned back to her work. Commenting about something like that wasn't even worth it.

Jiro winced as he leaned against the cave wall - the fire he'd started was warm enough, but that didn't mean it was heating the rocks. And something that cold... Simply put, it didn't feel good against his injuries.

"Jiro?" Bouquet looked up from where she'd been poking the fire. "Are you okay?"

He huffed slightly, moving around a little, but didn't say anything.

She glared at him. "You could be a little nicer, you know. I just wanted to know if you were alright. We're going to be stuck together for a while, so my suggestion to you is that you get used to me being around."

Jiro sighed, looking out of the entrance at the night sky. 'I hope the others get here soon.'

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