This is pretty much Movie-verse, I read the graphic novel and fell in love with it but I can't seem to get out of that movie sense of mind. This story is rated M for language, sexual situations, blood, violence, and some other things that I can't quite think of now. I think this is my best story out of every Fanfic I've written, if I do say so myself. I know most are wary of OC's in the Watchman universe but I don't think mine will become an OC; she's very different than anything I've ever written.

I. Get Busy Living…

What type of hero is late for her first meeting? Mariska thought dryly as she sprinted over rooftops in the rain. It slid easily down her black bodysuit giving her a sleek panther-like look; unfortunately it caught inside her white fur lined Vegan-leather boots making her squish slightly as she ran. Remember to get new boots. Another mental note that would most likely become lost within the maze she called her psyche. With one swift movement she slipped down a fire escape and a flickering telephone pole; this had to be the address. She quickly let herself into the building, entering the foyer she came across a long mustard colored hallway. Shaking out her long hair and the fur that extended from her white clawed gloves and boots, Mariska followed the hallway and the speaking that echoed from a room at the end of the antechamber. Glancing around this new room, which had a long table with only a singular cupcake and nearly empty bowl of what she could only guess was punch of some sort, she saw six costumed figures standing near the front of the room around a map of the city mounted on a show board. Hanging in the shadows she observed them inconspicuously. The apparent leader was speaking about how they would assign patrol partners; his costume was obviously influenced by an Egyptian style motif but the deep plum and rich gold bodysuit and cape was imposing on his muscular figure. He had a slight accent, perhaps Austrian or German? Mariska decided not to dwell on it. He was blonde, like her (although hers was unfortunately fake), and wore a purple mask with a golden circlet around his head that stopped at his forehead.

To his immediate left was a gruff looking man dressed in militaristic style armor, stars and stripes with guns and ammo. On his leather lapel was a shiny yellow smiley face button; it seemed out of place on this man that reeked of death and destruction. His unruly brown hair was flecked with grey but he still retained a youthful figure. He also wore a mask. Mariska's sensitive nose wrinkled as he blew a large puff of smoke from his cigar that was tucked between his teeth and moustache. She sneezed; they all looked at her like she was a fly that needed to be squashed. Finally, the only person she was acquainted with, Nite Owl, greeted her.

"Kat!" he exclaimed, hugging the life out of her, "Glad you could make it."

Mariska smiled, "Forgive me for being so late."

"Aw, kitty get caught in the rain?" the man with the cigar smirked.

If she was indeed a true feline she would have scratched this man already, "No, I had a previous engagement."

"But you're here now so just forget about it." Nite Owl insisted, pushing her towards the center of the room.

The Crimebusters gathered around her, suddenly Mariska felt like the fat kid who didn't get picked in gym. They examined her with their eyes, each subtle gaze or flinch made her understand who she was dealing with. The only one not paying her much attention was a strange blue humanoid-like creature. His ice blue eyes were only half lidded as if he were incredibly bored by the idea of having another member. Finally, Mariska extended her hand, careful of her sharpened claws, in the direction of the blonde man.

"I'm Wiley Kat." She said.

He shook her hand firmly, "Ozymandias."

Mariska nodded, "Nice to meet you."

She was introduced to the other members shortly, noting that including her there was only one other female in the group. Silk Spectre II smiled at her warmly; Mariska saw that she unlike the others didn't hide her face. Another man in a cracking leather trench coat and ink-blot mask only grunted in response when she went to shake his hand. He jammed his hands farther into his pockets, looking at her from under his brown fedora.

"Don't mind Rorschach." Nite Owl said, "He's not the most hospitable."

The glowing blue god-like human's name was Jon aka Dr. Manhattan. Apparently he was human but Mariska was still wary. He seemed kind as he shook her hand gently, saying how much he would enjoy working with her. She grinned at him; they were the only heroes with special abilities. Although she didn't know Jon's yet, she knew they had to be something extraordinary; unlike her acute senses and knack to manipulate luck into her favor which now seemed terribly clichéd. The last member of Crimebusters and a veteran of the infamous Minutemen was The Comedian. He gripped her hand,

"Nice kitty."

Boy are the cat jokes going to get old quick. Mariska thought, rolling her eyes. She sat next to Silk Spectre (whose name she figured out was Laurie) and the meeting resumed as before.

Ozymandias looked at her fondly, "So? Does anyone want the new girl?"

A silent hush made the Crimebusters stop their murmuring, suddenly everyone felt uncomfortable.

"Not with me." Rorschach growled gruffly.

Mariska chuckled; at least he was being honest. Laurie gave her a pitiful look you might give a one legged kitten, "I wouldn't mind company."

The Comedian objected heavily to this, "Can't have all the dames together! Where's the fun in that?"

He winked at the two costumed ladies, earning himself two sneers in his direction.

"I have an idea," Nite Owl said, "maybe Laurie could patrol with Ozymandias and Kat can pair with me; after all we do know one another."

Laurie nodded, "That sounds logical."

Ozymandias however, didn't seem swayed, "Perhaps, the Kat could come with me." He reasoned, "Our fighting styles, from what you tell us Nite Owl, are similar and placing us together would give us the advantage of being coordinated."

The Comedian raised a thick eye brow, "Well who can argue with that?"

It's just a start so don't expect too much of the M stuff until we get a few chapters in.