I Am Gonna Do The Impossible.

The Most Crazy Thing EVER!

This Goes Out To TimShepard'sGurl :)


Darrel Curtis was sick of the trouble his family was causing.

He was just woken up from a police officer who called his house to tell him his brothers and Dallas Winston were at the station for spray painting a store. It was three in the morning and he had work tomorrow... at six am. These boys are gonna have hell to pay.

So into the truck he goes to the station, his knuckles white from grippin' the wheel to hard.

They were dead and that's included the Dallas 'Devil Child' Winston.

"Soda... We are dead." Pony groaned, Soda knew that but he didn't wanna say anything that might scare his baby brother.

"Calm down, Pony. The worst he can do it ground you then your done. JUst have a smoke and fucking breathe, kid. Before you pass out." Soda looked at Dallas, he knew Darry would probaly sp- punish them when they got in the door, Dally didn't. Ever since Johnny died, Darry has tooken Dally in. Like he is his own brother. They got the papers signed and everything, it legal but Darry will probaly just ground him... right?

Then they heard it... They bellow that made the colour of each fave drain and lips tremble.

"Where are they!?" Darry screamed marching into the police station, extremly angry, his hand in tight fists, an officer pointed towrds the three children on the bench. Pony was pale looking scared, Soda looked like he was going to fanit and Dally was just avoiding eye contact.

He storms over towards them, pulling them to a standing point.

Dallas flinched and got angry.

"I want you to all go to the truck and sit there, I will be back with you in a second." They all stood infront of him, Darry then landed a hard SMACK on each backside, they each yelped and ran to the truck. Dally was in shock, pure shock.

He was the infamous Dallas Winston, he had a record a mile long. He was always in jail or acting like a hood then he got spanked... SPANKED!? How could this happen? He got more angry each second then Soda put his hand on his shoulder.

"Darry has spanked me before." He whisperd, Dallas looked at his puzzled.

"When?"He muttered, Soda shrugged.

"When I went to Buck's party. He caught me with the truck and he spanked me good. I couldn't sit the next day." Dally looked shocked, he was about to say something but then Darry jumped into the car.

"Not another word." He sneered and raced home.


Darry pulled into the driveway, pulling each boy inside the small house.

" Ponyboy Micheal! Sodapop Patrick and Dallas Anothny! Why on earth did you do this? Are you sick of life?" Darry yelled, they each winced.

"Alright. I want you to each to go to your room. I will deal with you tomorrow."