Late Into The Afternoon

Sometimes you forget

The daydreams you have created.

On the day you arrived to meet me

Curiosity gave birth to fate.

You slowly begin to doze,

A hysterical creature finally put to rest.

`Twas a serene sight to behold for one so jaded.

I will never understand

The intensity of your pain.

I look, with eyes downcast, at the grey concrete

Glittering under the sunlight and sigh.

Whenever your eyes focus, it is looking elsewhere.

Although I never made eye contact, I could imagine how you felt.

I will never understand

The kind of happiness you yearned for.

I look away from the wordless truth

Shouting by the force of a thousand.

I will never understand

The magnitude of my love for you.

I look forward to the interchanging seasons,

What kind of fruit life will bear for me.

(A/N): The song 'Morning Glow' by Yuna's Japanese voice actress, Mayuko Aiko, inspired me to write this. It's Baralai's version of the lyrics, in my perspective. :3 I've wrote many poems, but this one is one of my absolute favorites.

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