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Naruto stood in the ankle deep water of his mindscape, how he knew it was his mindscape you might ask well it was not the first time he had been here, the first was momentarily after the battle with Haku on the bridge.

That time he had come face to face with the gigantic Biju he had been admittedly terrified and with good reason the raw killing intent and bloodlust the huge red fox extruded was suffocating far beyond anything he had ever imagined and it only increased when the fox laid its eyes on him.

He had bullshitted his way through that encounter with pure bravado which seemed to if not impress the red eyes fox it amused him, still the fox had all but demanded he drop the idiot facade around him as it was an 'Insult' to a being as magnificent as he.

And as he gazed into the furious eyes of that magnificent being right now he had to stop himself from falling to the floor in hysterical giggles, one of the things the fox had reviled to him about his 'sewer' for a mindscape was that it reflected his true thought and feelings.

That was the reason why when he had first found it the place looked well decidedly unhealthy, the concrete walls were cracked and covered in graffiti, the worlds Failure, Demon, Hell spawn, Dobe and a multitude of others littered them and the murky water was knee deep.

Te fox had showed him how to purify his mindscape but it would like almost everything take time and training, he had said his mental defence which was what the sewer actually was kind of depressing when he gave it some thought.

Depressing how his mind associated a dank sewer with protection, true it was a literal labyrinth and extremely easy to get lost he had found that out himself but still, it was a freaking 'Sewer!?' and his goal was once he had enough mental control he was going to wipe the slate clean and custom make his defences.

He would be sneaky about it, and if there was one thing Uzumaki Naruto could do was be sneaky, he just had to consider it a practical combat application of his pranks switching the harmless into fatal and wham great mental defences.

But all that aside the reason for hiss badly suppressed giggles was the fact that the gigantic cage holding the Kyuubi had a few additions, mainly it was the huge metal plate covering the door with only two holes for the fox's eyes.

He was truly glad the fox couldn't see the graffiti on this side though; it would hardly ease its temper to know it looked like its eyes were inside a gigantic bowl of Ramen.

Getting himself under control Naruto concentrated hard on removing the new 'addition' to the Kyuubi's Cage and gasped as it didn't even budge, oh a few cracks appeared but they repaired themselves almost as quickly as he applied them.

"Crap, must be the representation of Snakes Seal"

Changing to target of his will to the Seal revealing its true self Naruto focus settled as the wall slowly began to fade into a clear crystal like wall covering the Cages door, on that wall was the pattern of the new elemental Seal.

Now that it was clear he could see what it was doing to the Kyuubi's seal and it was not good, it blocked the Foxes Chakra from leaking out from through the gaps and almost stopping any from filtering into the Pipes the representation of his Chakra Coils.

Really not good, from what the fox had said and demonstrated after the Wave mission without the steady flow of Demonic Chakra something his body had not only gotten used to but had actually begun to depend on he was going to start showing symptoms of Chakra withdrawal soon.

Really not something he wanted to undergo again, just the few hours the Fox had used as a demonstration had been agonising, the cells in his body had began to temporarily breakdown leading to him bleeding from every opening.

Decidedly unpleasant and it would last close to a week until all the remaining Demonic Chakra had been used up, defiantly not something he wanted to undergo so with a growing sense of desperation he frantically thought of a solution.

It was almost ten whole minutes later when his thoughts switched to him wishing he knew what the fuck the damn Seal was and how to remove it that something happened, it wasn't anything profound a big Scroll didn't fall onto his head labelled 'Seal's for Dummies' or anything.

It was more a sense of something had changed in his immediate area and in his past that usually added up to incoming pain and that had lead to the development of the extra 'Danger' sense, it wasn't as intense as it had been earlier in the week like it was during the Chuunin exams but with the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end like they were.

He knew something had happened, and whatever it was it was close so slowly turning his back to the seal the young Chuunin candidate focused every available sense to analysing the direct area.

His eyes and senses found the culprit almost as soon as they started searching as it was glaringly obvious being a large door and all; the door looked like the one leading to the Hokage's office with the Kage for Archive and Maintenance Room printed in bold Silver.

---- ---- ----

It was amazing plain and simple; it was a room of knowledge with rows upon rows of Scrolls an endless sea of knowledge, to the entrance on the other hand was what had gotten him truly exited, it was a large monitor screen with text on it.

It was the nature of text though that had his emotions in flux, Happy, Amazed, Sad, Furious and a multitude of others one of the most was pride, It was a note, a letter from his father ... It explained everything.

Who he was what he was and why he was chosen, who his parents were and so many other things and as he read he didn't even try to suppress the tears be they due to pain or happiness they refused to be trapped inside.

He felt, he didn't know as if a weight he had carried his life had been washed away, before he had not known whether he had been abandoned or not, the old man had assured him it wasn't the case but he didn't even know if he had been truly 'born' or if he had been created by the seal to be an organic container.

And to know with unrequited truth that he had parents that loved him unconditionally that if they were still alive would do everything in their power to show him that left him feeling warm, complete in ways he couldn't explain.

Other than the letters from his parents, seven letters in all that the Shinigami itself had delivered through the Seal letters from beyond the freaking 'grave' damn that was so cool there was an explanation over the seal and what it was supposed to be doing.

The Seal was supposed to take a constant stream of Chakra from the Kyuubi, Filter and purify that chakra and deposit it in a steady flow into his Chakra store, the smoothness of this should have helped with controlling his predictably gigantic Chakra capacity so he had the option to take up his mother Namikaze Kushina's former occupation.

That of a Ninjutsu based Battle Medic.

The problem was Minato, his dad had expected Kushina to still be alive but with her dead under admittedly suspicious circumstances there had been nobody there to maintain and adapt the Seal, so instead of him getting a steady stream of purifies Chakra.

He was getting it in random heavy clumps with dangerously high levels of Pure Demonic Chakra mixed in, that was both a boon and a curse as the added Demonic Chakra and the fact that it was so much more volatile had pushed his Chakra coils and his very body to compensate.

As a result his Chakra Coils were so thick and strong he could effectively pull on vast quantities without feeling any true strain and with the Seal depositing so much raw Chakra directly into his Chakra store that lead to his inability to properly judge Chakra amounts.

Oh he had begun to get better at that lately few pure trial and error but still it was something that shouldn't have been an issue in the first place, mostly annoying not a curse no it was his body that 'was' a Cursed Boon.

The Boon had everything to do with the raw demonic Chakra; it had forced his body to adapt to it growing progressively stronger and more resilient to damage as time wore on in a way he was lucky as if the amount of Demonic Chakra was any higher any earlier it would have left him deathly weak and sickly from extreme Chakra Poisoning.

And that 'Was' the Curse, his body despite being strengthened so much by the Demonic Chakra over time was at the same time undergoing a slow but increasing case of Chakra poisoning affectively cutting him off from if the screen was correct.

Close to seventy percent of his natural physical capabilities, add in the weakening affect of the Snake freaks Seal and he was effectively running on fifteen Percent capacity, and that just plain pissed him off.

To think it was pure 'chance' he acquired this amazing Boon in the first place only to be unable to use any of it thanks to the same amazing 'chance' that gave it to him in the first place, it was freaking Ironic that swat it was.

The good news was now that he had discovered the room he could after learning how to, he could start doing maintenance and then with some time and effort, effort meaning some 'Inevitable Chakra Withdrawal' while the extra unnecessary Demonic Chakra was purged mercifully a lot faster than if he left it to purge naturally he would gain the full effects of his enhanced physical condition.

The fact that he was going to be mostly bed ridden for the next three or so days gave him the time he would need to start with the other objects in the room, they were something Very Special a gift from the Shinigami itself for the other half of the Foxes Chakra.

It was access to what the God of Death affectionately called an 'Eternal Archive' an Archive of stored information on every subject and the really special thing about it when joined with the Shiki Fuin a Shinigami deployed and empowered Seal.

Well let's see if you can guess, here are a few clues, next to the monitor there is an odd device that looks like it would fit one of the scrolls easily and a small screen with the picture of a brain a few percentages and the words Integration and Capacity.

And if you guessed congrats, it was a device created by the Death God that would let him integrate the information within the Scrolls as if he had been the one learning it, oh it wasn't perfect he could not just go crazy and upload his father's entire arsenal of Techniques and Skills.

No he could probably upload a single Jutsu before his Mental Capacity would be used up leaving anything from ten to twenty hours for his capacity to regenerate and even then he would need to 'practice' the Jutsu to be able to use it properly.

It wasn't like the Sharingan it didn't just hardwire how to do the Jutsu directly into the body no it just gave the Knowledge and understanding, oh and he had a selectable readout on the Jutsu he already knew and one thing in particular made him extremely excited.

The hidden practical applications of the Kage Bunshin.

Now that would be helpful, a squad or two of clones practicing Chakra Control Exercises would help bring it up to Acceptable Chuunin levels by the beginning of the final exams.

There was also the small list of Family Jutsu his father had suggested he learn once he has time one in particular he had suggested he learn as soon as possible, He had said in the last letter dated just after the Battle on the bridge that he needed a trump card other than suicidal amounts of raw Kyuubi Chakra.

And if his dad was suggesting he learn the specific Jutsu he would bet it had some real power behind it, whatever this Rasengan was he couldn't wait to start trying it, he also suggested he start learning the Namikaze or more likely the Uzumaki Clan styles.

The Namikaze Clan Style Taijutsu was not really applicable for another few years his body not quite large enough to use if effectively not having the reach ... or anything in the way of reach, the Uzumaki clan Taijutsu was almost tailor made for his chosen style of combat.

The Uzumaki Style called 'Maelstrom Fist' was a fast paced close quarter's style that would be helped by his rather ... short stature, what made the Uzumaki style so effective was its purpose unlike most it was a style created to be 'used' in a team.

Four or five individuals trained in the Uzumaki Maelstrom Fist could effectively fight of a group of equally skilled enemy Ninja Three to one, with even the basics of that style and his ability to use Clones he would be a force to be reckoned with.

One of the other things that made the style so deadly was the fact that once he started learning Uzumaki or Namikaze Style Kenjutsu they could work seamlessly together, his parents had spent a lot of time training together so that the Two clan styles 'would' fit so well.

After all they had planned on getting married soon and the two Clans would become one.

That decided he moved over to the sea of scrolls and felt a drop of sweat slide down the side of his face after he stared at the well 'Sea' of scrolls.

"Man this could take awhile"

--- --- ---

Fifteen minutes later Naruto was kicking himself as he muttered "Right I should have had a bit more faith, the guy is the freaking god of death like he wouldn't have thought of a way to find what I'm looking for"

It was slightly embarrassing to be truthful, he had spent ten minutes aimlessly looking trough the closest Scrolls hoping he would get lucky and in typical Naruto style he had gotten frustrated and annoyed yelling out "Where the hell is the Kami forsaken Chakra Control section"

The result was slightly frightening as every Scroll on the wall had been sucked into the wall holes holding them there and after a few seconds others had replaced them, and they were exactly what he had asked for, Chakra exercises of all kinds from all countries, water walking, Sand walking, Snow walking even wind surfing.

Some he could tell right away were 'WAY' out of his league right now so with a sigh he had asked for "Basic Chakra Control Jutsu"

With a shrug he had a few variations of ones he knew like 'Water Walking' and 'Water Shaping' kind of a mix between Tree and Water walking where you apparently create a field of Chakra that you use to contain the water, you then shape it into whatever you can think of.

It had said it was a lot like a Water Element Chakra exercise but subtly different, it looked simple enough in practice not to take up too much Mental Capacity that he had pulled it out and placed it next to the machine, he already knew the theory of water walking from the Closet Pervert he had finally managed to run off this morning so that wasn't really needed.

The other Scrolls he had picked out were the Scroll for the 'Rasengan' an aptly names Jutsu if there ever was one and the Basics for the 'Maelstrom Fist' or as he had learned the 'Kachuu Kyouhon Ken' roughly translated as the 'Wildly Running Vortex Fist' or as Kushina as affectionately names it after reading something called 'Legend of the Gutsy Ninja' Maelstrom Fist.

And as it turned out he had the Capacity to upload 'Water Shaping' and either Stage one of the Rasengan or the First Kata of 'Kachuu Kyouhon Ken' and considering nothing truly physical can be trained with the Kage Bunshin he decided to go with the First Kata.

That alone would keep him occupied a few Days to build muscle memory for the First Kata of 'snickers' the "Naruto Fist" and two continues Chakra Control exercises with his Clones, more than enough to keep him occupied until his Mental Capacity 'recharged' enough to add part one of the Rasengan for the next Kata.

He almost forgot about the elemental seal but thanks to a little luck he had just enough Capacity left to learn to unseal it, he would have to learn how to apply that as well if it could stop the foxes Chakra dead it might come in handy later.

--- --- ---

The morning after he had overcome his thankfully short bout of Chakra Poisoning found Naruto In training ground Seven Surrounded by three groups of fifty Kage Bunshin each group going through a different excurse Water walking, water shaping and Tree walking.

He himself was slowly going through the first Kata his movement still stiff and awkward something that annoyed him but he knew would happen, deciding to restart from another approach Naruto Slid into the styles ready stance and started throwing the first two movements a straight punch and a high parry.

Repetition after repetition until he counted to one hundred, then he moved on to the next two movements both kicks and followed the earlier pattern of repetition, he went through the entire Kata and by the end his body was protesting something awful not used to these movement.

Laying on his back as he gave the Seal a command word and sighed as a wave of Purified Chakra flooded his body, now that the elemental seal was dealt with after more hassle than he had thought, he didn't have the skill to do it without creating a Paper Seal and he didn't know How to make a Paper Seal he had Fumbled with doing it Paperless.

The result had yes been a success as it was such an easy seal to do; it had however been extremely painful far more so than it should have thanks to how clumsily he had unsealed it but it had done its job and now with the Shiki Fuin Seal doing what it was supposed to he could flood his system directly with the healing aspect of the Foxes Chakra.

In battle it would be good for few things, healing small cuts and poisons, fighting fatigue and dispelling most low level Genjutsu but its real use was in training, he had spent about an hour going over his forms not really a lot of time but as they were new forms his muscles not used to moving in that way had broken-down much quicker than normal.

It was the healing of these broken-down muscles that built both muscle stamina and strength and almost more importantly at this stage was the fact that it built the movements into his muscle also known as Muscle memory.

Half an hour was all it took, a fraction of the time it would take anyone else minutes instead of days and with a heave half an hour after he started to rest he sat up and started all over again only this time he could 'feel' an improvement, it was small the movements were slightly easier, slightly less jerky and slightly faster.

And so he redid his repetitions only it was easily three hundred repetitions this time before he felt his muscles begin to hurt so with a grunt he decided to try and reach one hundred repetitions of the entire Kata before he fell back down.

Breathing heavily from his exertions Naruto decided to dispel the Clones, and promptly found out why that was a bad idea as four hours times one hundred and fifty crammed into his suddenly overtaxed brain.

When he came back to his senses a few minutes later he immediately gave the mental command for a Wave of Healing Chakra as it felt like his head was going to explode, the pain ebbed agonisingly slowly and with a groan Naruto promised never to dispel so many clones with so much raw information at once ever again.

Recreating the Squads with considerably more ease than before Naruto watched them as they started their assigned tasks momentarily before he went back to 'his' assigned task any this time he began to steadily increase the speed he moved.

It was a long time before he decided it was ok to stop for something to eat and he was hardly anywhere close to performing the Kata at top speed without stumbling around some part of it but he was getting there.

Dispelling his clones in groups of three seemed to be the best option for now, so as they did that he headed for Ichiraku Ramen with a spring in his step and a considerable burst of speed over just a week ago.

--- --- ---

His lunch break over and an easy seven bowls of steaming Ramen later Naruto started to head for training Ground Seven before stopping, he had not been visit Hinata or Lee in over a week so With a grin Naruto blurred slightly as he took off like a dart heading for the hospital.

The few people he passed on the street who recognised who he were mostly Shinobi who were allowed to watch the Prelim Chuunin exam matches, Yuhi Kurenai herself on the way to the hospital gave a slightly impressed glace at what was easily a double if not a triple jump in speed since his prelim match.

As he arrived at the hospital and Hinata's door to be exact he sighed as she ended up being asleep and not wanting to wake her he moved on to Lee's and thankfully the Taijutsu enthusiast was ... on the floor doing one handed push-ups while one of the nurses attempted to get him to agree to rest.

He might not have known Lee very long but 'Yep defiantly Bushy Brows' and with a cheery "ohayo Bushy Brows" Naruto walked into the room to which Lee cheerily replied his own greeting.

Taking a seat by Lee's bed Naruto grinned down at the still exorcising teen and asked "So Lee how you feeling, going to be back tearing people a new one any day now?" he was expecting and enthusiastic reply from his normally Green clad friend, what he got was depressed avoidance.

The Nurse appeared to be one of the Not Naruto haters and sadly told him about the true extent of Lee's possibly career ending injury, "I'm afraid the injury Rock-San sustained is a lot more serious that you believed Uzumaki-San, the fact that Rock-San's leg was broken was not the true problem, not the really problem was the dozens of Bone fragment"

It was apparently incurable by anyone currently in Konoha she had said if someone names Tsunade were still running the Hospital she might have been able to cure Lee but she had been away from the Village for over ten years.

It did bring his mind to The Foxes Purified Healing Chakra, he would have to focus on the Chakra elimination the only the Bone fragments otherwise he would likely lose the entire leg but he was sure he could do it after all, purified Demon Chakra wasn't something everyone had to work with after all.

Giving what he would say some thought as he really didn't want to explain the Kyuubi to Lee after all the boy could hide a secret no better than he 'pretended' he could so after five minutes he finally started idly watched the Nurse eyes widen in slight panic as he mentioned the seal.

"Lee I might be able to do something about that, you see I have this Seal on my stomach see, the Seal hold a Gigantic quantity of the Special Chakra that is kinda like a double edge Sword it has amazing healing properties but as the same time is both extremely poisonous and corrosive to anything organic"

Seeing Lee's eyes widen in hope only to fall he winced, the nurse seemed to be intrigued not that it was clear he wasn't going to reveal anything about the Kyuubi.

Grinning openly Naruto finished "But that the thing bushy Brown, the seal does more than Hold all that Chakra it Purifies the bad stuff and lets me control how it flows so with a bit of concentration I might be able to heal your leg"

Any response Lee could have came up with was interrupted by the eager and hopeful Maito Gai who on his need with a pleading look asked "Is this true Naruto-Kun can you truly restore my useful students Flames of youth"

Naruto grinned while scratching the back of his head "Yeah its true I would never lie about something like this, Lee is my friend and I help my friends whatever way I can, Kakashi Said it best even if he seems to forget about it lately but anyway 'Those who break the rules are trash, But those who abandon their comrades are less than trash' Lee is both a Comrade and a friend and I don't consider myself to be less than trash"

The treatment worked and it had worked spectacularly as he had only used the new White 'Healing' Chakra in a gentle flow, he had used a Concentrated amount on Lee and the result was amazing and could be a lifesaver in a really battle.

It had taken a lot off concentration though and that would leave it not suitable for battle regeneration for at least the meantime, but with that success Naruto had gone directly to Hinata's room and practically flooded her system with the newly dubbed 'Purity Chakra' both he and the Nurse names Akkiko had gotten a kick out of that considering where the Chakra originated.

--- --- ---

Back once again at Training Ground Seven and two pair of weights, gifts from Gai for his Youthful actions were going to be a huge help, though he could have done without the green spandex suite.

They weren't that heavy he only being a beginner they only rested at a modest Ten pounds a piece ... not so bad when he was walking around oh he could tell they were their but they were bearable, once he started going through the Kata again he suddenly realised why not many Shinobi used weights.

Kakashi had said it was because most Shinobi used Chakra to boost their strength and Speed, apparently as Gai was so gracious to point out that was complete bull Lee couldn't use Chakra externally but he had no problem using it internally and around his feet or else he wouldn't be able to do stick to the sealing like he did in the exams.

No most Shinobi didn't use weights because it was both painful and bloody hard work, the simple truth was most Ninja were lazy, Kakashi so lazy that he would openly lie about that just so he wouldn't have to do any more work.

And so after a Quick twenty Minutes he collapsed onto his back his arms and legs burning more than they ever had before, but at the same time he was smiling sure it hurt but at the same time he felt, he wasn't exactly sure maybe it was a sense of a job well don't.

But whatever it was he liked it, and with his Purity Chakra the pain faded Quickly.

Deciding he should Check on his Mental Capacity he almost smacked himself upside the head, it had been days since he had uploaded the last time he no doubt was ready to upload again ages ago.

After a quick bout of deliberation he Uploaded the next Kata and Stage one of the Rasengan, he still had some Capacity left only a little but it was testament to the fact that his mental strength 'had' grown if only a little.

The upload would take half an hour and as he returned to his own body be blinked, then blinked again "Ok that is decidedly strange" yes defiantly odd having you attention truly split like this and deciding he really didn't want to do anything really complex the young Chuunin hopeful ended up practicing Hand Seals.

They were slow he decided after a few minutes, defiantly slower than he wanted so it was a good idea to get some practice in, sure he didn't have and Seal sequences to practice as all the ones he knew he could do with one seal but it was still helpful.

Smiling later when the upload finished Naruto Created a small group of Clones to get the Water balloons he would need, lots of water balloons, while he started the Second Kata a slightly offensive one over the balance of the first.

Once again practicing a single move a hundred times he realised they were considerably easier on his body than the first set were, probably due to their similarity to Set one but after a quick healing Naruto started to do Set Two in sequences of two or three moves.

Once his Clones returned Water Balloons in tow Naruto created another Squad and had them practice while he went back to work on the forms pushing himself to do more with each healing, he was going to be ready to beat Hyuuga Neji into the ground as well as show everyone he was worthy of the Name Uzumaki and the old man Sarutobi he was worthy at regaining the name Namikaze.

--- --- ---


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'Kachuu Kyouhon' = Wildly Running Vortex

'Kage Bunshin' = Shadow Clone

'Rasengan' = Spiralling Sphere